madhuvana karedare...

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Yes! Very few songs have it in them. Enthralling tune, naive lyrics, flawless singing and the fourth and the most important quality being the right blend of all the above! The song I've been addicted to from past few days has all these qualities. I've few complaints on the singing dept though.

The song im talking about is ‘madhuvana karedare, tanumana seLedare’ from the movie Inti ninna preetiya. I actually sat down to pen the review of this movie, but ended up writing how this particular song has encroached my brain and heart from past few days. If you are a keen follower of Kan film music or if you get to listen to any FM channels, there is no chance that you have not heard the other two popular tracks, ‘ondondu bachchiTTa maathu’ and ‘hoo kanasa jokali’ from INP. I have not heard madhuvana karedare being played in radio.

Madhuvana karedare is penned by Kannada poet, short story writer and renowned lyricist Jayant KaikiNi and composed by Sadhu Kokila. If you have raised your brows after listening to Sadhu kokila’s name, I would like to say this music director is always underrated. His CV has some great tracks guys..

Mentioning about the amazing lyrics of Madhuvana karedare, Jayant kaikiNi has been a revelation since Mungaru Male. He has introduced a different genre to Kan music industry. I would like to rate this song as THE BEST among all his songs till date. Apart from the rich fragrance of Kannnada literature another quality I like about Jayant KaikiNi’s songs is unpredictability. Most of the lyricists are so so damn predictable, that listener can almost guess every alternative line of the song that is forcibly brought in for the sake of praasa [I mean rhyme]. But Jayant begs to differ there, Madhuvana karedare is the best example for how a lyricist can surprise with unpredictable lines still adhering to the frame of praasa.

This song has two different versions sung by singers Vani and Chinmayi. I believe both are new playback singers [pardon me if im wrong]. I have to admit both singers have not sung it great! I donno whether it’s the problem of the range that’s required by the song or what so ever. Being an illiterate in music, I can only comment on the basis of what my ears feel. I would have loved to listen to this song in the voice of Shreya Ghosal or my favourite Chitra I know all the songs of INP are sung by Kannada singers and it’s a deliberate attempt otherwise its quite common to hear Shreya Ghosal / Udit Narayan / Sonu Nigam or Kuna Ganjawala in every music album these days. If the director Suri or composer Sadhu Kokila were very particular about a Kannada voice, then even Sangeetha KaTTi would have been the right choice and voice for this song.

Lemme tell you one more thing, this song mostly resembles like ‘main jahan rahoo’ sung impeccably by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from the movie Namaste London,. I still don wanna call it a copy, I just say Sadhu Kokila has derived the ‘inspiration’ from there :)

Ok.. enuf said about the song, now listen to it and get mesmerized.

Marriage - a gamble

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“They love each other yaar.. gharawale samajh te nahi hain na..”, My colleague said finishing his last sip of coffee. It was just another conversation during the coffee break. He had briefly told the (so called) love story of his cousin sister who lives in SA.

After attentively listening to the story, I asked, “so they r serious about marriage?”

“haan yaar…”, colleague replied in isn’t-that-obvious-tone.

Though my presets are quite idiosyncratic about marriage [love or arranged], I continued asking questions about them.

“how old is your cousin?”. He replied “19 ke aas pas hogi”.

Though I believe age n maturity don’t go hand in hand always, I snapped back with the question that was ready in my quiver, “you say she is 19 n guy is her classmate.. you say they know each other from past few months… You think they are matured enough to take such a decision?”

Colleague said, “I know her personally man. She is matured to take a call”, expressing slight unhappiness about me being skeptical about the maturity of his sister.

I continued, “I mean aisa nahi hona chahiye ki, dono ne apna apna phone bill baDhaya, thoDe saath saath ghoome aur pyar samajh baiThe..After all both are studying still”

Our conversation did not yield any fruitful results after that, neither my so called wise suggestion would have affected the lives of that to-be-couple. I seriously doubt any girl or boy of such tender age being wise enough to think of a right life partner for him/her.Forget about teenagers, here is a story of another colleague of mine who recently got engaged. These days he is quite elated about the way his courtship period is going and also happy for having got the official permission from his parents n to be in-laws to flirt with his fiancee.

Once I was quizzing him about his fiancee just out of curiosity.

“what are her hobbies man..? I mean what does she like/dislike?”

“she is not a movie buff… she says she reads a lot…”, he was answering to me patiently.

“I know the last time you touched any book was the day before your last semester BE exam”, I smiled only after making sure he took my comment lightly and smiled back.

After conversing for some time, I got into the mood of quizzing him again, “what do you feel is the common trait or common interests between both of you? That makes you feel both of you can face the challenges of life jointly”. I know that question was tricky to answer.

My friend thought for a while and answered, “both of us like eating fish…”!!!!!!!! I was stunned by his answer. Reassured my self that he was not saying jovially, he looked pretty serious about discovering a common trait between him n his fiancee.

I had asked him that question expecting him to say some qualities in both of them which will help them juggling their married life… and he says both of them like eating fish…!!!!!!!!

Mind you he is not of silly types to answer for my question in such a way, neither do I waste my energy in asking such a question to ny silly person I know.

It could even be like he said that just for the sake of answering to my question. But what if he really meant that…?!!!!!!!???! Quite shocking to hear such a confused answer from a man who will soon enter into a crucial phase of his life..