Precious evenings

Posted by Anantha | Posted in , | Posted on Saturday, February 02, 2008


It was another bakwaas blah blah blah site wide event organized by my company on a week day in Hotel Grand Ashok. The best part of it was Grand Ashok is quite close to my house and the event got over by 5:30 in the evening.

Office cab dropped me near house by 6:15!! It’s a rare cosmic event that I reach home so early when the Sun has not called it a day yet. No traffic ki kit-pit rather no pom-pom ha ha [terrible PJ]. Nice to be at home so early in the evening. But guess what, I wanted celebrate it alone. Which other better place to celebrate it than Sankey. This time to savor the evening drop by drop, I started walking towards Sankey. Watte nice thing… to walk in the evenings on calm roads..

Actually I never get to see this evening crowd of Malleswaram. Crowd as in Govt officials on scooters with leather bags, teen boys and gals heading towards tuition classes, Husband and wife playing badminton in front of their home on the road [indeed a lucky couple huh.. they get to play badminton on a week day? waaaaaaaw], a gal in the balcony talking to dat special some one in her cell phone in a low tone [she would have given the bahana of discussing some college assignment with her friend when inquired by her finicky parents], the pani puri wala was mashing the potato, setting ready for his important business hours in the evening.

I feel in the bhagam-daud of day to day life, beautiful evenings are one of the things we miss in life. Watte contrasting evening would we be spending in patience testing traffic, choking pollution, high decibel honks… If you ask me wouldn’t I get to savor my evenings on weekends? I kinda have no answer for that. On weekends I will be either lazy to go out on a walk or would go out wid frnds doing nothing but eating junk. I my self have to be blamed for dat.

It was twilight hour when I reached Sankey. Walked till the pond [where Ganesha visarjana happens every year], the reflection of electric lamps was swaying in the water. Waaaw it was picturesque.. I sat on the steps encircling the pond. I was just settling down, the wallet in the hind pocket of my jeans poked my butt… I took dat out and kept it away.. n smiled staring at the reflection in the water…