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Yes! Very few songs have it in them. Enthralling tune, naive lyrics, flawless singing and the fourth and the most important quality being the right blend of all the above! The song I've been addicted to from past few days has all these qualities. I've few complaints on the singing dept though.

The song im talking about is ‘madhuvana karedare, tanumana seLedare’ from the movie Inti ninna preetiya. I actually sat down to pen the review of this movie, but ended up writing how this particular song has encroached my brain and heart from past few days. If you are a keen follower of Kan film music or if you get to listen to any FM channels, there is no chance that you have not heard the other two popular tracks, ‘ondondu bachchiTTa maathu’ and ‘hoo kanasa jokali’ from INP. I have not heard madhuvana karedare being played in radio.

Madhuvana karedare is penned by Kannada poet, short story writer and renowned lyricist Jayant KaikiNi and composed by Sadhu Kokila. If you have raised your brows after listening to Sadhu kokila’s name, I would like to say this music director is always underrated. His CV has some great tracks guys..

Mentioning about the amazing lyrics of Madhuvana karedare, Jayant kaikiNi has been a revelation since Mungaru Male. He has introduced a different genre to Kan music industry. I would like to rate this song as THE BEST among all his songs till date. Apart from the rich fragrance of Kannnada literature another quality I like about Jayant KaikiNi’s songs is unpredictability. Most of the lyricists are so so damn predictable, that listener can almost guess every alternative line of the song that is forcibly brought in for the sake of praasa [I mean rhyme]. But Jayant begs to differ there, Madhuvana karedare is the best example for how a lyricist can surprise with unpredictable lines still adhering to the frame of praasa.

This song has two different versions sung by singers Vani and Chinmayi. I believe both are new playback singers [pardon me if im wrong]. I have to admit both singers have not sung it great! I donno whether it’s the problem of the range that’s required by the song or what so ever. Being an illiterate in music, I can only comment on the basis of what my ears feel. I would have loved to listen to this song in the voice of Shreya Ghosal or my favourite Chitra I know all the songs of INP are sung by Kannada singers and it’s a deliberate attempt otherwise its quite common to hear Shreya Ghosal / Udit Narayan / Sonu Nigam or Kuna Ganjawala in every music album these days. If the director Suri or composer Sadhu Kokila were very particular about a Kannada voice, then even Sangeetha KaTTi would have been the right choice and voice for this song.

Lemme tell you one more thing, this song mostly resembles like ‘main jahan rahoo’ sung impeccably by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from the movie Namaste London,. I still don wanna call it a copy, I just say Sadhu Kokila has derived the ‘inspiration’ from there :)

Ok.. enuf said about the song, now listen to it and get mesmerized.

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I've been stuck to this song since last week (and I do not know Kannada). I'm very glad to see an exclusive blog on this song. Looks there's still some space left for melodies in this modern hip-hop pop-rap-remix environment.

I liked Chinmayi's version better, becos it sounded less filmy.

I would appreciate if you could post the English translation for the lyrics.

Hey Siva,
1st of all thx for the comments.

gr8 to know ur also a fan of this song.

Yes der ll always remain a class of audience for these kinda melodies.

I too found Chinmayi's version better.

And lastly about translating it to English... dats the last thing i wanna do :)
cos da lyrics is so so good in Kan im sure wid my acquired skills of translation, im gonna screw it up. But i can giv a gist of the song if u wan...

Anantha, I can understand your hesitation. That tells me how good the lyrics must be. But I still request you to provide me a gist of each paragraph, if not line by line translation.

I've kind of fallen in love with this song, and I'll appreciate it even better if I know the context and the gist. Thanks.

k.. Siva,
here I go with my novitiate attempt.

May be giving lil bit of background about the movie helps me set the stage for explaining the gist of this song to you.

The protagonist in the movie is a talented painter and a compulsive drunkard. This particular song is picturised on his wife.

In this song the wife expresses her desires to be loved by her husband, despite him being a drunkard.

His wife does not object him drinking habitually, as along as he loves her.

In the 1st paragraph she says, she wants to be loved by him against all odds..

in the 2nd paragraph, she says to him,
'whenever you paint on the canvas of your heart,
I want my picture to be drawn..'

'why do u keep calling me though im right in front of u,
why do u keep 4getting me..
if @ all u truly love me..'

Siva, hope you still admire the song in spite of my poor translation.. :)

I would be happy if u guys could translate it better and put it here..

Listen to Dil ghoom ghoom kare and compare.

Thanx Anantha. Knowing the context helps me to appreciate the 'bhavam' or feel of the song much better. This has already got into my 'all time favorite' list :)

[to Siva]:
yeah.. :)

[to Ravi]:
Ohh..! well pointed out. Madhuavana karedare strikes a great deal of similarity with Dil hun hun kare..
Dats a gr8 song..

But this time I dint get the meaning of many of the words in the song, as Gulzar's lyrics is always of a different altar to me..

I loved this song very much.
One more song which I am continously listening is "ba maleye baa..." from B.R.Laxman Rao, used in Accident film. Eventhough sonu has sung it well, his pronounciations are wrong...

[to Sudhesh]:

Ow.. I've not heard dat song.. but thx for the reco. Ill listen to it.. :)

i heard this song after reading this is good maga....

i liked both the version....

u know any site from where i can download...this kannadaaudio dat com has only streamin

[to warriorwithin]:
Cooltoad nalli sigutthe noDu.

Even i am a gr8 fan of this song and i listen to it atleast once everyday.

But as you rightly said, none of the singers have done justice to beauty of this song.

[to Sreekanth]:

dis song seems to have lotta fans huh...

Yes sir another die hard fan of this song and lyrics of Jayant Kaikini. I also second you on Sadhu Kokila being underrated. I think the producers have to really understand what people really value. At last there has been a refreshing change in Kannada film songs. Hope this continues...

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This song is awesome! I liked the Chinmayi version.
Doesnt it sound like a Ghazal?? I found it to be so... The way she has sung it resembles an old female Ghazal singer - Razia Sultan, if I am right...
Lyrics- simply superb!!

[to Shylaja]:

First of all thanks for dropping in.

Yes the 'flow' of this song quite like a Ghazal...

Can someone please post the lyrics for Madhuvana Karedare in english please..Much appreciated :)

[Warriorwithin] Dayavittu CD togobekagi vinanti. Kannada cinema. :)

Yeah, call me parochial, but there you go.

Nice post... The review helped me choose the song for a mixed tape I was making for a friend... :)

I chose it! :)

Where is the prasa is this song?

Hey Anantha,

There are people in karnataka who can sing better than Shreya or Sonu or Udit. It has become just like trend that we have brought these singers although commit mistakes in the pronounciation. Thanks to Sadhu kokila for giving the chance to people in our karnataka. And coming to the singers who have sung this Madhuvana karedare are superbbb. Hosa Pratibege avakaasha needidare taane gottaguvudu avaru sabalaru endu...

search it in

it is indeed a great song..and i liked both versions. Now as far as Shreya goes, she is no doubt an excellent singer, but the saahitya of a song is bought out better when it is sung by a person who knows the Language because they just understand it better. I agree that a certain part of the song has the same feel as Raahat fateh ali khan, but not completely.. all in all a lovely song. it just lingers on...:)

Hey! yet another great fan of this song. I love to keep listening to this.

As far I have understood, I am posting the lyrics of this song in english.

Madhuvana karedare tanumana seledare sharanaagu nee aa.....dare(2)


birugaliyalli teli hosa galige bandide
kanasondu maiyya muridu taa balige nintide
sharanaa..agu aadare ... sereyaa....agu aadare |madhuvana - pallavi|

kangalali kanasina kulume, holeyutire jeevana olume
belakalli nodu aa..dare
maiyella chandrana gurutu, hesarello hogide maretu
naanyaru helu aa...dare |madhuvana - pallavi|

manasina hasi mannadu nalle(I doubt this word), neerereva rekhegalolle
naa mudabeku aa...dare
Eduriddu kareyuve eke, joteyiddu mareyuve eke
ninnolavu nijave aa....dare |maduvana - pallavi & anupallavi|

If any minor mistekes pls forgive me.

Sorry I think the second para is

manasina hasi bannagalalle.... neerereva rekhegalolle

really a nice ,lovely ,superb track.........few months back i listen to dis long while travelling to my ofice .............dat was nice ,dat whole day was singing dat first line....serched in net got the whole lines.......felt thrilled ,next i got ds blog nw more thrilled so many fans for my fvrt song.......

I had somehow missed this song and I repent :) It is touching.. I am listening to it everyday.. reminds me of the good old sugama sangeetha programs of BR Chaya and co that used to come on DD some years back.

Chinmayi is a reputed singer in Tamil, who is trained in classical (hindustani and carnatic) music.. She has sung for Rahman and other reputed singers..

No wonder why Chinmayi version sounds so nice..

One of the BEST from Sadhu. He should probably concentrate more as a music director. Fantabulous song!

sadhu is underrated,,,,,as usual Kannada things are underrated,,,we underrate ourselves,,,pity our great talents,,,,,,

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