Love triumphs - 3

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Few days later I got reports from doctor about Clive’s violent behavior with maids. He used to jump out of the moving car when taken on brief visits to home off the hospital. Doctors even complained Clive once threw a chair at the nurse who had come to medicate him.

An evening I visited Clive in hospital. Doctor was testing the damage caused by the virus on Clive’s memory. The doctor was prompting Clive to name few things he points to. The doctor showed him a pen and asked Clive to name it. Clive replied “It’s a chicken!!!!” in an authoritative tone. He said the same to an apple, a chair and a capsule too!! Shocked by Clive’s reply I looked perplexedly at the doctor. Doctor said that’s because Clive has only few words left in his memory.. very few words in finger counts. And chicken is one among them. Listening to this, I could not control my tears.

Few days later, Clive was moved to the hospital’s care home. It became the permanent residence for Clive. I had moved all his necessary things including his piano to the care home. Few days later I held a piece of sheet music in front of him. His eyes lighted up looking at that. His expression on face said that he could recognize the music notes. I helped him walk to the piano. He could play piano!! The doctor there explained it as “music is part of Clive’s procedural memory. Its like walking or riding a bicycle”. He only could read music; he was unable to read news papers and books.

I had accepted the fact that Clive's illness is incurable. I quit my job and founded the Amnesia Association in 1986. I even started to work in an arts center to pay my bills. Eventually I had to sell the apartment where me and Clive once lived. Once doctor told me Clive was suffering from a condition called perseveration, which makes him to repeat certain behaviors endlessly. Clive used to repeat the same phrases endlessly while he was talking to me. All I could do was weep in front of him looking at his behavior. Doctors said Clive has reached such a situation where he can no more store the new information in his memory. His memory had become as short as 7 seconds!! He could not remember anything that has happened to him before the last 7 seconds. He would accept if somebody introduces him self as Prime Minister! Such was Clive's memory. In spite of all this, some how Clive was recognizing me every time I meet him. I really don't know whether I would be living or dead if Clive had refused to recognize me. The only hope that I was living with was that some day some miracle would give me back my Clive, the same loving husband of mine. How beautiful life would be to have our children running in the garden and me listening to piano while Clive plays some of his favorite compositions. But may be I was too optimistic to hope for such a miracle to happen.

(to be contd...)

Love triumphs - 2

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Clive’s temperature was back to normal after 7-8 days. The physician had prescribed Clive to rest for few more days. That day I decided to resume my work in orchestra. Same morning I kissed Clive and was walking towards the door to leave for work. Clive called my name in a shaky voice and said “leave your work place number; I’ll call you up if I need anything”. At first I thought Clive was playing a prank with me as he used to call to my office number every day. I replied to him “Why…don’t u remember my number” approaching his couch he was resting on. Clive felt quite uneasy to reply, “No… may be because of the fever..” Then I told him my number. Clive wrote it down on a piece of paper. He stopped writing after marking the number. I could make out Clive was trying hard to remember something. Then he scribbled my name above the number. I was alarmed by the moment he took to write my name above the number. That said everything was not normal with Clive. Otherwise why would his hand stop before writing my name.. I rushed to work with all-Clive in my mind. I could not concentrate on the work. My inner voice was whispering that something terrible is going to happen with our lives. That very feeling shook me. I begged to Lord for the well being of Clive.

I took Clive to a neurosurgeon. There awaited a shock for me. Doctor reported a severe case of amnesia!! Clive had fallen prey for a virus called herpes encephalitis. The virus had damaged major portion of his storage area of brain. Doctor suggested me to admit Clive to the hospital. Doctor even told me that only miracles could save Clive’s memory. Our fairy tailish life had sunken. It was attacked by cruel fate. I still remember that unfortunate day of my life, the day I admitted Clive to hospital. I wept all through that night. I had accepted the hard reality that Clive may not return home as the same old charming and loving husband of mine. We may never get those loving moments of our lives again. It was a great challenge for me to live without Clive.

I used to visit Clive twice/thrice a day. The moment I enter his room, Clive used to smile at me. He was finding it difficult to remember words and talk to me. But I could understand from his eyes that he wants to talk to me for hours. He would have had millions of things to talk to me. But he had started losing his vocabulary gradually. He was losing everything that was stored in his brain for years... neither could he store anything new. During those days, the longest sentence Clive used to utter was "Hey gorgeous, I.... I... love you....". Listening to this all I could do was smile back with tears in my eyes. However deadly could that virus be, but that was not able to erase my husband's emotions for me....

(to be contd...)

Love triumphs - Part 1

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[Prelude: Call it a transcript or a compilation or an amateurish attempt to write a story. The day I read an article about Clive and Deborah Wearing in Readers digest, I decided to document it in my own way. In the process of writing about the Wearings, I came across many articles and interviews and other stuff in web. I wanted you people know about Wearings and also I wanted you guys to know about them in the way I narrate it! First I decided to write a story on them. Knowing its one of my first attempts and considering the limitations of my narration skills, I decided to make it an article (kinda). It was my own idea to choose Deborah Wearing as the narrator of this article. It was still a challenging task for me to put across a story as narrated by a woman. To understand her traumatic emotions and express them. I faced all the complications of first attempt. Still I am daring to put it across as a post.

I am planning to post this article in 3-4 chunks one after the other. So here goes my novitiate effort…]

Hi, I am Deborah Wearing and this is the story of me and my husband Clive Wearing. It is an unfortunate but still an inspirational, ill fated still triumphant, unbelievable but still a real story.

I was a singer in a famous choir of London in my early twenties. Clive was the charming conductor of that choir. He was a famous, kind hearted successful musician in his forties. Clive Wearing had everything that would attract a smitten like me. Those days I could hear a lot of rumors about his broken relationship with his wife from the colleagues of the orchestra. These rumors hardly bothered me. I just loved his passion for music. I could make out that Clive was giving some extra attention for me during the practice sessions. It made me jump in joy. The music and practice sessions kept bringing us closer to each other. And one fine day me and Clive decided that we should get married. One fine day of Oct 1983 we got married. It was one of the memorable days of my life. The day we decided to commit to each other in all the walks of life…

After the day of marriage, months passed by like minutes.Me and Clive were working together in orchestra. I never used to feel the fatigue after those long hours of practice. I still get goosebumps when I remember those ‘I Love You’ whispers of Clive in my ears. I had started loving everything about Clive. Whether it was those all-page-I love u-chants in my personal diary or those long walks in the evenings, I had started loving every bit of my life. I used to stand next to piano with my elbows rested on piano cover, When Clive used to play his favorite compositions on piano. I remember Clive saying ‘The most important things can not be spoken, that’s why there’s music’.

I had started experiencing the life-too-perfect, Life so romantic, Life so beautiful. I could not even imagine a second without Clive. May be the fate did not like this smooth sailing fairy tailish life. The fate hit our lives badly. It was almost a year and a half since me and Clive had started a new chapter in our lives. Those days Clive’s schedule was very hectic. Too many consignments, too many practice sessions. He was working day and night. It was one such day. Clive returned home late in the night, complaining of a severe headache. I though it should be because of his hectic work schedule. Clive used some tablets for temporary relief and went to bed. The next morning Clive had a high temperature. I insisted Clive to stay at home and take rest. On consulting the physician, Clive was given medicine to bring down his temperature. But the drop in the temperature used to happen till the effect of the medicine lasted. This continued for 2-3 days. Clive used to look really disturbed by his illness. He hardly could speak to me. I some how had a feeling that everything was not normal with this fever. This was for the first time Clive had fallen ill for such a long time in one and a half years of married life.

(to be contd...)

We are not here to make friends ?!?

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Was roaming in Koramangala with my B.E. pals on SUN evening. After munching the junk here n there we were about to leave.. When we were walking towards the place where we had parked our bikes, there appeared two familiar faces... heyyy! thats Mohit and Jagadish [Me, Mohit and Jagadish had joined Mphasis 2 yrs back along with few more guys]. It was a long-time-no-c-mulaaquaat. Exchanged few words about work n life and dispersed.

The same night, so many thoughts ruled my mind while I was sprawling on bed. Thoughts flashed back to November 2004. We were 11 elated bunch of freshers who had joined Mphasis. Me, Jagadish, Mohit, Ram, Smruthi, Sneh, Arthi, Fatima, Jason, Manu, Shobha, Rashmi and Kusuma. All were excited holding the offer letter of our first job in our hands. Then began corporate training for months. We were all just out of college getting accustomed to the corporate mould.. were hanging out together.. few outings in the weekends..movies n theatres...celebrating each others' b-days with cakes and gifts...

By the time the training got over, we had become good friends! Then
on a fine day, We were all scattered into different projects [though in the same office premises]. Still our bonding continued.. calling up each other for snacks and lunch breaks. It continued for few months.. Then later, few became busy with their project deadlines and schedules and were not regularly appearing in our gang. I too started missing the gang for lunch and other breaks. Then it started getting difficult to gather in weekends also. If one had to go out with his/her friends, some one else had to come to office on weekends to meet the deadlines. So its just that we had prioritized our other schedules and had relegated our petty gatherings... None to blame.. I too had skipped many...

After few months, some of us were moved to different projects.. this time it was not in the same office premises.. I had to move to a different office in Bannerghatta Rd.. while the rest continued in Global village. Months passed by.. mail transactions reduced.. phone calls reduced... By the time we had settled down, we had completed one year in Mphasis.

We all got yearly appraisals.... some of us sulked, some of us jumped in joy... some of us got onsite opportunities... some of us fumed with the J factor! Sneh left the company and flew to Aussie land for higher studies. We all started becoming busy in our own worlds. If not so, at least we pretended to be busy.. I felt the bloody ego had crept in some how!!

I dont know what went wrong.. everything was nice and perfect once. Now it all seems to be a dream. Now it has become Mission Impossible to gather even 5 of us for a dinner or a movie. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Some of us do not have the courtesy to call back even after seeing 2-3 missed calls in their cell phones... I too have done that few times to few guys!!.. damn... it was so rude to do that...

Everything has changed with time.. Can colleagues be friends..? Then I get a voice resonating in my mind 'We aren't here to make friends...' But is that true?

Today here in the current work place I see Tony, Indrajith,Vijay, Anobika, Sindhu et al [freshers in our project] in the cafeteria laughing for each others' jokes.. sitting around the table for
lunch... I sigh and say long live friendship... I wish it was me, Mohit, Smruthi, Ram, Jagadish... around the table for lunch...

Here is a chunk of a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing,
Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness:

So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another,
Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence."

Encompassing Kaivara

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For those who don’t know what Kaivara means in Kannada, It means compass. Hope you got the intended pun in the title at least now :)

I have a feeling that by blog is becoming more of a travelogue than my whims published. The way I am travelling / trekking, my blog can prove a quick handy reference for guys interested in travelling across Karnataka.

It was another hasty decision by Nazir to go to Kaivara on 22nd Oct [SUN]. This time we were 5 of us. Bhai’s younger bro was a new addition to our gang. We left Bangalore around 12:30 PM, headed towards Kolar on NH7. We reached Kaivara by 2:30 approx. There are many temples in the Kaivara town. The biggest among them is the Brindavana of Kaiwara thathayya popularly known as Amaranarayana temple. There is a hill called Bheema Bakana betta in Kaivara. This hill was supposed to be named after Bheema killed demon Bakaasura in one of the caves of this hill. There is even info (read myth) that one of the caves of this betta still has the corpse of Bakaasura and the corpse of Bakaasura drips blood out of the cave during Shivarathri! If you manage to remember the name of the city in which Bheema had killed Bakasura from the bits and pieces of Mahabharatha you remember and succeed in getting the name as Ekachakrapura, Bingo! You guessed it right. Kaivara was Ekachakrapura during Dwapara yuga. How lucky Pandavas must be to visit every nook and corner of India during their vanavaasa :)

How on earth can we see a hillock and still not climb to the peak of it! But there was a second thought this time b4 starting the trek, as Bhai and his bro were on fast for Ramzaan. We had no doubts on Bhai’s capabilities but his bro was a bit of concern for us. He too nodded his head in agreement with Bhai when asked about trekking Bheema Bakana betta. It was not really strenuous to trek to the top of the hill. There is a statue (kinda) of Bheema on top. We even deliberately drifted away from the stony steps just to make the trek more adventurous..! We reached atop and rested there munching the food we had carried. I personally like the calmness on top of the hills. Its always a nice experience to enjoy the picturesque views from top of the hills and savour the sound of silence…

After getting down the hill, we drove towards Ambaji Durga also called Kailasagiri Kshetra, as it was recommended as a must-see place by a guy while we were trekking Bheema Bakana betta. Kailasagiri Kshetra was indeed a unique place with temples inside man made caves. We were astonished by the magnitude of the caves and the effort and of course the money spent on it. There are idols of Ganapathi and Shiva there. The carvings of few more idols were in progress. This place might turn out to be a huge tourist attraction in the coming years.

It was already 6:30 by the time we finished our darshan in the cave temples. We headed back towards Bangalore. We tried another never-done-b4-act this time. Quite crazy though… Let me put a statutory warning here: These stunts(!) were performed by not so professionals ;) only crazy guys who risk their lives to experience the thrill of it, can try it.

Nazir switched off the car’s headlights [he was the 1 who was driving, and also the only 1 who knows driving amongst us] leaving no trails of a car moving on road for other vehicles. Its an amazing experience. All you can see from the car is pitch black sky and twinkling stars and definitely not the road ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We could try this as there were very few vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Of course Nazir would have made sure that there were no sudden sharp curves on the road.. or may be not.. We seldom believe him ;). We kept repeating the act until we reached the highway.

I know these crazy things may prove fatal… but worth trying once.

Useful Info:
Location: Kaivara

Preferred transportation: 4 wheeler, Ideal for biking also as roads are good throughout

Distance: 80 Kms from Bangalore

Route: Drive on NH7 towards Kolar.

Few tips:
Visit Amaranarayana Temple
Trek Bheema Bakana betta [takes hardly an hour to reach the top]
Visit cave temples in Ambaji Durga / Kailasanatha Kshetra [7 Kms from Kaivara town]

Info courtesy:
from Wikipedia

To a mythological place from Metrolife, DH

Wait until?

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Was watching a Spanish movie called 'Obaba' in Zee English. Here is a conversation from the movie that touched me.

The scene -
A young teacher comes to a toddler's house for home tuitions. The boy keeps looking out of the window when teacher was teaching. Teacher asks him the cause of his worry.

boy: what should I do...? My best friends are not replying to my letters...
teacher: wait...

boy: wait until..?
teacher: until you forget them...!!!

Let them play with their grand children...

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Aged Sardar
If u had read my previous post, any one can imagine the heaven of time we guys had in that trekking. But all was not well in that trip. There was a thought that kept poking my heart all these days. Remember Pyara Pujabi Dhaba? It all started from there.

As that was a genuine punjabi dhaba, we could see lot of punjabi truck drivers who had come there to fill their stomachs. Truck drivers with not so tidy turbans, with big bellies, kurthas with spotted design of engine oil dirt, with long beard and moustaches concealing their tiring faces, few young sardars with neatly shaved cheeks teasing few other and trying to add some life to the milieu, some resting on the cot..
It took no time for us to realise that the dhaba was not only a mere food gulping place for those truck drivers. It was a place for get together for the long-time-no-see colleagues... or who knows a father may get to see his son there, who had left their home with their trucks in different directions to earn their livelihoods....

Of all these, there sat an eldest sardar having his food. He must be easily 65+. That paaji was certainly not savouring the food.. He even seem detached from the other gang of sardars. He was swallowing the morsels just for the heck of it... He must be away from his family for days or months who knows... He must be thinking of his wife who must have been waiting for his return in some corner of Punjab... or he must be thinking of his naughty grand daughter who must have been slipped into deep slumber by now... or was he thinking of clearing his debts...

That raised many questions in my heart...What would be the circumstance that is forcing this sardar to work at this age..? Certainly it must be his financial condition... may be his children must have ditched him...

Old florist
I must mention about an old woman who sells garlands near our house. I am observing this woman from the days we shifted our house to this locality [may be from past 10-12 years]. This old lady always sits on the footpath near the bus stand with few other lady florists. She is not the same as I had seen her 10 yrs back. Age has worn her out. She no more seems enthusiastic when a customer approaches her asking for the garlands. I have not seen her talking to any other women around in the recent times..

The other day when I was walking back to home after the office, I looked at her. She was seated more hunched than ever. I observed her closely; she had caught sleep while preparing the garlands..!! That really churned my heart.. This is not the age to earn for your family or for ur own bread... How cruel must be fate on her, which is making her to sit on the foot path at this age preparing garlands...? What great profit would she make even if she sells 40-50 of such garlands a day...?

There must be millions of such senior citizens who still go to earn their livelihoods, battling their ageing bodies and emaciating health condition...
Are we guys so cruel to ignore the old coolies carrying your bags pantingly, those old beggars near the temples, and those old watchmen of multi storied apartments...?
Ho can we just walk away with out even feeling guilt in our heart after seeing such people?

We should do some thing to stop them working at this age.. Why do our Govt do not have any plans of pensions for senior citizens? I know even if they implement such things, what is the guaranty that the money will reach those old hands...? What is the guaranty that the children will not gulp that money also..?

We should better this condition some how...
Let that sardar carry his grand children on shoulder and go for a stroll in his lush green 'kheths'
Let that old florist lady enjoy the babbling of her grand child sitting at home...

Madhugiri; A rocky challenge

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It was another crazy plan that led three of us [me, Nazir n Bhai] to Madhugiri betta for trekking. We left Bangalore at 9:30 AM, carried apples [for lunch !], sufficient water and few junk to munch. Reached Madhugiri around 12:30 PM. We noticed a puncture in the hind tyre only after parking the car in Madhugiri :-). That was not a cause for worry as we had a spare tyre and also a mechanic near by.

After buying some more water we were set to trek a goliath monolith [that was instantaneous rhyme :-)]. From the bottom, Madhugiri betta
looks like another challenge for trekking enthusiasts. But we soon realised it is not just another trek... It will be THE TREK to remember. We were climbing in a good pace until we reached a two-pole landmark. [Thats how the localites call it, they had warned us it gets steeper after those two-poles]. We were half tired to reach that point. Then we got two local boys who had come to trek. So that made us 5 in number; good number needed for a trekking. The moment we climb up a rock pantingly, another steeper rock used to welcome us with a grin of 'Well done, Now try this'. We started taking frequent breaks of 10-15 mins to bite an apple we carried or to enjoy the view of the village at the bottom. The houses had started looking microscopic now...
Then there came this point where we had to crawl over the rocks just on step like grips carved on rock and few metal rods to hold for support. Our hearts started pounding whenever there was a discontinuity in metal rods. Even though we were making fun of each other saying 'u look really scared man...' All 5 knew that one careless step or a slip would push us down the steepy rocks leaving us with innumerable fractures [Refer the pic to the left]. All 5 reached a safer rock crossing it, and grinned at each other. Thank God, wind dint blow against our motion. Then we reached what is called as the tip of the hill. We could see a fort kinda thing there. I got to know this was built by Hyderali. It was too windy there on top, windy enuf to blow off some puny chap from there!

Then we explored the fort a bit [there was nothing much to xplore..]. After spending sufficient time there, we headed back to trek down the hill. We again took an extra care while crossing the dangerous point. Reached down by 5:45. Now all that we wanted was a nice food.
Decided to have it in some dhaba on NH4. We stopped at a dhaba called 'Pyara Punjabi dhaba'. Even though the name sounds frivolous, food was heavenly.. We started 'batting' there. Alu gobi, chana masala, roti and sweet lassi....

Reached home with a feeling of conquering a great monolith of Karnataka.

Useful Info:
Location: Madhugiri betta

Preferred transportation: 4 wheeler, I am not sure of KSRTC buses which take u there

Distance: 80+ Kms from Bangalore

Route: Drive on NH4 towards Tumkur. Take a right turn near Dhabas pete towards Madhugiri. [b4 the 2nd toll gate]

Few tips:
Madhugiri betta has nothing much on top to savor n enjoy. Go trekking only if ur an adventure freak.

Do visit 'Pyaara punjabi dhaba' between first and second toll gate. U'll get it to ur right [when travelling towards Tumkur] soon after the Reliance petrol bunk. I am the brand ambassador of that dhaba ;-)

This is what a bollywood blockbuster means to me

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I have thought of a movie plot, Soon Ill be directing it. And this is how it goes...

Father: dynamic, charismatic and filthy rich [family business u know] chap in early 50s...

Mother: This character ought to use lot of glycerine.. and she is the one who says the heroines "Jaa beti... apni dil ki suno.. uska haath thamle beti".

Hero: He has to be more beautiful than handsome. Even if he is 40+ in real life, he will be just out of Cambridge/ Harward after finishing his MBA. They are the trend setters for metrosexual men in India. They usually wear green, pink or orange designer wear with some jewellery for men. This guy will be a loyal, adoring son of his parents. And he will remain so until he is cupid struck.

Heroine: Bright, cute an adorable gal who always dreams of some rajkumar to marry. No other goal in life. Even if u see her wearing little more than two-piece clothings, she is a pakka Hindustani Kudi by heart.

Hero's brother: This guy is charming, young, energetic, a bit flirtatious.. gets to outgo a bit. But still he is mama's dearest. Again he has to wear only green, pink and orange designer wear

Hero's brother's love: She can be heroine's younger sister. And this gal gets to wear less than her elder sister.

location: The whole movie commutes between NY and Punjab/Shimla/Kasauli.

sets: The house must not be a house but a Mahal. The characters usually use BMW to go to other rooms

Music: lots of pressure on music directors. It has to be catchy, trendy, contemporary, easily hummable, grand. Totally there has to be 6 songs.
1st song is the introduction of main characters kinda song. Wherein all the male charcters wear designer kurtas, females wear sarees worth of lakhs! Again this song should be playable during low times, in sad tune
There has to be a party number wherein the charismatic old father and his sons get to dance with tall white females.

There has to be a disco number: this is for hero's younger brother and his love. This song has to create a rage among youth, will be played in all discos and parties for next few months after its music release.

There has to be a family get together song - karva chouth or what ever and
2-3 duets...

background score: the title song should be played always.

comedians: They have to act like buffoons... always lip syncing for some old romantic songs. And we are supposed to laugh when they do this

special appearences: Its a must. Usually few faces who have failed miserably in their acting ventures previously. Now they have to be appraised as 'surprise packages of the movie' by critics

kids: There have to be atleast 4 of them. They too play an important role in the movie. They act as messengers b/n hero n heroine. They are there to lighten the moment the elders cry.

pre-marital sex: Becoming a common scene now a days. The notable thing here is heroine doesn't wake up crying in the morning after the mistake [I am not endorsing any pills here... ;-)]. She is a modern day woman u see... Now don ask me 'U said she is very Indian'... ya I said that in the beginning... her character EVOLVES (!) as the story progresses u know... Now don ask me 'u mean Indian women are not evolved..?' ... I am in loggerheads.. next question please...

dailogues: words like DIL, MOHABBAT, PYAAR, SANSKAAR, KHANDAAN, RIWAAZ, MARYAADA... galore here. But when teens talk, they talk in some Espiano-Frencho-Anglo mixed lingo.

Story: whats that...? We have cast the super stars of the indusrtry here. We have managed to get all 29 of them on 1 screen and u ask stupidly for story...?

Budget of the movie: 70+ crores. This amount follows an exponential equation as the years pass on. No connection with underworld u see, its all 'pure white money of D'

Expected movie rating: 7 out of 5 !

Kannada film makers, Plz save us from this embarrassment

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People find different ways to deny closing-eye-lids after lunch in the office hours. It was such a lazy afternoon. Some team members were listening to songs, some had surrendered to Tea/Coffee. Me n my TL were discussing about some issue of our project. Then a team member started playing 'vivaha bhojanambu...' from Maya Bazaar,Telugu. My TL was a gr8 fan of that song may be. He was enjoying the song and gave complements for the guy who played that song. My TL asked me casually whether I have heard that song. Without knowing the repercussions of it I answered "Yes the Kannada version of the song.."
My TL said "the DUBBED version right..?" wryly.
I dint know what to answer, I dint want to give it back to him, as I dint wanto to throw stones at neighbours being in the house made of glass.I was certainly embarrassed by his reply.

Remake films are not new to Kannada, every 1 out of 3 movies released now a days will be a remake of Tamil, Telugu or Hindi.
Having believed that it needs creative brains to create some thing original, something from the scratch... I say you need NO BRAINS to remake a movie/song. I would rather call it a mere copy than a remake. Kannada film makers hide under the opinion that they want to bring good movies of other languages to Kannada audience - To hell with ur concern !! Why dont u guys have guts to say u can't make some thing sensibly original.

I even remember reading an interview of Kannada film actor Sudeep defending making remakes after his 'My autograph' completed 100 days. I am unhappy with the very title only. He COPIES and says thats 'his autograph'. How can some thing be yours when you have copied from somebody. Sudeep goes on to say "what different films you can make...? All films fall under the category of romantic films, love triangles, action thrillers or comedy... etc etc. Only the location differ.... ". Boss! this shows how narrow Kannada film makers think...

Think wide, think different... give us sensible and original movies and save us from getting embarrassed.

About me

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Whenever some website needs user's info and gives me a section called 'About Me' to fill in, I kinda get perplexed what to write in that or rather from where / how to start writing 'about me'. Or is it the problem of abundance than the problem of scarcity.. ;-)

So here I mention ABOUT ME the way i like it to write. I dint bother to frame sentences. I have picked up few words I can comment on. I felt this is the best approach to write about myself and for the readers to know about me.

Parents : I have placed them above GOD

God : I thank him for what ever I have got in life till date. Still feel I dont spare enough time to thank him every day

sis : she is just lovely

life : Learn to enjoy the journey. Dont repent for not seeing out of the window, after reaching the destination

death : quite a scary thought.... prefer the unpainful one.

age : get afraid to think of growing old. Its the insecurity which scares me the most after growing old.

time : u never get tired running is it..? just stop now n then... relax man..

money : yeh dil maange more..!

Believe in :
* Simple is beautiful
* elegance is superior to grandeur
* honesty and hardwork pays off
* better to worn out than to rust out
* all know the path, few walk on it
* all the problems of the world can be solved by unbiased talks. Never seen Kashmir or Ayodhya as problems with no solution.

caste system : its all man made crap

childhood : quite normal. Have lots of sweet memories

school life : This was for the last time I topped in studies

college life : Did a bit of research on my self. Decided what I want to be and what i do not want to be

work : doing quite ok, Still have to prove what I am capable of

dancing : Love to dance for some foot tapping punjabi / 'tapaang' tamil numbers

swimming : want to learn [hence making me more equipped]

rain : Love the ambience when the rain has just stopped..

walking : Love it a lot.. alone or with some one [prefer the former]. Have made it a mandatory part of my routine... Love walking on the roads near Malleswaram railway station..

I repent for :
* not being ready when opportunity knocked the door
* being an illiterate when it comes to classical music

luck : bitch..!!

politics : nasty shit..!!!

competition : tests real nerve

mind : guys, use it or else u'll lose it

books : transforms a literate to a human

beverages : breath stinks after having Coffee. There are very few ppl around me who can prepare Tea i like. Hence I go with milk

smoking : chokes my lungs

drinking : I dont need this to get high

re-incarnation : dont believe

color : Blue, the most elegant color on earth.

friends : significant few, rest belong to the list of aquaintances

technology : a lot to learn. One life is no time to understand how far we reached in this field from the days of stone age

colleagues : They smile at me, when they want some help from me. I smile at them when i want some help from them. other times we are total strangers u know.. [few exceptions]

astronomy : Wawwwww.. we are mere mortals! Stars live for billions of years. In my childhood, I could not accept the fact about the presence of living beings on other planets of remote galaxies. I was feeling a bit envious about it..

speed : has never excited me

Love : Have been through few traumatizng crushes. I remember what my frnd Jagadish told me once when he was in love or felt he was in love "Its an experience of the life time u know, the very feeling of 'I deserve to be loved' itself is amazing.."

nice movies : Have a growing private collection. Prefer to watch it alone or with some one who equally enjoys the flavor of the movie

short stories : Love O Henry.

most handsome men on earth : Johnny Depp, de Caprio, Clooney, Enrique Iglesias, Christiano Ronaldo

most beautiful women on earth : Kate winslet, Priyanka Chopra, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Meg Ryan

current cell phone : Nokia 7610 [black with (maroon + silver) outline]. I can claim it to be my costliest possession

current singtone : Tum aa gaye ho, to noor... [by Kishore kumar]

deo's i like : Axe [vodoo, pulse], Sportz, Brut

PS: keep re-visiting this post. I'll keep updating this as my thought process changes...

A typical boring conversation...

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Every where we find these kinda guys. Even you would have faced these kinda guys in ur daily life, with whom you just want to cut-off the conversation and turn ur face away. This was one such conversation i had with my colleague in my office cab. Lets call him Mr X.

Me: how was the weekend?
Mr X: yeah gr8, i had been to Mysore with frnds in my new Santro..

comment: Is the objective of the sentence in the second part ?

Me (deliberately ignoring his second part of the message): How was it..?
X : It was good.. as it was a new car, i wanted to test its max capacity... i reached 110 km/hr some times... this is the maximum speed I could touch on Indian roads...

comment: so you want me to ask the question "in which other countries have u driven the car..?"

Me: Ohhh (surely not an exclamation)
Mr X : You know... when i was in US, i have touched 140 Km/Hr once...

comment: Needless to say, every alternate sentence of a 4+ yrs exp s/w engr starts with a phrase "When i was in US/Canada/Japan/Germany/...."

Me: oh..
Mr X: U know in US its very different there, ppl follow traffic rules there. I hardly have heard a single honk in my 2 Yrs of stay there

comment: so u want to say that u stayed there for 2 Yrs..?

Me(just an artificial smile): ....
Mr X: I even feel the traffic system of Japan is equally good as of US

comment: I'll never ask you, "Ohh thats great, u had been to Japan also...?"

Me(another wry smile): ...
Mr X: When ever i think of my stay in Japan..I have to say this, Food is quite costly there in Japan.. I still remember paying 900 Yens.. i.e.,.. approx 350 in Indian rupees for a single Masala dosa...

comment:This was not the convversation i wanted to have for a single question of 'How was the weekend ?'

Me : ...
Mr X (after a late realization of that this guy doesn't seem to be interested in my foreign trips): How was ur weekend?

comment: This was the question I was expecting b4 20 mins. Even though my tonge wanted to say 'I had a rocking party in Gullu's chats!! One of my frnds gave us a treat', but that would look quite ordinary for this guy who gave me a glimpse of his foreign trips when i just asked him about his weekend. Wanted to retort to his question by saying 'Had been to Amsterdam, as i had to reach a bottle of pickle left by my uncle's cousin's father-in-law's second wife in our house !!!'. But wanted not to be so rude, ended up saying

Me : nothing much ... slept at home..

Hence pulling off the curtain for a boring conversation... and started looking through the window pane..

Lost in paradox

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Monday, June 26, 2006


This afternoon i accidentally stumbled [!.. is there any thing called purposefully stumbling ?] upon few famous paradoxical statements in net, which i want to introduce to the readers here.

The first which dragged my attention [/ distracted ] me was a paradox known as Barber's / Russels's paradox. Below is the explanation of it:
"Suppose there is a town with just one male barber; and that every man in the town keeps himself clean-shaven: some by shaving themselves, some by attending the barber. It seems reasonable to imagine that the barber obeys the following rule: He shaves all and only those men who do not shave themselves. Under this scenario, we can ask the following question: Does the barber shave himself? Asking this, however, we discover that the situation presented is in fact impossible:
If the barber does not shave himself, he must abide by the rule and shave himself. If he does shave himself, according to the rule he will not shave himself."
nice one right..?
There is another one called Liar's paradox. which states as "The following sentence is true. The preceding sentence is false" :-)
The above paradox made me to recall an anecdote in Poo Chan The's Annana Nenepu. The author mentions a similar paradox about a coin hung in some temple in Greece.One side that coin would state "What ever is written on the other side is true". The other side would say What ever is written on the other side is false"..
I know u started analysing it and lost in the infinite loop..

If u want to get more confused, refer

A dearly evening

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The other day when I was going back from the office to my home in cab, it started raining heavily. I closed the window and started watching the rain through window pane. I dont know whats the 'avinabhava sambandha' between the rain and the sweet memories. Rain always makes me nostalgic. I started remembering one particular incident which is still taaza in my memory.
Those days I was having study holidays for my 3/4th sem BE exams. Just to get some fresh air I always used to go for a long stroll in the evenings. That too the preferred area for strolling is the one near Malleswaram Rly station. The wide roads, the huge trees on both the sides of the roads always used beckon me. It was one such evening, I was waiting for the rain to stop so that
i could step out of home for a stroll. The rain stopped and I left my house and stepped towards Malleswaram Rly station. Its always a heavenly feeling to walk on the wide roads after the rain. The cool breeze - the smell of earth - the dancing branches of trees - the dripping water when u walk under them - the hiding Sun behind the clouds... It was just picture perfect. The whole milieu was looking like a fresh painting.
My eyes were seeking for any human around who is enjoying the milieu as much as I was enjoying. I found few people rushing back to their respective houses fearing that rain would start again. And few other middle aged gentle men riding towards their destinations wearing the raincoats. I pity these kinda guys, who lack the sense of enjoying that kinda weather.
I was almost done with the walk.. was heading back home. Then I found this girl, standing in her balcony of 3rd floor.. with her arms spread wide open as if she is inviting the cool breeze to
embrace her up. 'Waawwwwwwww' this was the expression my heart expressed out. The girl was a total stranger for me..I can't really comment on her beauty as i hardly could see her face coz of the distance. And even commenting on her beauty is totally irrelevent here. Its the sense of enjoying that weather that was common between us. All i remember is a girl in the blue loose
T-Shirt with her wide open arms. I stared at the balcony till i went past that building...
That was the evening of my life !
It has been 4 years since that evening, but even now when i walk past that building my eyes search her in that balcony... When ever i see rain, the memories of that evening linger in my heart..

Just another travel in my office cab

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Travelling 3 to 3.5 Hrs a day has become an inevitable part of life now. This is another such experience in cab.

Reached the boarding spot running all the way from home.. a kinda jogging in formals. Just gazed around the spot seeking for that cute, fair gal from HP. Chheh.., her cab came early today i believe. Just recalling her picture in mind in that white chudidar she was wearing y'day, our cab chugged down in front of me. Entered in, gave 2-3 artificial smiles to colleagues. Occupied my comfort zone of last but one seat. Kept my bag aside so that it covers rest of the half seat. I do this just to avoid ppl sitting next to me and disturb my very essential sleep of 30 mins during the journey. By the time I sat comfortably the RJs had started their business of blabbering. Then I started my long rendezvous [what a word man.. a beautiful example that pronunciation and spelling are poles apart in English sometimes] with Kumbhakarna.

The next 30-35 mins... totally unplugged from the world around. Such a beautiful nap..

Then the truck driver next to our cab woke me up with his truck's sound of horn. Opened my eyes just to make sure I am not leaning too much to my left or right as if i am trying to do some awkard-position-asana. As usual our cab was struck in traffic, jam packed from all the four sides. Maintaining just 2 inches gap to the surrouding vehicles.. what a precision..?
Still 1/3rd of the distance to reach office.. started observing ppl around in our cab. One of the colleagues was leaning to his right totally. That young tall guy was surveying the female's body in the adjacent seat, pretending to look out of the window... cheh.. Then suddenly a high decibel familiar voice questioned me from the front "En ananth, nidde ayitha ?". I just smiled, because its neither a valid question to answer nor he is really expecting an answer for that. He does this just to be heard by some one else. yes the girl in his hind seat, who was 2 rows front to my seat.. I just hate these kinda guys, who talk to me just to be heard by some females around.. And there is this TL sitting in adjacent seat, who strongly believes he is a supreme being from another planet and all other guys around him are lower form of lives. Then I can see that female in the front seat talking with her 12th BF on phone. I pity that guys's phone bill.

Then this 'Teri deewani' by Kailash kher was being played in some FM station. Our driver can't bear those kinda songs, soon he changed to FM Rainbow. Feel like pumping 3 bullets in his head.. This is not the first time this is happening, he always changes the station when a nice song is being played [the word 'nice song' is quite subjective though.. nice according to me is boring for him may be.. nice according to him is quite noisy for me..]. Then in our good old FM Rainbow, some so called RJ started saying "FM Silks samaya, Ombhattu gante muvatthu nimisha, Nalavatteradu secodugalu".. I doubt Rainbow getting paid for advertising any products.. i feel they pay the product companies instead to get some ads.. miserable..

By the time i finish all these observations, our cab had taken deviation form ring rd and had reached to the bumpy road near to our office. When ever i travel on this road, in our cab I dont know whether to murder our BMP guys or the guy who designed suspensions [if at all there is something called so..] for Swaraj Mazda..
Abba... atlast i reached office.. got down and reached the floor where i wrk in.. Hence ending another travel in the cab..

my sincere request to all Mothers

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Had been to a family function recently. Not to mention separately there were lot of kids playing all around, acting as if they were caged by their parents, all these days in their houses. There were some 3-4 toddlers [all of age group 7-8 Yrs] running all around, crying, beating up each other, complaining to their mothers, running from one end of the corridor to the other. I was observing them throught out. This went on even after the lunch also.. I expected them to just lie asleep in some corner of the house after the lunch... but the food made them even more fiercer I believe. I was getting a bit irritated by their silly complaints [I agree, we would also be like them at their ages..]. Then just to make them sit quietly for some time, I called all 3 of them and told them that if they sit quietly for 10 mins i would give them a chocolate. Thank God, that trick really helped me. They sat quietly on three adjacent chairs for first 5 mins or so.. then one of them started giggling for no reason. Then they slowly started wagging their tails one after the other. My warning dint help much.. At the end of the 10 mins, i gave a chocolate to the quietest among them... The moment I handed over the chocolate to 1, one among the other two started screaming as if she is going to blow the roof off.. It was quite unexpected for me.. I tried to convince her saying that BEST ONE WON, and U WEREN'T THE BEST, HENCE U WONT GET THE CHOCOLATE. I think these words never got into her mind... She complained about not getting a chocolate to her mother [her mother was noticing all this from a distance]. Her mother also tried to convince her.. but failed miserably.. Then just to get rid of that noise, she gave her a pack of chocolates [!!!?????] that she had got in her bag. This made the baby quiet, it ran away giving me a stare of 'I got it anyways..'

There is a message i want to convey to all mothers / guardians of young kids here. The above anecdote would look simple as the mother found a short term solution for the problem of crying child, but she has made a major mistake here. Here the child is not getting to know the importance of winning a competition / race. In turn its not getting the toil put behind winning a race, the child assumes a loser's scream will force her/his mother to give everything s/he desires in life. But neither life is so simple nor an angel like mother will always listen to ur grievances through out ur life. The ideal thing could have been that mother using this petty competition as a valuable lesson of life for the child. Why can't mothers tell the children, if u wanna get the chocolate, u have to wrk for it ??

Now lets view the incident in the perspective of child who won the chocolate... the lesson it would have got is disastrous ! Even though she won the competition, she ended up getting a single chocolate... but the child which cried after losing the competition got a bunch of it... My God.. It would leave an impression on the winning child as if winning the race made her a LOSER... At the end of the day, the winning child would lose the importance of winning... It would also follow the easier path as of the losing child.. So i request all the mothers in the world to make their children realise the importance of winning a prize by wrking for it.. by fighting for it.. by sweating for it.. And not by CRYING for it...

Quote: Nobody wins a silver, they just lose GOLD

One Thought... Summary of 4 songs

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Friday, June 09, 2006


Hey guys,
As I had told you I have finished posting 4 songs. Now, let me explain why I have posted these 4 songs particularly with this precedence. All these songs are based upon a single theme of various stages of expressing love... The precedence was given so to the songs, as I find a progression from the Bryan Adams' 'Lets make a night' to Kuvempu's 'jEnAguvA'... The progression of mere act of making love to the road to divinity.

If 'lets make a night' narrates the emotions of a guy, totally driven by the instincts, where as 'roop tera ' has the nasha of love in it. Then we have 'tam num' which goes a step further towards promises and vows the couple make to each other in the journey of love. Then finally comes the song, which elevates the expression of love between mortals to the love between Shiva-Parvathi.

This is what is called as 'Indriya sukhadinda Indriyatheethada kadege' in Kannada which perfecty explains the precedence I've given for the songs.
No wonder if some of Osho's works come to ur mind...

One Thought... Song 4

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Friday, June 09, 2006


Ok..after a considerable delay in procuring the lyrics, here comes the 4th and last song by Kuvempu

jenAguvA... jenAguvA...
nAninage nInenage jenAguvA
rasadEva gangeyali mInAguvA
hUvaguvA, haNNaguvA
rathirUpi bhagavathige muDipaguvA

bA bAra, bAra sakhi jenAguvA...
bA bAra, bAra sakhi jenAguvA...
nAninage nInenage jenAguvA
rasadEva gangeyali mInAguvA

shivanenna sukhake sukhi
shive ninna sukhake sukhi
shiva shive yarA sukhava savivakhila lOka sukhi
bA bAra, bAra sakhi jenAguvA...
bA bAra, bAra sakhi jenAguvA...

ramachandrana manada mAdEvi sIte
punDarIkana paDeda shrI mahashwete
tamma harakeyanosage mancha mADi
virahaduriyanu kudisi hAlu punyava hAsi
hUvu sukhavane hodisi milana madhuvanu sUsi
karunisali krupe mAdi tammanOmpiya sudha rakshe nIdi

bA bAra sakhi JenAguvA...
bA bAra sakhi JenAguvA...

One Thought... Song 3

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Here comes the 3rd song from Kannada movie Eradu Kanasu..

tam nam tam nam nannI manasu miDiyutidE
O sOtidE...
kaiyalli kuNiva I honna baLeya ghal ghal ghal ghal tALake
nannedeya vINe tannante tAne
tam nam tam nam endide
ghal ghal ghal ghal tALake
tam nam tam nam endide

nI sanihakE bandarE tanuvidU naDugutidE
EtakE ede Jal endidE
olidihA jIvavU bereyalU
mana hUvAgi tanu kempAgi ninnA kAdidE

nI naDeyuva dArige hUvinA hAsigeyA hAsuvE
kai hiDidU naDesuvE
mellagE nallanE naDesubA
endU hIge iruvA Ase nannI manasigE

tam nam tam nam nannI manasu miDiyutidE
O sOtidE...
kaiyalli kuNiva I honna baLeya ghal ghal ghal ghal tALake
nannedeya vINe tannante tAne
tam nam tam nam endide
ghal ghal ghal ghal tALake
tam nam tam nam endide

One Thought... Song 2

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Friday, May 19, 2006


Guys, here comes the second song from Araadhana...

Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera diwana
Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera diwana
Bhool Koi Hamse Na Hojaye
Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera Diwana
Bhool Koi Hamse Na Hojaye

Raat Nasheeli Mast Sama Hai
Aaj Nashe Mein Sara Jahan Hai
Raat Nasheeli Mast Sama Hai
Aaj Nashe Mein Sara Jahan Hai
Haan Ye Sharabi Mausam Behkaye
Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera Diwana
Bhool Koi Hamse Na Hojaye

Ankhon Se Ankhen Milti Hai Aise
Bechain Hoke Toofan Mein Jaise
Ankhon Se Ankhen Milti Hai Aise
Bechain Hoke Toofan Mein Jaise
Mauj Koi Saahil Se Takraaye
Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera Diwana
Bhool Koi Hamse Na Hojaye

Rok Raha Hai Ham Ko Zamana
Door Hi Rehena Paas Na Aana
Rok Raha Hai Ham Ko Zamana
Door Hi Rehena Paas Na Aana
Kaise Magar Koi Dil Ko Samjhaaye
Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera Diwana
Bhool Koi Hamse Na Hojaye

(to be contd...)

One Thought... Song 1

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2006


Now this is what is called a whim... and thats why i maintain a blog ! What ever i write in my next 4 posts could not have been explained better talking or discussing with any of my friends..
I am going to post the lyrics of 4 different songs in my next 4 posts. They all are woven around a common THREAD... the thread so passionate and invincible.. And at the end of the 4th post, let me try to explain why I have given the precedence so and the evolution that is deciphered out in these 4 posts..

Here comes the first song - by Bryan Adams

"I love the way ya look tonight
With your hair hangin' down on your shoulders
N' I love the way ya dance your slow sweet tango
The way ya wanna do everything but talk
And how ya stare at me with those undress me eyes
Your breath on my body makes me warm inside

Let's make out - let's do something amazing
Let's do something that's all the way
Cuz I've never touched somebody like the way I touch your body
Now I never want to let your body go...

Let's make a night - to remember
From January - to December
Let's make love - to excite us
A memory - to ignite us
Let's make honey baby - soft and tender
Let's make sugar darlin' - sweet surrender
Let's make a night - to remember - all life long

I love the way ya move tonight
Beads of sweat drippin' down your skin
Me lying here - n' you lyin' there
Our shadows on the wall and our hands everywhere

Let's make out - let's do something amazing
Let's do something that's all the way
Cuz I've never touched somebody like the way I touch your body
Now I never want to let your body go...

Let's make a night - to remember
From January - to December
Let's make love - to excite us
A memory - to ignite us
Let's make honey baby - soft and tender
Let's make sugar darlin' - sweet surrender
Let's make a night - to remember - all life long

I think about ya all the time
Can't you see you drive me outta my mind
Well I'm never holdin' back again
Ya I never want this night to end
Cuz I've never touched somebody like the way I touch your body
Now I never want to let your body go... "

(to be contd..)

This URL is of worth mentioning

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Got stumbled upon this

chk this out.. it may prove a great resource for all u enthusiasts out there..


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As I had guessed it was the most joyous outing I have ever had. I say this because there were lot of 'firsts'i did in this journey, whether its reaching a so steep n high cliff or staying in tent for a night..
We guys were 40 in number, a huge number to njoy any trek / trip for that matter. The trip started normally with Antakshari in the bus... then we reached Kemmannugundi around 2 PM SAT. The weather wellcomed all of us by offering a cool breeze... After having a moderately heavy lunch, in the evening we trekked around 6Km to reach a hill top called Z-Point. The view from there is just amazing... when ever I have trekked rocky hills like these, the only thought that comes to mind is 'How mortal are we...'
Then after some photography sessions, we returned to our cottages. After having a hot beverage and Pakoda in that cool weather [stop drooling and read further..] boarded the bus to reach an on-hill-ground where the tents were put up for the night's stay..

The plan was to play some games, dance around the bonfire n then have dinner. But our colleagues couldn't restrain themselves from opening the beer bottles.. hence the plan got a bit re-shaped. A few of us played games, and had
dinner together.... then a bit of song n dance... then enjoyed watching our PMs n TLs with all un controlled gestures.. and mannerisms...where else do u get to see them like this..By the time we decided to retire, it had crossed 12. Then we went to our RESPECTIVE tents [we are all good boys u know ;-)]... made some spooky noises... I played some good soft music from my 7610, with keeping the door cover of our tent open... It was just heavenly...After some time, all we could here was the rhythmic noise..i would rather call it music of some nocturnal insects and the bansuri of the cool breeze. The next day we woke up at 5:00 AM, returned to cottages.
After finishing mandatory 'con-calls', we headed towards Hebbe falls in jeeps. The mud road was horrible. I want to admire the jeep drivers who earn thier livelihood by driving on such roads.. thats why they say 'Udara nimiththam...' May be they have to change the jeep tyres once in a week..Then we walked along the aracnut and cardamom plantations to reach Hebbe falls. The guide said the name of the river is also Hebbe. But i doubt its Bhadra. Water is always tempting u know.. we just got into water.. splashed on each other.. showed how ANIMALISTIC we can get...

Then a lunch after and we headed back to Bangalore. I feel like visiting it once again with my college buddies..

Kemmannugundige hoguva munna...

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I am quite excited today; It is the same emotion I undergo the day before a long trip / tour. Yes u guessed it right, I am going to Kemmannugundi tomorrow with my team mates. The number is quite exciting, its 40 members guys. Some of them, I know n others quite 'Hi - Hello' acquaintances. Hope I would append many names to my current frnds' list. Thats the fun of any tour. We are goin to trek a long way, dance around bonfire, stay in tents all
night.. isn't it exciting..???
But what is quite weird here is, some of my colleagues are secretively making some arrangements to have a booze party there in Kemmannugundi... :-( This is not fair guys, I would always suggest to keep all ur crap habbits out of these trips. I would suggest to enjoy the nature. What great than the NASHA of nature...
lets have a clean n neat trip guys... lets go 4 for a long stroll in the night.. lets be adventurous, than boozing n losing our senses.

Chippy !

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Time now is 12:50 AM.. but thats not deterring me from composing another post for my blog..
Today while going to office, I read a story named 'Chippy', by stalwart of short stories - R K Narayan. Here in this story, a dog named Chippy narrates his story. The technique is amazing and also RKN incessantly strikes a chord in ur heart through out. Being a reader, i enjoyed reading it, i would rather say I felt the emotions of a dog. yes guys I felt the story, i just dint read it.
If you believe I am not exaggerating, My legs reflexed while reading, assuming Chippy is under my seat and it would rub his cold wet nose against my leg. My heart picturised the scene of new puppy meeting Chippy in his private secret place... puppy blinking his eyes n shaking his tail at Chippy..Its amazing guys, read this story with out a miss..
I just say, RKN made me to do PARA MANASA PRAVESHAM [how is my newly discovered word ? soon I need to get a patent and meet Cambridge dictionary publishers ;-)].
Bow bow bow...
Anantha wrow wbrow... :-)

A special moment...

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Yes I have to log this moment, before the thoughts n the emotions I am undergoing dilute; dilute in the gush of other ordinary moments of my life.
Yesterday after coming home from the office, went to Chandravathi pachchi's house with a parcel of curry that amma had packed for pacchi. Just started chatting with pachchi n Sowmya on the recent happenings, funny things of wrk place and other routines. Its always a nice feeling to share these news with sisters.. especially, sister like Sowmya. Then Sowmya said, she was awarded the 'BEST EMPLOYEE of HP' for 8th/9th time. Can you believe this guys, you may not but I'll surely believe without a second thought, becoz I know how she slogs, how she comes fwd to take the responbility, how comitted she is for her vows.
She sat next to me n started explaining how her manager broke the suspense out of sealed envelope n announced her name. When she was narrating that, I could observe a flash in her eyes, the joy of the achievement, the addictive taste of elusive victory. yes she had surely tasted the success..
I listened to her carefully n congratulated her wishing her all the success in her future ventures from the bottom of my heart. Ya I know these kinda of joys, just multiply, linger around and crystallize as the finest moments of our lives when we SHARE OUR SUCCESS STORIES WITH OTHERS; provided listeners LISTEN IT FROM HEART than mere ears and appreciate us whole heartedly.
Came home, still thinking of her, couldn't restrain myself from msging her 'Hey sister, congrats once again on winning the award, good night'. I usually call her by name, but the occasion was special, so was my addressing of her. She must be more than happy to see the msg, she replied back'Thanks dear brother... I am too happy today...did u have dinner? Tell mhave that curry was good... Shilpa is fighting with mom on food and crying now...' :-) :-) [I'll tell you abt Shilpa some other day, she is another sweet sister of mine. Oooff I am so lucky, i have so many nice n sweet sisters.
I quickly saved her message and registered these moments in the my ROM of heart......
MORAL : Dont hesitate to congratulate others, by congratulating them u create a warmth in their hearts... Learn to enjoy the success of others with them... no egos... no self esteem... JUST THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..

Bangalore- A citizen's critical view..

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Bangalore- A citizen's critical view..

Joy of 'Orkutting'

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hey ,

I have been an active member of Orkut from past few days. Its an amazing site.. nice way of keeping in touch with frnds.
Here i found lot of my old frnds / aquaintances. It feels good to know their well being, beating the geographic barrier.

Here there are some communities, where in registered Orkut member can be become a member of the community s/he wants. But many of the communities are created by some XYZ on any topic s/he likes. I found some of the weirdest communities also here. To name a few, 'I hate Ektha Kapoor', 'I hate Yesudas', 'SRK is chu****'... come on whats the use of such communities; even owner may fail to answer. But there are few real good communities [I wouldn't call them very active..but still].
These communities can be used in a powerful manner in a huge magnitude... to enforce some changes in society... to share knowledge.. to discuss some literary wrks.. etc. I found these kinda activities in very few communities. One of such is Mahabharath - some punyatma has started with idea of quizzing on the gr8 epic, may be some where in FEB its still going on. I got to know know lot of unknown things abt Mahabharath by this.

I feel there is lotta untapped potential from these kinda CONCEPTUAL websites...


Signing Off,
Anantha Madhava

My first post

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Thursday, January 05, 2006



This is my first post in this blog. I have been blogging in few other sites, but could not continue for long for various reasons. Here I want to reverse the trend and continue for long...

hope i will do it..

Signing Off,