Lost in paradox

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This afternoon i accidentally stumbled [!.. is there any thing called purposefully stumbling ?] upon few famous paradoxical statements in net, which i want to introduce to the readers here.

The first which dragged my attention [/ distracted ] me was a paradox known as Barber's / Russels's paradox. Below is the explanation of it:
"Suppose there is a town with just one male barber; and that every man in the town keeps himself clean-shaven: some by shaving themselves, some by attending the barber. It seems reasonable to imagine that the barber obeys the following rule: He shaves all and only those men who do not shave themselves. Under this scenario, we can ask the following question: Does the barber shave himself? Asking this, however, we discover that the situation presented is in fact impossible:
If the barber does not shave himself, he must abide by the rule and shave himself. If he does shave himself, according to the rule he will not shave himself."
nice one right..?
There is another one called Liar's paradox. which states as "The following sentence is true. The preceding sentence is false" :-)
The above paradox made me to recall an anecdote in Poo Chan The's Annana Nenepu. The author mentions a similar paradox about a coin hung in some temple in Greece.One side that coin would state "What ever is written on the other side is true". The other side would say What ever is written on the other side is false"..
I know u started analysing it and lost in the infinite loop..

If u want to get more confused, refer

A dearly evening

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The other day when I was going back from the office to my home in cab, it started raining heavily. I closed the window and started watching the rain through window pane. I dont know whats the 'avinabhava sambandha' between the rain and the sweet memories. Rain always makes me nostalgic. I started remembering one particular incident which is still taaza in my memory.
Those days I was having study holidays for my 3/4th sem BE exams. Just to get some fresh air I always used to go for a long stroll in the evenings. That too the preferred area for strolling is the one near Malleswaram Rly station. The wide roads, the huge trees on both the sides of the roads always used beckon me. It was one such evening, I was waiting for the rain to stop so that
i could step out of home for a stroll. The rain stopped and I left my house and stepped towards Malleswaram Rly station. Its always a heavenly feeling to walk on the wide roads after the rain. The cool breeze - the smell of earth - the dancing branches of trees - the dripping water when u walk under them - the hiding Sun behind the clouds... It was just picture perfect. The whole milieu was looking like a fresh painting.
My eyes were seeking for any human around who is enjoying the milieu as much as I was enjoying. I found few people rushing back to their respective houses fearing that rain would start again. And few other middle aged gentle men riding towards their destinations wearing the raincoats. I pity these kinda guys, who lack the sense of enjoying that kinda weather.
I was almost done with the walk.. was heading back home. Then I found this girl, standing in her balcony of 3rd floor.. with her arms spread wide open as if she is inviting the cool breeze to
embrace her up. 'Waawwwwwwww' this was the expression my heart expressed out. The girl was a total stranger for me..I can't really comment on her beauty as i hardly could see her face coz of the distance. And even commenting on her beauty is totally irrelevent here. Its the sense of enjoying that weather that was common between us. All i remember is a girl in the blue loose
T-Shirt with her wide open arms. I stared at the balcony till i went past that building...
That was the evening of my life !
It has been 4 years since that evening, but even now when i walk past that building my eyes search her in that balcony... When ever i see rain, the memories of that evening linger in my heart..

Just another travel in my office cab

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Travelling 3 to 3.5 Hrs a day has become an inevitable part of life now. This is another such experience in cab.

Reached the boarding spot running all the way from home.. a kinda jogging in formals. Just gazed around the spot seeking for that cute, fair gal from HP. Chheh.., her cab came early today i believe. Just recalling her picture in mind in that white chudidar she was wearing y'day, our cab chugged down in front of me. Entered in, gave 2-3 artificial smiles to colleagues. Occupied my comfort zone of last but one seat. Kept my bag aside so that it covers rest of the half seat. I do this just to avoid ppl sitting next to me and disturb my very essential sleep of 30 mins during the journey. By the time I sat comfortably the RJs had started their business of blabbering. Then I started my long rendezvous [what a word man.. a beautiful example that pronunciation and spelling are poles apart in English sometimes] with Kumbhakarna.

The next 30-35 mins... totally unplugged from the world around. Such a beautiful nap..

Then the truck driver next to our cab woke me up with his truck's sound of horn. Opened my eyes just to make sure I am not leaning too much to my left or right as if i am trying to do some awkard-position-asana. As usual our cab was struck in traffic, jam packed from all the four sides. Maintaining just 2 inches gap to the surrouding vehicles.. what a precision..?
Still 1/3rd of the distance to reach office.. started observing ppl around in our cab. One of the colleagues was leaning to his right totally. That young tall guy was surveying the female's body in the adjacent seat, pretending to look out of the window... cheh.. Then suddenly a high decibel familiar voice questioned me from the front "En ananth, nidde ayitha ?". I just smiled, because its neither a valid question to answer nor he is really expecting an answer for that. He does this just to be heard by some one else. yes the girl in his hind seat, who was 2 rows front to my seat.. I just hate these kinda guys, who talk to me just to be heard by some females around.. And there is this TL sitting in adjacent seat, who strongly believes he is a supreme being from another planet and all other guys around him are lower form of lives. Then I can see that female in the front seat talking with her 12th BF on phone. I pity that guys's phone bill.

Then this 'Teri deewani' by Kailash kher was being played in some FM station. Our driver can't bear those kinda songs, soon he changed to FM Rainbow. Feel like pumping 3 bullets in his head.. This is not the first time this is happening, he always changes the station when a nice song is being played [the word 'nice song' is quite subjective though.. nice according to me is boring for him may be.. nice according to him is quite noisy for me..]. Then in our good old FM Rainbow, some so called RJ started saying "FM Silks samaya, Ombhattu gante muvatthu nimisha, Nalavatteradu secodugalu".. I doubt Rainbow getting paid for advertising any products.. i feel they pay the product companies instead to get some ads.. miserable..

By the time i finish all these observations, our cab had taken deviation form ring rd and had reached to the bumpy road near to our office. When ever i travel on this road, in our cab I dont know whether to murder our BMP guys or the guy who designed suspensions [if at all there is something called so..] for Swaraj Mazda..
Abba... atlast i reached office.. got down and reached the floor where i wrk in.. Hence ending another travel in the cab..

my sincere request to all Mothers

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Had been to a family function recently. Not to mention separately there were lot of kids playing all around, acting as if they were caged by their parents, all these days in their houses. There were some 3-4 toddlers [all of age group 7-8 Yrs] running all around, crying, beating up each other, complaining to their mothers, running from one end of the corridor to the other. I was observing them throught out. This went on even after the lunch also.. I expected them to just lie asleep in some corner of the house after the lunch... but the food made them even more fiercer I believe. I was getting a bit irritated by their silly complaints [I agree, we would also be like them at their ages..]. Then just to make them sit quietly for some time, I called all 3 of them and told them that if they sit quietly for 10 mins i would give them a chocolate. Thank God, that trick really helped me. They sat quietly on three adjacent chairs for first 5 mins or so.. then one of them started giggling for no reason. Then they slowly started wagging their tails one after the other. My warning dint help much.. At the end of the 10 mins, i gave a chocolate to the quietest among them... The moment I handed over the chocolate to 1, one among the other two started screaming as if she is going to blow the roof off.. It was quite unexpected for me.. I tried to convince her saying that BEST ONE WON, and U WEREN'T THE BEST, HENCE U WONT GET THE CHOCOLATE. I think these words never got into her mind... She complained about not getting a chocolate to her mother [her mother was noticing all this from a distance]. Her mother also tried to convince her.. but failed miserably.. Then just to get rid of that noise, she gave her a pack of chocolates [!!!?????] that she had got in her bag. This made the baby quiet, it ran away giving me a stare of 'I got it anyways..'

There is a message i want to convey to all mothers / guardians of young kids here. The above anecdote would look simple as the mother found a short term solution for the problem of crying child, but she has made a major mistake here. Here the child is not getting to know the importance of winning a competition / race. In turn its not getting the toil put behind winning a race, the child assumes a loser's scream will force her/his mother to give everything s/he desires in life. But neither life is so simple nor an angel like mother will always listen to ur grievances through out ur life. The ideal thing could have been that mother using this petty competition as a valuable lesson of life for the child. Why can't mothers tell the children, if u wanna get the chocolate, u have to wrk for it ??

Now lets view the incident in the perspective of child who won the chocolate... the lesson it would have got is disastrous ! Even though she won the competition, she ended up getting a single chocolate... but the child which cried after losing the competition got a bunch of it... My God.. It would leave an impression on the winning child as if winning the race made her a LOSER... At the end of the day, the winning child would lose the importance of winning... It would also follow the easier path as of the losing child.. So i request all the mothers in the world to make their children realise the importance of winning a prize by wrking for it.. by fighting for it.. by sweating for it.. And not by CRYING for it...

Quote: Nobody wins a silver, they just lose GOLD

One Thought... Summary of 4 songs

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Hey guys,
As I had told you I have finished posting 4 songs. Now, let me explain why I have posted these 4 songs particularly with this precedence. All these songs are based upon a single theme of various stages of expressing love... The precedence was given so to the songs, as I find a progression from the Bryan Adams' 'Lets make a night' to Kuvempu's 'jEnAguvA'... The progression of mere act of making love to the road to divinity.

If 'lets make a night' narrates the emotions of a guy, totally driven by the instincts, where as 'roop tera ' has the nasha of love in it. Then we have 'tam num' which goes a step further towards promises and vows the couple make to each other in the journey of love. Then finally comes the song, which elevates the expression of love between mortals to the love between Shiva-Parvathi.

This is what is called as 'Indriya sukhadinda Indriyatheethada kadege' in Kannada which perfecty explains the precedence I've given for the songs.
No wonder if some of Osho's works come to ur mind...

One Thought... Song 4

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Friday, June 09, 2006


Ok..after a considerable delay in procuring the lyrics, here comes the 4th and last song by Kuvempu

jenAguvA... jenAguvA...
nAninage nInenage jenAguvA
rasadEva gangeyali mInAguvA
hUvaguvA, haNNaguvA
rathirUpi bhagavathige muDipaguvA

bA bAra, bAra sakhi jenAguvA...
bA bAra, bAra sakhi jenAguvA...
nAninage nInenage jenAguvA
rasadEva gangeyali mInAguvA

shivanenna sukhake sukhi
shive ninna sukhake sukhi
shiva shive yarA sukhava savivakhila lOka sukhi
bA bAra, bAra sakhi jenAguvA...
bA bAra, bAra sakhi jenAguvA...

ramachandrana manada mAdEvi sIte
punDarIkana paDeda shrI mahashwete
tamma harakeyanosage mancha mADi
virahaduriyanu kudisi hAlu punyava hAsi
hUvu sukhavane hodisi milana madhuvanu sUsi
karunisali krupe mAdi tammanOmpiya sudha rakshe nIdi

bA bAra sakhi JenAguvA...
bA bAra sakhi JenAguvA...