Love triumphs - Part 1

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[Prelude: Call it a transcript or a compilation or an amateurish attempt to write a story. The day I read an article about Clive and Deborah Wearing in Readers digest, I decided to document it in my own way. In the process of writing about the Wearings, I came across many articles and interviews and other stuff in web. I wanted you people know about Wearings and also I wanted you guys to know about them in the way I narrate it! First I decided to write a story on them. Knowing its one of my first attempts and considering the limitations of my narration skills, I decided to make it an article (kinda). It was my own idea to choose Deborah Wearing as the narrator of this article. It was still a challenging task for me to put across a story as narrated by a woman. To understand her traumatic emotions and express them. I faced all the complications of first attempt. Still I am daring to put it across as a post.

I am planning to post this article in 3-4 chunks one after the other. So here goes my novitiate effort…]

Hi, I am Deborah Wearing and this is the story of me and my husband Clive Wearing. It is an unfortunate but still an inspirational, ill fated still triumphant, unbelievable but still a real story.

I was a singer in a famous choir of London in my early twenties. Clive was the charming conductor of that choir. He was a famous, kind hearted successful musician in his forties. Clive Wearing had everything that would attract a smitten like me. Those days I could hear a lot of rumors about his broken relationship with his wife from the colleagues of the orchestra. These rumors hardly bothered me. I just loved his passion for music. I could make out that Clive was giving some extra attention for me during the practice sessions. It made me jump in joy. The music and practice sessions kept bringing us closer to each other. And one fine day me and Clive decided that we should get married. One fine day of Oct 1983 we got married. It was one of the memorable days of my life. The day we decided to commit to each other in all the walks of life…

After the day of marriage, months passed by like minutes.Me and Clive were working together in orchestra. I never used to feel the fatigue after those long hours of practice. I still get goosebumps when I remember those ‘I Love You’ whispers of Clive in my ears. I had started loving everything about Clive. Whether it was those all-page-I love u-chants in my personal diary or those long walks in the evenings, I had started loving every bit of my life. I used to stand next to piano with my elbows rested on piano cover, When Clive used to play his favorite compositions on piano. I remember Clive saying ‘The most important things can not be spoken, that’s why there’s music’.

I had started experiencing the life-too-perfect, Life so romantic, Life so beautiful. I could not even imagine a second without Clive. May be the fate did not like this smooth sailing fairy tailish life. The fate hit our lives badly. It was almost a year and a half since me and Clive had started a new chapter in our lives. Those days Clive’s schedule was very hectic. Too many consignments, too many practice sessions. He was working day and night. It was one such day. Clive returned home late in the night, complaining of a severe headache. I though it should be because of his hectic work schedule. Clive used some tablets for temporary relief and went to bed. The next morning Clive had a high temperature. I insisted Clive to stay at home and take rest. On consulting the physician, Clive was given medicine to bring down his temperature. But the drop in the temperature used to happen till the effect of the medicine lasted. This continued for 2-3 days. Clive used to look really disturbed by his illness. He hardly could speak to me. I some how had a feeling that everything was not normal with this fever. This was for the first time Clive had fallen ill for such a long time in one and a half years of married life.

(to be contd...)

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Good Narration!
So, u started story writing! Great!

Well, one small suggestion - it is better to use 'I' instead of 'me' in some sentences.... Like "I and my husband" rather than "me and my husband".

Well, the flow is good...... and i'm waiting for the next parts.....

Thx for pointing out the bloopers.
Those have been corrected now, madam! :)

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