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There are some of the things that are best represented in graphs than in words

funny pictures

funny pictures

funny pictures

funny pictures

funny pictures

PS: These graphs are heuristic, based on my current take on the world

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Wow.. Super graphs bro.. I loved it..

to Saravanan:

Thank you :)

Nice graphs!

to Sum:

Thx :)

to All the readers:


Though the graphs are based on heuristic data gathered by my experiences, have a question to u guys.

Graph 3: Is the world a nice place to live?

Am I the only guy who got disillusioned in my 20s or do u also feel this is the time to feel so..?

get married to the one you love, start doing the work you want to do, the graph will change automatically. ur graph is not generic. its specific. ;)


..and do you know of some other place to live other than this world ? plz let me know. Thx.


I think ur right :)

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