Kannada film makers, Plz save us from this embarrassment

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People find different ways to deny closing-eye-lids after lunch in the office hours. It was such a lazy afternoon. Some team members were listening to songs, some had surrendered to Tea/Coffee. Me n my TL were discussing about some issue of our project. Then a team member started playing 'vivaha bhojanambu...' from Maya Bazaar,Telugu. My TL was a gr8 fan of that song may be. He was enjoying the song and gave complements for the guy who played that song. My TL asked me casually whether I have heard that song. Without knowing the repercussions of it I answered "Yes the Kannada version of the song.."
My TL said "the DUBBED version right..?" wryly.
I dint know what to answer, I dint want to give it back to him, as I dint wanto to throw stones at neighbours being in the house made of glass.I was certainly embarrassed by his reply.

Remake films are not new to Kannada, every 1 out of 3 movies released now a days will be a remake of Tamil, Telugu or Hindi.
Having believed that it needs creative brains to create some thing original, something from the scratch... I say you need NO BRAINS to remake a movie/song. I would rather call it a mere copy than a remake. Kannada film makers hide under the opinion that they want to bring good movies of other languages to Kannada audience - To hell with ur concern !! Why dont u guys have guts to say u can't make some thing sensibly original.

I even remember reading an interview of Kannada film actor Sudeep defending making remakes after his 'My autograph' completed 100 days. I am unhappy with the very title only. He COPIES and says thats 'his autograph'. How can some thing be yours when you have copied from somebody. Sudeep goes on to say "what different films you can make...? All films fall under the category of romantic films, love triangles, action thrillers or comedy... etc etc. Only the location differ.... ". Boss! this shows how narrow Kannada film makers think...

Think wide, think different... give us sensible and original movies and save us from getting embarrassed.

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Anantha i dont completely disagree with you but let me say if we think out of the main stream movies,Kannada has very gud movies...it is just that we Kannadigas do not showcase it to the external world or rather tell it is Kannadigas ignorance and indifference...tell me how many Kanndigas have watched movies like Dweepa, Deveri, Hasina, Athithi...these are movies with wonderful concepts(very realistic)....It is just not Kannada which lacks gud main stream Kannada movies...even Bengali doesnot produce any gud commercial movies but they have wonderful art movies...so does Kannada but the difference is Bengalis make it known to others where as we dont.

ya, even Im proud of some off-beat cinemas produced in Kannada. People like me and u may like those movies... but doesn't a common man find it awfully boring to see very few charcters mumbling broken words in dim light...?

I agree those movies win awards and accolades... But I dont really mean these kind of movies also, when I say original and creative movies. I adore directors like Puttanna KaNagal and Naagaabharana when it comes to narrate any damn social issue in a very entertaining way...

Why can't Kannada have more KaNagals and NaagaabharaNas than Kasaravallis ?

Common Man [ anantha madhava] Kannada deserves a Kasarvalli. There is place for everyone. More Nagabharana s v/s more Kasarvalli s... bad comparision ....!!!

[to vritta]
First of all, Thanks for the comment.

I agree all types of film makers are needed by any film industry to flourish. Im not condemning KasaravaLLi, Im just saying I like PuTTaNNa and NagaabharaNa type of movies more..

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