Now that’s a damn serious issue!

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Its not a sunny MON morning. Im just about to settle down on my chair, my TL comes striding towards me and says, "I want the current defect to be closed by EOD. It’s a damn serious issue, customer needs the solution badly.."

My reflexes to all such ‘orders’ will be relatively slow on MON mornings. After tasting life the previous weekend and seriously infected by MON blues it ought to be slow right..? I looked at my TL as God would look at a child who is praying to him for a lolly pop. Imagine how would that Supreme power who controls the swaying of every grass blade on earth smile when being pleaded for a lolly pop by a kid. Ya.. I held a similar expression on my face. I could see him speaking some thing further but I was lost in my own thoughts.

He says some blah blah defect is a damn serious issue… WTH..!!

This morning I saw a new toddler working in a petty hotel near by my house. He must have been forced to quit school and made to join this hotel to join hands with two more little boys who have been working there since few years. He must have come from any village near Mandya/Mysore. Now this guy and his future is a new prey for the everlasting struggle for survival.
Now that’s a damn damn damn serious issue…

The other day I saw an aged homeless lady taking shelter in front of a closed shop near my house. She continued to be seen around the same place for quite some time. I have tossed few coins on her spread out sack few times. From past few days I am not seeing her in her usual so called shelter. I donno where that old soul has moved to. She was too feeble to walk around, some thing bad might have happened to her…? God forbid. May God bless her, where ever she is.
Now that’s a damn damn damn serious issue..

Last FRI, inflation was shot up to 11.05%, highest in last 13 years, Now that’s a damn damn damn damn serious issue..

My dad seems to be getting acquainted to his illness than to fight it out with his gumption. Now that’s a damn damn damn serious issue…

And my TL says some zilch of a defect is a serious issue for some gappu customer located in some gappu land…. WTH…

I was still smiling like a God in front of a kid who is praying to him for a lolly pop :)

Bullfighter beats craftsman again :(

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The final score, 6-1 6-3 6-0

The final match lasted for one hour and 48 minutes, which is the shortest final in terms of time on court since 1980.

Federer committed 35 unforced errors in the match

Now any Federer fan will be more than disappointed by the above lines and Im not an exception. I watched Fedex beat Monfils in Semis, was shocked by the number of unforced errors he committed there also. If Monfils was more precise with his inherent raw power, he would have made Fedex bite the dust no doubt. With his current form [with virus affecting his health] I was skeptical about Fedex winning his first ever French Open. But I never thought he would surrender so easily to the bullfighter Spaniard.

Being an ardent fan of Federer, can you believe I switched off the TV set after seeing the way he lost his second set 6-3. Federer was committing myriad of unforced errors, dint deliver a single ace in his serves, was missing out heavily on placing his favorite slice shots.. and in answer Nadal was running with his lightning fast legs to every nook and corner of the court to send back the ball with twice the speed that it reached his bat.

I wanna write nothing more on it.. Im heartbroken…

I want Fedex to win French open at any cost next year.. I want him to come up with all the right answers for the puzzles Nadal has been posing to him on clay court from past 3 years..

Mussanje maatu; an average entertainer

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Dir: Mahesh
Cast: Sudeep, Ramya
Music: V Sridhar

First of all, the reasons why I wanted to see this movie – The posters of the movie seemed interesting, The director was a debutant, Sudeep was donning an interesting look, Music was superb and last but not the least – my intuition said its gonna be an interesting movie. Hence I went to see Mussanje Maatu.

Pradeep played by Sudeep is an RJ, a happy go lucky person, meets depressed Tanu [Ramya] in a train from HubLi to Bangalore. Pradeep hesitantly inquires the reason for her depression, but does not get an answer from Tanu. And predictably by the time Pradeep alights in his destination, Tanu would have left. Pradeep keeps searching for the interesting girl he had met in train. Along side, the screen play gives an elaborate introduction of Pradeep’s job profile. He consoles, suggests solutions and fills hope in the lives of depressed callers in his show Mussanje maatu. Thus he is quite an integral part of many lives of radio listeners in the city. As the viewer was given a glimpse of Tanu’s depression, she also gets to dial in to the show hosted by Pradeep. Then they get to meet up, talk, shop together, roam together and what else… Pradeep falls in love with Tanu. If you are a regular watcher of commercial movies of South Indian languages and is used to the little predictable twists here and there and a happy ending, you can never go wrong in guessing the rest of the story.

Talking about the different technical departments of the movie, debutant director seems to have chosen a safe script and is heavily influenced by the usual masala in the movies. His talent needs to be assessed when he comes up with a more creative attempt. Sudeep is refreshing with his hip new look suiting his profession, looks ultra slim too. Sudeep impresses with his mannerisms and dialogue delivery, but his-both-hands-always-in-pocket-style looks repetitive. About Ramya, she has gone past the mark of chubby and looks plump; she has to think seriously about reducing. I did not find her acting special in the movie. Rest of the cast has nothing much to do. I seriously don’t understand why Anu Prabhakar accepted the role of Ramy’s friend, she has no special role to play in the story.

What disappointed me was so-so cinematography, less effective dialogues and below average art direction. Not to blame the cinematographer [Sundernath Suvarna] completely for his work, may be viewers' expectation has increased seeing other cinematographer's works post release of Mungaru Male, GaalipaTa etc. Though the scenic beauty had nothing to play special in the movie, but it is sad to say there was not a single scene in the movie which made me say the camera work was ‘waaaww’. Oh did I forget to mention there are lot of scenes in the movie shot in and around Sankey park..

Any love story keeps open the gates for plausibly effective dialogues, but this movie had no such dialogues. About the art direction, it disappointed me in the very first scene. Viewers needed no extra effort to notice the yellow cloth (!!) bearing the name HubLi, which was pasted poorly on the actual name board of which ever town they shot that very first train station scene in.

Now what impressed me most is the music of the movie. ‘ninna noDalentho’, sung by Sonu and Shreya is another gem of a romantic number, ‘kaddaLu mansanna’, sung by Kunal Ganjawala is simply superb and rest of the songs are also very pleasant. Thumbs up to new music dir, V Sridhar for his commendable debut.

All in all, an average movie..

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