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I would have named the title of this post as Crazy4 [ya, a cliché of course] if Bhai had joined us in a long drive on bicycles. But Bhai cudnt join us and we were 3 of us, Pujar, Byre n Me. Hence the name of the post ‘cheap 3ll’ :-)

My original plan was kinda too ambitious to try in hot Sun. The plan was to peddle till Nandi hills and return! Though its not an impossible task, but wud be too much for amateur bicycle enthusiasts like us. Bhai’s absence also made our long drive cut short till our good old college, gr8 Sir MVIT, which is 20+ kms from my home.

Pujar n Me left sharp @ 6 from my home. Byre had told us dat he wud join us near Hebbal. Pujar n Me reached Hebbal @ 6:35. Then 3 of us started peddling towards our college. It was fun to peddle in the morning sun. After peddling almost for an hour, we felt the need for a pit stop n do some pet pooja. We stopped @ Yalahanka, had fairly tasty Idli-vade. We bot some apples for munching in future pit-stops. I have heard people saying about plantains as energy booster, but its always pain to carry plantains. It gets pilpila very easily no matter how carefully you pack/keep it. That’s why its our usual practice to carry apples as natural energy boosters.

Peddling, panting and making fun of myriad of things on the way we reached our college around 8:30 AM. The ride was not @ all a problem except for our paining bums. Lemme boast about my coll now. It is spread across 130 acres of vast land. Hence it was easy for us to get lost if we come out of our class rooms. The road to our college also leads to a village named SuggaTTa in the backyard of our college. Many transport vehicles, BMTC bus and vehicles of villagers pass through the compound of our college. That could be a reason for the security guard of our college for letting our 3 bicycles inside the college compound without verifying our identities.

After giving a brief visit to SuggaTTa we came to the college premises and to our favorite aDDa, the foot ball cum cricket ground. We rested for a while there. It was really nostalgic to sit in the same place where we spent most of our time lazing around during our BE days. Nothing seems to have changed in the college, the mud path towards the ground, the trees, the somari kaTTe around the trees, the good old football ground. Its quite an irony that whenever we think of college we get the picture of football ground in mind but never a classroom or a single lecturer :-)

Since it was SAT, there was not much of crowd in the college.

Our college has a pretty decent facility to host inter collegiate/inter club cricket matches in the grounds. And there was a match about to begin in few minutes and we decided to add to the finger count of spectators. It was quite painful to park our already paining asses on the stone seats near the boundary. The stones underneath showed no mercy on our asses. We sat there for more than an hour cheering the players occasionally but often inventing new positions so as to apply less thrust on our asses. We decided to leave from there as the match was boring. We visited another endearing place of ours in the college. Yes the rest room :-) During our days in the college we used to claim it to be the best rest room, we also had names like Taj Mahal [no offense meant to ny one] and White House referring to the white marble and white paint on the walls of the rest rooms. After using the rest rooms we felt it was not well maintained compared to our time. And felt those days of glory will never return ;-)

We munched some thing in our college canteen, and headed back. On the way back the scorching Sun made us drench in sweat. But we dint have to peddle much, as we got many slopes.

Reached Hebbal around 12, the point where we had begun the crazy adventure. Byre peddled straight but Pujar and Me took a deviation towards the ring road which connects to new BEL circle, from then on towards IISc via Ramiah College. Despite the hariyaali of Ramiah College, the stretch proved to be strenuous in hot Sun. what seemed like a cake walk in the morning, now the same Rd seemed like an eternity. At last I reached home around 1.

Now sitting on a properly cushioned chair and composing dis post. May our asses rest on ice :-)

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Why "Cheap" guruu.. cycling is one of the best things that anyone can ever do.. and an adventure on cycles is the best way to take off ur thoughts from all the myriad things in life..

May your soul / sole / hole rest in peace! ;)

Buddy I knew about the white house, I never thought there will be a crazy bunch of people like you to go there to ..... anyways I do go there once in a month or so just for a long drive with Karthik.. That itself is a pain.. I can understand how you must have felt.. :)

nice trip anna!

"Its quite an irony that whenever we think of college we get the picture of football ground in mind but never a classroom or a single lecturer :-)"
Nice one - it is maybe because we always want to remember the good times and bad times, we like to forget :)

[to Suksy]:
"an adventure on cycles is the best way to take off ur thoughts from all the myriad things in life"

I totally agree wid u..

I liked the last line in ur comment ;)

[to Saravanan]:
Hey.. to add to the agony, they havnt left a single tree on that entire stretch man..

[to Shashi mam]:
These days, whenever I think of office, coffee/Tea break comes to my mind ha ha

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