About me

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Whenever some website needs user's info and gives me a section called 'About Me' to fill in, I kinda get perplexed what to write in that or rather from where / how to start writing 'about me'. Or is it the problem of abundance than the problem of scarcity.. ;-)

So here I mention ABOUT ME the way i like it to write. I dint bother to frame sentences. I have picked up few words I can comment on. I felt this is the best approach to write about myself and for the readers to know about me.

Parents : I have placed them above GOD

God : I thank him for what ever I have got in life till date. Still feel I dont spare enough time to thank him every day

sis : she is just lovely

life : Learn to enjoy the journey. Dont repent for not seeing out of the window, after reaching the destination

death : quite a scary thought.... prefer the unpainful one.

age : get afraid to think of growing old. Its the insecurity which scares me the most after growing old.

time : u never get tired running is it..? just stop now n then... relax man..

money : yeh dil maange more..!

Believe in :
* Simple is beautiful
* elegance is superior to grandeur
* honesty and hardwork pays off
* better to worn out than to rust out
* all know the path, few walk on it
* all the problems of the world can be solved by unbiased talks. Never seen Kashmir or Ayodhya as problems with no solution.

caste system : its all man made crap

childhood : quite normal. Have lots of sweet memories

school life : This was for the last time I topped in studies

college life : Did a bit of research on my self. Decided what I want to be and what i do not want to be

work : doing quite ok, Still have to prove what I am capable of

dancing : Love to dance for some foot tapping punjabi / 'tapaang' tamil numbers

swimming : want to learn [hence making me more equipped]

rain : Love the ambience when the rain has just stopped..

walking : Love it a lot.. alone or with some one [prefer the former]. Have made it a mandatory part of my routine... Love walking on the roads near Malleswaram railway station..

I repent for :
* not being ready when opportunity knocked the door
* being an illiterate when it comes to classical music

luck : bitch..!!

politics : nasty shit..!!!

competition : tests real nerve

mind : guys, use it or else u'll lose it

books : transforms a literate to a human

beverages : breath stinks after having Coffee. There are very few ppl around me who can prepare Tea i like. Hence I go with milk

smoking : chokes my lungs

drinking : I dont need this to get high

re-incarnation : dont believe

color : Blue, the most elegant color on earth.

friends : significant few, rest belong to the list of aquaintances

technology : a lot to learn. One life is no time to understand how far we reached in this field from the days of stone age

colleagues : They smile at me, when they want some help from me. I smile at them when i want some help from them. other times we are total strangers u know.. [few exceptions]

astronomy : Wawwwww.. we are mere mortals! Stars live for billions of years. In my childhood, I could not accept the fact about the presence of living beings on other planets of remote galaxies. I was feeling a bit envious about it..

speed : has never excited me

Love : Have been through few traumatizng crushes. I remember what my frnd Jagadish told me once when he was in love or felt he was in love "Its an experience of the life time u know, the very feeling of 'I deserve to be loved' itself is amazing.."

nice movies : Have a growing private collection. Prefer to watch it alone or with some one who equally enjoys the flavor of the movie

short stories : Love O Henry.

most handsome men on earth : Johnny Depp, de Caprio, Clooney, Enrique Iglesias, Christiano Ronaldo

most beautiful women on earth : Kate winslet, Priyanka Chopra, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Meg Ryan

current cell phone : Nokia 7610 [black with (maroon + silver) outline]. I can claim it to be my costliest possession

current singtone : Tum aa gaye ho, to noor... [by Kishore kumar]

deo's i like : Axe [vodoo, pulse], Sportz, Brut

PS: keep re-visiting this post. I'll keep updating this as my thought process changes...

A typical boring conversation...

Posted by Anantha | Posted in , | Posted on Monday, July 03, 2006


Every where we find these kinda guys. Even you would have faced these kinda guys in ur daily life, with whom you just want to cut-off the conversation and turn ur face away. This was one such conversation i had with my colleague in my office cab. Lets call him Mr X.

Me: how was the weekend?
Mr X: yeah gr8, i had been to Mysore with frnds in my new Santro..

comment: Is the objective of the sentence in the second part ?

Me (deliberately ignoring his second part of the message): How was it..?
X : It was good.. as it was a new car, i wanted to test its max capacity... i reached 110 km/hr some times... this is the maximum speed I could touch on Indian roads...

comment: so you want me to ask the question "in which other countries have u driven the car..?"

Me: Ohhh (surely not an exclamation)
Mr X : You know... when i was in US, i have touched 140 Km/Hr once...

comment: Needless to say, every alternate sentence of a 4+ yrs exp s/w engr starts with a phrase "When i was in US/Canada/Japan/Germany/...."

Me: oh..
Mr X: U know in US its very different there, ppl follow traffic rules there. I hardly have heard a single honk in my 2 Yrs of stay there

comment: so u want to say that u stayed there for 2 Yrs..?

Me(just an artificial smile): ....
Mr X: I even feel the traffic system of Japan is equally good as of US

comment: I'll never ask you, "Ohh thats great, u had been to Japan also...?"

Me(another wry smile): ...
Mr X: When ever i think of my stay in Japan..I have to say this, Food is quite costly there in Japan.. I still remember paying 900 Yens.. i.e.,.. approx 350 in Indian rupees for a single Masala dosa...

comment:This was not the convversation i wanted to have for a single question of 'How was the weekend ?'

Me : ...
Mr X (after a late realization of that this guy doesn't seem to be interested in my foreign trips): How was ur weekend?

comment: This was the question I was expecting b4 20 mins. Even though my tonge wanted to say 'I had a rocking party in Gullu's chats!! One of my frnds gave us a treat', but that would look quite ordinary for this guy who gave me a glimpse of his foreign trips when i just asked him about his weekend. Wanted to retort to his question by saying 'Had been to Amsterdam, as i had to reach a bottle of pickle left by my uncle's cousin's father-in-law's second wife in our house !!!'. But wanted not to be so rude, ended up saying

Me : nothing much ... slept at home..

Hence pulling off the curtain for a boring conversation... and started looking through the window pane..