Kemmannugundige hoguva munna...

Posted by Anantha | Posted in | Posted on Friday, May 12, 2006

I am quite excited today; It is the same emotion I undergo the day before a long trip / tour. Yes u guessed it right, I am going to Kemmannugundi tomorrow with my team mates. The number is quite exciting, its 40 members guys. Some of them, I know n others quite 'Hi - Hello' acquaintances. Hope I would append many names to my current frnds' list. Thats the fun of any tour. We are goin to trek a long way, dance around bonfire, stay in tents all
night.. isn't it exciting..???
But what is quite weird here is, some of my colleagues are secretively making some arrangements to have a booze party there in Kemmannugundi... :-( This is not fair guys, I would always suggest to keep all ur crap habbits out of these trips. I would suggest to enjoy the nature. What great than the NASHA of nature...
lets have a clean n neat trip guys... lets go 4 for a long stroll in the night.. lets be adventurous, than boozing n losing our senses.

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