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As I had guessed it was the most joyous outing I have ever had. I say this because there were lot of 'firsts'i did in this journey, whether its reaching a so steep n high cliff or staying in tent for a night..
We guys were 40 in number, a huge number to njoy any trek / trip for that matter. The trip started normally with Antakshari in the bus... then we reached Kemmannugundi around 2 PM SAT. The weather wellcomed all of us by offering a cool breeze... After having a moderately heavy lunch, in the evening we trekked around 6Km to reach a hill top called Z-Point. The view from there is just amazing... when ever I have trekked rocky hills like these, the only thought that comes to mind is 'How mortal are we...'
Then after some photography sessions, we returned to our cottages. After having a hot beverage and Pakoda in that cool weather [stop drooling and read further..] boarded the bus to reach an on-hill-ground where the tents were put up for the night's stay..

The plan was to play some games, dance around the bonfire n then have dinner. But our colleagues couldn't restrain themselves from opening the beer bottles.. hence the plan got a bit re-shaped. A few of us played games, and had
dinner together.... then a bit of song n dance... then enjoyed watching our PMs n TLs with all un controlled gestures.. and mannerisms...where else do u get to see them like this..By the time we decided to retire, it had crossed 12. Then we went to our RESPECTIVE tents [we are all good boys u know ;-)]... made some spooky noises... I played some good soft music from my 7610, with keeping the door cover of our tent open... It was just heavenly...After some time, all we could here was the rhythmic noise..i would rather call it music of some nocturnal insects and the bansuri of the cool breeze. The next day we woke up at 5:00 AM, returned to cottages.
After finishing mandatory 'con-calls', we headed towards Hebbe falls in jeeps. The mud road was horrible. I want to admire the jeep drivers who earn thier livelihood by driving on such roads.. thats why they say 'Udara nimiththam...' May be they have to change the jeep tyres once in a week..Then we walked along the aracnut and cardamom plantations to reach Hebbe falls. The guide said the name of the river is also Hebbe. But i doubt its Bhadra. Water is always tempting u know.. we just got into water.. splashed on each other.. showed how ANIMALISTIC we can get...

Then a lunch after and we headed back to Bangalore. I feel like visiting it once again with my college buddies..

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