90% of eveything is.....

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Happened to read this quote by this wise man named Theodore Sturgeon, a science fiction writer.
"Ninety percent of everything is crap"
That's stunningly true isn't it...?
Doing a bit of Googling, found out some interesting facts about this so called Sturgeon's law. Though he quoted this aiming at the Science fiction published all over the world, but later argues that 90% of film, literature, consumer goods, etc. are crap. 
PS: Though, I personally feel ninety percent is an exaggeration, or may be the things I consider which are not crap now might actually turn out to be crap at later point of time. So there are chances that I might totally agree to this quote some time in future..

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I dont second his second law but i do second his first law which states "Nothing is always absolutely so" ;)
believe me, he is right.


I knew u wud totally agree with his second law...

It makes me think whether the people who believe in his second law are nihilists or pessimists or just the victims of disillusionment...

please read what i wrote properly

Ok.. if you think I havnt read/understood ur comment properly, please explain it to me..

I dont second his second law - meaning i dont agree with his second law

but i do second his first law-meaning i agree with his first law

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