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A correlation of events that happened with my family...

2 months ago:
When paNNu * was nearly 2 months before her due date, all our family members had started speculating whether its going to be an arrival of a prince or princess. Nonetheless, none of us were gender biased, but each of us had our own petty reasons to justify why we feel we want a prince or a princess in our family.

There lives a female palmist in paNNu's apartment. That palmist has won faith of many families in the apartment and in that locality by her almost-right predictions. paNNu's in-laws also had faith in her predictions [as far as my personal opinions go, I had observed a mysterious sparkle in her eyes every time I see her]. Unable to contain their curiosity, paNNu's in-laws sought that palmist's opinion. That female said, 'there are going to be two little lives in your family soon'. paNNu and her in-laws excited by her prediction, asked her to reconfirm whether she meant twins? Though that astrologer did not give a firm yes. She nodded and smiled for that question.

Aug 18th:
In 3rd week of Aug, aanu ** was affected by paralysis attack of left limbs. He was admitted to hospital, he had to undergo multiple brain scans. The cause was a major blood clot in the right side of the brain and there was also a minor bleeding, the root cause being the high blood pressure for all this. Though its minor haemorrhage to be precise in medical terminologies, the very word haemorrhage scares me like hell, hence i always settle with the phrase, minor bleeding in brain when I am explaining this incident to any one. The medication for clot removal had started. Doctors observed aanu for few days in hospital and said he is out of danger as the bleeding in brain had not worsened. Dr said only rigorous physiotherapy will help him regain the movements of left limbs, age factor being the hurdle for speedy recovery. aanu was brought home. He is bed ridden from then on with fair amount of improvement.

Sep 3rd:
paNNu delivers a prince on this date. The whole family rejoiced prince's birth. paNNu's in laws, my bro-in-law were all happy for the new born baby and of course for paNNu's well being. paNNu comes home with child after spending nearly a week in hospital. aanu would have celebrated the occasion of becoming a grandpa, but God had clipped his wings now. He smiled with tears in his eyes when amma showed him his grandson.

12 days later we arrange for a simple naming ceremony of prince in our home and decide to call him as Aditya.

Things now...
we look after both aanu and Aditya with same care now... we pamper Aditya and we fill hopes in aanu that he would be able to walk in near future if he picks up well in physiotherapy... we change wet napkins of both aanu and Aditya now... paNNu feeds aditya, me/amma spoon feed aanu now.. On time we give medicines for both...

While giving food to aanu the other day, a thought occurred to my mind that shook me completely. Why that witchy astrologer had smiled mysteriously and said 'there are going to be two little lives in your house soon'..??!?!?!!!!!

Had the witchy astrologer knew this......?

* paNNu is nick name for my only n elder sis.. well if u ask what it means, well umm.. it doesnt mean anything in any of the languages on earth. It just means that i love my sis very much.

** aanu is dad in Konkani

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Maan.. no wonder the palmist had a twinkle in the eye when the prophesy mentioned you are goin to have two kids.. one was Aditya and the other was ur Dad!

Dude.. take care maan.. and just gimme a buzz if u require anything! Anything et all!!!!

han.. Thx Suksy....

Hey...... Congratulations for getting a prince nephew...... And hope ur dad recovers soon with the physiotherapy.......

Thx Sumana...

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