Bullfighter beats craftsman again :(

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The final score, 6-1 6-3 6-0

The final match lasted for one hour and 48 minutes, which is the shortest final in terms of time on court since 1980.

Federer committed 35 unforced errors in the match

Now any Federer fan will be more than disappointed by the above lines and Im not an exception. I watched Fedex beat Monfils in Semis, was shocked by the number of unforced errors he committed there also. If Monfils was more precise with his inherent raw power, he would have made Fedex bite the dust no doubt. With his current form [with virus affecting his health] I was skeptical about Fedex winning his first ever French Open. But I never thought he would surrender so easily to the bullfighter Spaniard.

Being an ardent fan of Federer, can you believe I switched off the TV set after seeing the way he lost his second set 6-3. Federer was committing myriad of unforced errors, dint deliver a single ace in his serves, was missing out heavily on placing his favorite slice shots.. and in answer Nadal was running with his lightning fast legs to every nook and corner of the court to send back the ball with twice the speed that it reached his bat.

I wanna write nothing more on it.. Im heartbroken…

I want Fedex to win French open at any cost next year.. I want him to come up with all the right answers for the puzzles Nadal has been posing to him on clay court from past 3 years..

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Being a Federer fan myself, I too was disappointed that he lost so meekly yesterday. But do you think he can come back next time and win it ? His age, Rafa's invincibility and loads of other factors weigh heavily against him :(

I am just happy that I missed watching the match yesterday as I was busy. Otherwise I would be more disappointed

yes deva,
it wont be easy for Fedex to win French Open next year also. There will be some more young hands and strong legs playing against him. Monfils looked dangerous this year only man, there will be few more such players next year.. lets hope Fedex comes strong against all odds..

i thought this wud be the right place for starting a new debate.. dont u think all human

beings have a tendency to like all beautiful things, all beautiful ladies (in case of guys)

, all handsome men (in case of girls) , and , all winners ? :)
Not sure wheather this point relates in any way to mr federer as i havent watched any of his

matches except the one you mentioned -the defeat to nadal. I have been an ardent fan of pete

sampras during his days.but sometimes i ask myself why not cheer for a andre agassi or a

patric rafter who when in form used to play exceptional tennis. i honestly dont know why so

many people admire federer and seriously.. as i mentioned to u, i have seen only one match

the french open final and i really liked nadal's game. in contrast federer seemed to play

only for timepass. he was hitting the ball so lifelessly (it was well placed towards the far

ends of the court though ;) whereas nadal was all over the court getting dangerously behind

every shot and lashing the ball with all force. he deserved to win.
i somehow have got into a habit of cheering for the underdogs and i am sure even though

nadal dosent look half as smart and handsome as federer is, he is definately the karna for

our aaj ka arjun (Mr. federer)

[to Jagadish]:

dont u think all human beings have a tendency to like all beautiful things.... and , all winners ?
I agree with you to certain extent. We all know we love winners, but we choose to become a fan of a sports personality because we like certain qualities in him/her. [Lets focus only on genuine talent and lets not talk about his/her looks or their fashion quotient nor personal lives].

We all know Dhoni scores runs big time.. but any cricket fan would die to watch Tendulkar's play than former's. Tell me why... Its the quintessential class.. its the style.. its the ease with which he strikes the ball... Similar way this is what separates Federer from the rest.

I believe thats what makes us cheer for Samprasses, Federers and Tendulkars.

I know in that particular match Fedex looked lifeless against Nadal, but it was just a bad day of his career. I dont deny Nadal has improved his game a lot better. In future, he wont remain a major threat to Federer only on clay but all the other grandslams.

I was scared looking at the way he beat Russian, Mikhail Youzhny 6-3 6-3 6-1 in pre-quarters. It just made me re-think will Fedex have answers for the lightning speed Nadal...?

I still bet on Roger 'The genius' Federer, u can go with Rafa 'The Bullfighter' Nadal :)

so.. who won the bet ? :)

[to Jagadish]:

i lost it :(

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