Milind Soman and team are on Greenathon Run of 1500Kms from Delhi to Mumbai

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Greenathon is an NDTV-Toyota initiative to address environmental issues and spread awareness about usage of alternative sources of energy, wild life conservation, restoring forests and also whole lot of things. This year's Greenathon is a 4th annual event which kicked off on Earth Day on 20th of April. Model cum Actor cum Ultra Marathon runner Milind Soman has been actively taking part in this initiative every year. This year with a team of 4 runners he has started his run of 1500 Kms from Delhi to Mumbai in a span of 30 days!!! That means the team has to run a Ultra Marathon of 50 Kms at least everyday for a month...!!!!! Along the route, he would be meeting school students, social workers and other common people who have worked towards the cause. Some of the local runners too could join the team on and off.

The updates by Milind on his run and videos from NDTV team could be tracked here on daily basis. Today is the 6th day of their run. They must have covered over 300Kms already. Some of the videos in the site shows the team running mostly during the night to avoid the scorching summer Sun of Delhi and Rajasthan. Guys, running a marathon itself is not easy. For 2 days after running my first ever marathon, I did not feel like getting up from my seat for a  sip of water. That's the level of fitness we common people have. Now imagine running an Ultra Marathon everyday for a month in peak summer. It is just superhuman! Kudos to Milind and his team members - Sajjan Dabas, Apurba Kumar Dass, Raj Vadgama and Sumedha Mahajan. I wish them all the best and pray for their health.

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I wonder how on the earth these guys manage this .
I started running little late , and recently ran my longest run 20kms but I am down with knee pain :(

I really really want to know their secret of such sustainability and strength.

@Peer Pandit,
Hey Dost,
First of all, welcome to my blog :)
yep, you are right, such long distances just look superhuman.. I too wonder the same.

I gather that the whole route was not covered by them on foot. For example, they circled 25 rounds of Fatehsagar Lake in Udaipur and then directly rode by their ndtv bus to Ahmdabad.


Oh! where did you get that info from!! So, have they actually covered 1500Kms..?

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