A special moment...

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Yes I have to log this moment, before the thoughts n the emotions I am undergoing dilute; dilute in the gush of other ordinary moments of my life.
Yesterday after coming home from the office, went to Chandravathi pachchi's house with a parcel of curry that amma had packed for pacchi. Just started chatting with pachchi n Sowmya on the recent happenings, funny things of wrk place and other routines. Its always a nice feeling to share these news with sisters.. especially, sister like Sowmya. Then Sowmya said, she was awarded the 'BEST EMPLOYEE of HP' for 8th/9th time. Can you believe this guys, you may not but I'll surely believe without a second thought, becoz I know how she slogs, how she comes fwd to take the responbility, how comitted she is for her vows.
She sat next to me n started explaining how her manager broke the suspense out of sealed envelope n announced her name. When she was narrating that, I could observe a flash in her eyes, the joy of the achievement, the addictive taste of elusive victory. yes she had surely tasted the success..
I listened to her carefully n congratulated her wishing her all the success in her future ventures from the bottom of my heart. Ya I know these kinda of joys, just multiply, linger around and crystallize as the finest moments of our lives when we SHARE OUR SUCCESS STORIES WITH OTHERS; provided listeners LISTEN IT FROM HEART than mere ears and appreciate us whole heartedly.
Came home, still thinking of her, couldn't restrain myself from msging her 'Hey sister, congrats once again on winning the award, good night'. I usually call her by name, but the occasion was special, so was my addressing of her. She must be more than happy to see the msg, she replied back'Thanks dear brother... I am too happy today...did u have dinner? Tell mhave that curry was good... Shilpa is fighting with mom on food and crying now...' :-) :-) [I'll tell you abt Shilpa some other day, she is another sweet sister of mine. Oooff I am so lucky, i have so many nice n sweet sisters.
I quickly saved her message and registered these moments in the my ROM of heart......
MORAL : Dont hesitate to congratulate others, by congratulating them u create a warmth in their hearts... Learn to enjoy the success of others with them... no egos... no self esteem... JUST THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..

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