Chippy !

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Time now is 12:50 AM.. but thats not deterring me from composing another post for my blog..
Today while going to office, I read a story named 'Chippy', by stalwart of short stories - R K Narayan. Here in this story, a dog named Chippy narrates his story. The technique is amazing and also RKN incessantly strikes a chord in ur heart through out. Being a reader, i enjoyed reading it, i would rather say I felt the emotions of a dog. yes guys I felt the story, i just dint read it.
If you believe I am not exaggerating, My legs reflexed while reading, assuming Chippy is under my seat and it would rub his cold wet nose against my leg. My heart picturised the scene of new puppy meeting Chippy in his private secret place... puppy blinking his eyes n shaking his tail at Chippy..Its amazing guys, read this story with out a miss..
I just say, RKN made me to do PARA MANASA PRAVESHAM [how is my newly discovered word ? soon I need to get a patent and meet Cambridge dictionary publishers ;-)].
Bow bow bow...
Anantha wrow wbrow... :-)

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Hi Madhav,

Two posts in one day! Keep blogging


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