Joy of 'Orkutting'

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hey ,

I have been an active member of Orkut from past few days. Its an amazing site.. nice way of keeping in touch with frnds.
Here i found lot of my old frnds / aquaintances. It feels good to know their well being, beating the geographic barrier.

Here there are some communities, where in registered Orkut member can be become a member of the community s/he wants. But many of the communities are created by some XYZ on any topic s/he likes. I found some of the weirdest communities also here. To name a few, 'I hate Ektha Kapoor', 'I hate Yesudas', 'SRK is chu****'... come on whats the use of such communities; even owner may fail to answer. But there are few real good communities [I wouldn't call them very active..but still].
These communities can be used in a powerful manner in a huge magnitude... to enforce some changes in society... to share knowledge.. to discuss some literary wrks.. etc. I found these kinda activities in very few communities. One of such is Mahabharath - some punyatma has started with idea of quizzing on the gr8 epic, may be some where in FEB its still going on. I got to know know lot of unknown things abt Mahabharath by this.

I feel there is lotta untapped potential from these kinda CONCEPTUAL websites...


Signing Off,
Anantha Madhava

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oye! 'I hate Yesudas' is no crap community!(btw the name has changed now into "Yesudas' Classical Music Hater"( hating his cclassical music indicates a certain kind of musical sensibility, n hence we have loads of things to talk about out there. take a few minutes to follow the discussions and u wud know how different it is from an 'I hate Ekta Kapoor' type:)

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