A dearly evening

Posted by Anantha | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2006

The other day when I was going back from the office to my home in cab, it started raining heavily. I closed the window and started watching the rain through window pane. I dont know whats the 'avinabhava sambandha' between the rain and the sweet memories. Rain always makes me nostalgic. I started remembering one particular incident which is still taaza in my memory.
Those days I was having study holidays for my 3/4th sem BE exams. Just to get some fresh air I always used to go for a long stroll in the evenings. That too the preferred area for strolling is the one near Malleswaram Rly station. The wide roads, the huge trees on both the sides of the roads always used beckon me. It was one such evening, I was waiting for the rain to stop so that
i could step out of home for a stroll. The rain stopped and I left my house and stepped towards Malleswaram Rly station. Its always a heavenly feeling to walk on the wide roads after the rain. The cool breeze - the smell of earth - the dancing branches of trees - the dripping water when u walk under them - the hiding Sun behind the clouds... It was just picture perfect. The whole milieu was looking like a fresh painting.
My eyes were seeking for any human around who is enjoying the milieu as much as I was enjoying. I found few people rushing back to their respective houses fearing that rain would start again. And few other middle aged gentle men riding towards their destinations wearing the raincoats. I pity these kinda guys, who lack the sense of enjoying that kinda weather.
I was almost done with the walk.. was heading back home. Then I found this girl, standing in her balcony of 3rd floor.. with her arms spread wide open as if she is inviting the cool breeze to
embrace her up. 'Waawwwwwwww' this was the expression my heart expressed out. The girl was a total stranger for me..I can't really comment on her beauty as i hardly could see her face coz of the distance. And even commenting on her beauty is totally irrelevent here. Its the sense of enjoying that weather that was common between us. All i remember is a girl in the blue loose
T-Shirt with her wide open arms. I stared at the balcony till i went past that building...
That was the evening of my life !
It has been 4 years since that evening, but even now when i walk past that building my eyes search her in that balcony... When ever i see rain, the memories of that evening linger in my heart..

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Stupid blog stop sriting

Hello anonymous !
U have been very critical in ur comment on my blog.
Comment on my writing / presentation whihc u dint like... I will try to improve [This will not be an attempt to please u / any reader, but an attempt to make my blog better].
But ur NO ONE to comment on my content or themes of the posts.
This is MY BLOG and IM THE BOSS here..

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