I won a goodie

Posted by Anantha | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, April 03, 2008

There was this Mobile phone camera photography contest held in my office. I had sent few of my pics also. And one of my pic made it to the top 20 :) Im gonna get some goodie as a prize for this soon.. It feels good when there were more than 400 pics sent by different employees across the globe, and I made it to the top 20 list.

Below is that pic. Lemme admit, I hav not formally learnt the techniques of photography, I just have this sense of 'oh.. this might look good as an image' and i click pics.

This is a very ordinary pic, but I believe the title I had given for the pic caught the attention of the contest judges. The title I had given was 'Very few lead n rest follow'

At last I wanna say, my Nokia 7610 still rocks with 1 MP camera... Ummmaaa !!

PS: Hemanth's apt comment on this was: "A picture is worth a thousand words. this one shows- not always" :)

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Congratulations magaa...

Nin photo nodidre none would be able to make out that it is from your cellphone's 1MP Camera! :D

Would this prompt you to buy a neat camera?

Thx maga.. ya its time to own a good camera now :D

U shuld click more often!

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