Puns, one liners and dreadful PJs

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Here is a compilation of few 1 liners, puns tried in vain and dreadful PJs cracked on runtime. Most of them popped out during the jobless nonsensical conversations/msg-chats with frnds Hemanth, Rekha, Thungs, Mali or Jagadish. These guys were either forced to laugh for these dreadful ones or were the proud owners of them.
Though the PJs served hot will taste better, I am posting them any ways... And I want to tell you all, that most of the below ones are purely original and only few are derivatives of some commonly heard PJs.

> Once in my cab we tried to play a screwed up audio CD in the equally screwed up player of our cab. CD player really struggled a lot to recognize what placed in was a CD and not a hard poori of our cafeteria. Then after a lot of analysis, it decided that it cant play any thing out of it. And displayed an error message to the hapless faces in the cab as 'ERR DISC'.
Then I said, 'To err is disc, to play is human'. It took a moment for every one to understand what enlightening words I had uttered. Few had a hearty laughter, few grinned coherently as not to show that they have not got what I said. The rest who understood made u-think-ur-smart/very-funny faces. What ever... I liked that 1 liner of mine very much.

> In a message to Mali,
Ill tell u a TERROR PJ:
'al hulema il urahi jia durem il ulehe' :)

> This is my concept of jokes adhering to OOPS.
'I override the old jokes, overload the useful ones, encapsulate the dirty ones and inherit the rich ones...'

> Mali once said she was tired of my PJs and puns, "Ohh Ananth, stop it. I am getting headcache coz of ur PJs and puns".
I replied, "k.. I have a PUNacin for you" :)

> What do u call a word thats repeated thrice?

> Wat do u call an endless repeatitions of words in Himesh's songs?

> This was a classic rated pun that me and Hemanth cracked in one of our joint developments in cab.
Khud-khushi (high-fun matters)
Sounds like the name of a cheap MMS clip with an appropriate subtitle hahahhaha

> What do u call partying by kids?

> Any song is hummable only for a humming bird

> A deserving could-be T-Shirt quote:
My life is an open book, but its encrypted

> Sleep for me is like a guest who often forgets the route to my home. He is amnesiac that explains why I am an insomniac.

> Ur not even dyslexic, ur dylexisc :)

> Another joint venture by me and Hemanth.
"We tried to decipher E=mc^2, but we did not get the RELATIVITY between mass and energy"

> Which Hindu God is called as Ardhanareeshwar?

After reading all this if you feel like banging your head... i wont object, please do that! :)

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oh Ananth, What amazes me is that you have such great sense of humour inspite of being a 70% geek.

Its just great fun with u to develop all those new PJs and deploy the old and tested ones with a bit of customization.
Also the ones we crack only by mere eye contact without uttering a word(becuase ever-ready-to-hit Rekha would be hearing us all the time) are truely the best ones- remember about 'the accidents' that happen when it rains ?

oh ya man... its always fun to crack those instant ones in cab.. Wat better way to drain out the frustration caused due to traffic or our PMs or TLs :)

Many good ones like 'rainy day accidents' and 'reality bites' were left out, as I felt they were purely situational/contextual. I found it hard to capture precisely...

Thx 4 the comments man..

Anantha, why don't you give an entire posting on one days' events in the cab???? That surely is gonna be more fun! Esp. including Nags, Hemanth, Thungs, Rekha and Hemanth's attempts in pataofying e'one!!!

Ya Suxy!, Ill do dat once.. a post dedicated to all cabbies.. [dat includes u dear ;)]
And nice to see ur blog revamped maga..

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