5 . sm 1 in Rangashankara dis weekend

Posted by Anantha | Posted in | Posted on Friday, April 11, 2008

'Five point some one' play will be staged in Rangashankara, both the days of this weekend. Having cherished the book so much, Im dying to see it transformed into a different medium.

But the ticket fare is quite too high… Its 200 bucks..! I have seen 'oDakalu bimba' b4 in Rangashankara, I remember the price was not so high.

Hmmm.. I know its just 200 bucks.. but come on, its more than the price of a movie ticket. [Damn the multiplex, I’ve never been to ny of the multiplexes n ll never talk about it]

It’s the similar dilemma I face every time I go to buy an original DVD or book.. the price ll be just too high..

Hmm.. To spend or not to spend…

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By the time I made up my mind to go for the play, the tickets were sold out :-/

dude... kaasige takka khajjaaya... gotthalla.. ashte! ;)

hoon.. adu onthara howdu annu..

Even i also went to ranga shankara. I have read the book, so was curious see it on stage... Even I felt that fare is quite higher... I came to know the fare when i went to rangashankara only. I thought for a moment whether to go or not. But the "House full" board smiled at me and relieved me from my dilemma.

[to Sudhesh]:

Hi, good to hear dat.
I was eager to hear about the play from sm 1 who has seen it..
how was the play? did full justice to the book or book is better?

I don't know whether have you heard of moserbear and TIPS.. These are couple of brands that I know where a movie DVD costs less than Rs. 100. I think its a good deal. It is better than buying Pirated stuff.

[to Saravanan]:

yes boss i hav heard n bot few Hindi movies of Moserbear and Tips. But I dont think they have good English releases...

that navel story will give some pichar in mind....it ll be diff for everyone...if you see the play ...there will be some interference to that pichar from the play...nodbeda maga

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