Just another travel in my office cab

Posted by Anantha | Posted in , | Posted on Friday, June 16, 2006

Travelling 3 to 3.5 Hrs a day has become an inevitable part of life now. This is another such experience in cab.

Reached the boarding spot running all the way from home.. a kinda jogging in formals. Just gazed around the spot seeking for that cute, fair gal from HP. Chheh.., her cab came early today i believe. Just recalling her picture in mind in that white chudidar she was wearing y'day, our cab chugged down in front of me. Entered in, gave 2-3 artificial smiles to colleagues. Occupied my comfort zone of last but one seat. Kept my bag aside so that it covers rest of the half seat. I do this just to avoid ppl sitting next to me and disturb my very essential sleep of 30 mins during the journey. By the time I sat comfortably the RJs had started their business of blabbering. Then I started my long rendezvous [what a word man.. a beautiful example that pronunciation and spelling are poles apart in English sometimes] with Kumbhakarna.

The next 30-35 mins... totally unplugged from the world around. Such a beautiful nap..

Then the truck driver next to our cab woke me up with his truck's sound of horn. Opened my eyes just to make sure I am not leaning too much to my left or right as if i am trying to do some awkard-position-asana. As usual our cab was struck in traffic, jam packed from all the four sides. Maintaining just 2 inches gap to the surrouding vehicles.. what a precision..?
Still 1/3rd of the distance to reach office.. started observing ppl around in our cab. One of the colleagues was leaning to his right totally. That young tall guy was surveying the female's body in the adjacent seat, pretending to look out of the window... cheh.. Then suddenly a high decibel familiar voice questioned me from the front "En ananth, nidde ayitha ?". I just smiled, because its neither a valid question to answer nor he is really expecting an answer for that. He does this just to be heard by some one else. yes the girl in his hind seat, who was 2 rows front to my seat.. I just hate these kinda guys, who talk to me just to be heard by some females around.. And there is this TL sitting in adjacent seat, who strongly believes he is a supreme being from another planet and all other guys around him are lower form of lives. Then I can see that female in the front seat talking with her 12th BF on phone. I pity that guys's phone bill.

Then this 'Teri deewani' by Kailash kher was being played in some FM station. Our driver can't bear those kinda songs, soon he changed to FM Rainbow. Feel like pumping 3 bullets in his head.. This is not the first time this is happening, he always changes the station when a nice song is being played [the word 'nice song' is quite subjective though.. nice according to me is boring for him may be.. nice according to him is quite noisy for me..]. Then in our good old FM Rainbow, some so called RJ started saying "FM Silks samaya, Ombhattu gante muvatthu nimisha, Nalavatteradu secodugalu".. I doubt Rainbow getting paid for advertising any products.. i feel they pay the product companies instead to get some ads.. miserable..

By the time i finish all these observations, our cab had taken deviation form ring rd and had reached to the bumpy road near to our office. When ever i travel on this road, in our cab I dont know whether to murder our BMP guys or the guy who designed suspensions [if at all there is something called so..] for Swaraj Mazda..
Abba... atlast i reached office.. got down and reached the floor where i wrk in.. Hence ending another travel in the cab..

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