cost-ly of living!

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I go to cafeteria of my office. I order for a veg puff. And the chap says it costs Rs.10/-!!! One puff and 10 rupees..!!
In most of the new food counters of our tech park, all varieties of meals cost not less than Rs. 80 + vat

Other day I ended up paying Rs.75/- for two scoops of chocolate ice cream in Baskin Robbins. Forget about the brand behind the ice cream.. For me its just 2 scoops of ice cream. That means each scoop costs 35+ rupees...

I have paid Rs.250/- for a veg starter in one of the posh hotels on Church Street. That hardly contained 6-7 pieces of fried vegetables kinda.

I have instances of frnds getting the interest amount in 100s for the balance of 40 paisa that was not paid in their credit card bill.

The auto drivers never feel it is mandatory to return change less than Rs.5/-
Recently an auto driver demanded Rs.40/- from Malleswaram Rlwy station to Sadashiv Nagar. It was not an odd time or late in night. It was around 3 O'clock in the afternoon.

Why is it that we see all garments of major brands start from a range of Rs.1500/-. I have few examples of so called branded T-shirts shedding colors after the first wash. Such a pain to see coloured water draining out..

My cousin sis pays some Rs.6000/- odd for her college bus every year. This is one category of fees that loyally follows the exponential curve. She is left with very few alternatives, as it is too far to travel in BMTC and impossibly far to ride on a vehicle of her own.

When we started searching for a house for rent some time back, We were surprised to see the rent not less than Rs.6000/ for a 2 BHK house in our locality.

I have seen my colleagues cribbing about the EMIs they pay every month. Some of them almost end up paying half of their salaries. They have to continue doing it at least for next 15 yrs or so..

I don have to tell you the price of land in B'Lore.. Its no more a dream to buy a piece of land in Bangalore, rather its a nightmare

See guys, my point is this. WE ARE BEING LOOTED. I feel brand fanatic and mall culture infected ppl too deserve the credit for my rantings. But I am certainly not amongst these people who wudnt mind splurging on these things.. I find no point in shelling out such big bucks for these commodities.

All business men around us are cashing on the mentality of this category of ppl and inflicting the same on all of us..

Is it because we live in IT capital of India...? [I agree its even worse in other metros of India].

I don understand economics... I donno whether its cos of inflation..? or Is this effect of globalization on inflation... or wat ever.

Do we need to stage a civil dis obedience / non cooperation movement against all this, as Bapuji did against Brits...

When is the end for all this..?

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nice thoughts dude.. but lemme tell you something very simple.. they are charging this coz of our own mistake... we end up going behind brands. In a way, it is good coz it gives us better salaries... (Cost of Living Allowance!) ;) But if you go into credit, u'll never be able to come to the surface!

ya man i agree wid u.. ppl going behind brands too contribute to this prblm..

I dont think there is much that can be done with that.. People prefer quality and high class people who have disposable income just blindly believe that quality means cost, they see it proportional, the costlier the better.. Average people like you and me can only crib about it or become one of the high class people who dont bother about the value of money..

That is very true. However, I agree with Suksy - we are taken for a ride because some of us are ready to pay for it.
I, for example, have stopped using autos altogether. I have walked from M'halli, M.G.s, Koramangala to HAL II stage because the auto-wallahs were all out to fleece me.
Of late, I have stopped multiplex trips too. Being a movie fan, it was hard, but I had enough.
Just because we can afford it doesn't mean that throw our hard-earned money without even being close of getting our money's worth - this is message we must send out to those blood-suckers out there.

[to Saravanan]:
The question here is to belong to a minority[i suppose] and object insane price tags OR to be the category who has accepted that nothing can be done about it and crib during the credit card bill payment OR just splurge.. splurge and splurge... and dont just bother..

[to Guru]:
Haan Guru, my resolutions are some wat similar.. And u were very rite in using the term 'blood suckers'..

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