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Posted by Anantha | Posted on Friday, June 09, 2006

Hey guys,
As I had told you I have finished posting 4 songs. Now, let me explain why I have posted these 4 songs particularly with this precedence. All these songs are based upon a single theme of various stages of expressing love... The precedence was given so to the songs, as I find a progression from the Bryan Adams' 'Lets make a night' to Kuvempu's 'jEnAguvA'... The progression of mere act of making love to the road to divinity.

If 'lets make a night' narrates the emotions of a guy, totally driven by the instincts, where as 'roop tera ' has the nasha of love in it. Then we have 'tam num' which goes a step further towards promises and vows the couple make to each other in the journey of love. Then finally comes the song, which elevates the expression of love between mortals to the love between Shiva-Parvathi.

This is what is called as 'Indriya sukhadinda Indriyatheethada kadege' in Kannada which perfecty explains the precedence I've given for the songs.
No wonder if some of Osho's works come to ur mind...

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