Cheeni Kum is actually very sweet

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Budhdhadev Gupta is the owner of one of the finest authentic Indian restaurants in London. He is 64, still a bachelor. His say is that he did not find any interesting female to marry till date. He is a perfectionist when it comes to cooking and serving the best Indian food to his customers. He also considers chefs are best artists in the world. No.. don’t question it or object it. When Budhdha can taste Zafrani Pulav and can tell us the quantity of all the ingredients in precision of grams, we just have to accept chefs are indeed great artists or should I say great chefs are indeed great artists. Budhdha seems to have no great bonding with any one except his aged mother and a kid next door who is fighting blood cancer.

One fine day a mistake of cheeni for namak by one of Budhdha’s chefs makes Budhdha to confront a beautiful customer of his. That’s Nina [Tabu], a spinster from Delhi who is currently staying in London. I swear I did not get the purpose of her stay in London. Budhdha challenges Nina that Zafrani Pulav available in his restaurant is the best, without knowing the cheeni for namak mistake by his chef. The next day Nina returns with tasty Zafrani Pulav. Budhdha finds out the mistake from his chef and decides to apologize to Nina. What begins with a cup of coffee for asking apology slowly and steadily builds up as a strong bond between Buddha and Nina. Budhdha surpasses the usual emotions like jealousy for another male talking to his woman, the initial jitters in man woman relationship.. etc etc I loved Amitabh doing all this so convincingly.

Bhalki, director deserves a great amount of credit for depicting the romance between Budhdha and Nina delicate yet elegant and surely not frivolous. There is always great amount of risk involved in narrating the romance between old man and a young man or vice versa. I have even watched few movies which fail miserably in depicting this kind of relationship. Either they look silly or unreal. But that is not the case here in Cheeni Kum. Another great thing about the characterizations of both Budhdha and Nina is that both being so sure about their unusual relationships and being so sure even about getting married to each other. It feels nice to see two souls being so sure in love! Does it come by maturity..? I liked the banteringly romantic conversation between Amitabh and Tabu throughout the movie.

Paresh Rawal is good as Tabu’s father. Amitabh is marvelous as Budhdha. I do not think anybody else could do Budhdha’s role so convincingly in the whole of Indian film industry. Tabu looks gorgeous in salwars. I liked her performance in this movie more than in Chandni Bar or Astitva. Though I liked the kid-next-door, I did not quite like her characterization in the movie. I want to repeat Rajeev Masand’s say on this. “I love kids being kids, but not acting like matured adults”. Ilaiyaraja’s music is truly awesome. Feels heavenly to listen to ‘Jane do na’ in Shreya Ghosal’s voice.

At last I beg to differ with the title of the movie. Cheeni Kum is actually very very sweet :)

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Buddy... Isn't this ur blog of whims or is this a blog of film reviews?????

Take care magaaa...

what if i say my film reviews are whimsical ;)

with every blog anantha writes i feel he has some 'hidden' message in each of them..sumtimes he conveys it through films :):)

Is kinda love legal in the society ?It surly dont give fair message to the society which is the back face of the story

[to anonymous2]:
Ok since you have prodded the issue of legality and so called 'sending a wrong message to society' here.. Let me explain [i knw im openinng a can of worms here] :)

One... I would like to 'define' marriage as all about finding a compatible partner and living with that soulmate lifelong.
Then wats wrong in Budhdha and Nina marrying...?

Two... As far as sending a wrong msg to the society is concerned, screenplay writers and directors have the liberty to express their artistic ideas [these guys have a tendency to taste forbidden fruit through their artforms ;)]. Its left to the maturity of the audience to accept it as a form of art and discard what s/he feels is wrong.....

wat do u guys feel...?

ur say is
One... I would like to 'define' marriage as all about finding a compatible partner and living with that soulmate lifelong.
Then wats wrong in Budhdha and Nina marrying...?

my say is
okay if this is the case finding a soulmate doesnt mean tht u can marry an old aged women whose age is off ur mother age,will it be possible ,be practical we r nt blind ,love may be blind
sorry if , am crossing the limits
its only the discussion

Yes anonymous!, You are very right in saying its wrong to marry a person who is of our parents age.
Keeping all the rantings and moral dont's of the society aside, i feel its wrong because,

1. As living with dat person 'lifelong' almost becomes an impossibility here..

2. Even the question of the 'fruit' fullness of the marriage arises in such cases..

Above was my personal view about marriages when it comes to practicality. But I still stick to my view wen it comes to marriages in reel life. I love to give that liberty here..

I still feel dis movie gives no wrong message to the society. Wen we can accept and embrace many movies where in a hero violates all the 'rules' in the society just because he is a hero, why cant we accept a simple and sweet movie like Cheeni Kum..?

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