I'm a social investor now!

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Ever since Muhammad Yunus got a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, the idea of Microfinance has always fascinated me. I think Microfinance as one of the earnest modes of economic inclusion of the poor and needy people. I was more than happy when I was introduced to Rang De through Srinidhi. After a bit of initial hesitation and procrastination, I decided to become a social investor by lending Rs.5000/- through Rang De.

I let Rang De decide the borrowers for my investment. Below are the profiles of two borrowers, both from Orissa who are going to be benefited by my money.

I will be more than happy if both Tara Bai, Khileshwari and many such women in India are able to setup / flourish their businesses by the concept of Micro Finance. Read the FAQs in Rang De if you are interested in becoming a social investor. Watch this interesting video about Rang De too.

An interesting categorization

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While watching a special report on the South Indian cinema in CNN IBN recently, an interesting quote by former underworld don, currently an editor and a film maker Agni Shridhar caught my attention. When the talk was about the type of movies and it’s categorization, instead of the stale terms like art, commercial, parallel etc, Agni Shridhar says, "For me, there are only two types of cinema. One which makes you remember things and the other which makes you forget things"

Now, that’s a very very interesting and profound saying. I leave that to you for your understanding...