Love triumphs - 2

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Clive’s temperature was back to normal after 7-8 days. The physician had prescribed Clive to rest for few more days. That day I decided to resume my work in orchestra. Same morning I kissed Clive and was walking towards the door to leave for work. Clive called my name in a shaky voice and said “leave your work place number; I’ll call you up if I need anything”. At first I thought Clive was playing a prank with me as he used to call to my office number every day. I replied to him “Why…don’t u remember my number” approaching his couch he was resting on. Clive felt quite uneasy to reply, “No… may be because of the fever..” Then I told him my number. Clive wrote it down on a piece of paper. He stopped writing after marking the number. I could make out Clive was trying hard to remember something. Then he scribbled my name above the number. I was alarmed by the moment he took to write my name above the number. That said everything was not normal with Clive. Otherwise why would his hand stop before writing my name.. I rushed to work with all-Clive in my mind. I could not concentrate on the work. My inner voice was whispering that something terrible is going to happen with our lives. That very feeling shook me. I begged to Lord for the well being of Clive.

I took Clive to a neurosurgeon. There awaited a shock for me. Doctor reported a severe case of amnesia!! Clive had fallen prey for a virus called herpes encephalitis. The virus had damaged major portion of his storage area of brain. Doctor suggested me to admit Clive to the hospital. Doctor even told me that only miracles could save Clive’s memory. Our fairy tailish life had sunken. It was attacked by cruel fate. I still remember that unfortunate day of my life, the day I admitted Clive to hospital. I wept all through that night. I had accepted the hard reality that Clive may not return home as the same old charming and loving husband of mine. We may never get those loving moments of our lives again. It was a great challenge for me to live without Clive.

I used to visit Clive twice/thrice a day. The moment I enter his room, Clive used to smile at me. He was finding it difficult to remember words and talk to me. But I could understand from his eyes that he wants to talk to me for hours. He would have had millions of things to talk to me. But he had started losing his vocabulary gradually. He was losing everything that was stored in his brain for years... neither could he store anything new. During those days, the longest sentence Clive used to utter was "Hey gorgeous, I.... I... love you....". Listening to this all I could do was smile back with tears in my eyes. However deadly could that virus be, but that was not able to erase my husband's emotions for me....

(to be contd...)

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Oh my God........ It brought tears in my eyes......... Very well narrated.......

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