I do not have a blot on my left index finger..!!

Posted by Anantha | Posted in | Posted on Monday, May 12, 2008

The first phase of elections for 89 constituencies in Karnataka got over yesterday. People of urban Bangalore have proved they have no faith in any party or any Govt come what may. I admit I did not vote this time. Many of my teammates/colleagues did not vote too. Its evident why the voting percenatge is just 44% in BBMP areas.

Today morning when I boarded my cab with no blot on my left index finger, a healthy but hot argument stirred up in my cab. When the discussion progressed, Nagaraj said its a shame on my part to not vote, Hemanth said how could I just not vote and act so irresponsibly, Nagaraj also said 'you have no power to point your finger at Govt that comes to power after election'

My argument to defend my decision was as below
> "almost all politicians are corrupt" [gave examples of former CM HD Kumaraswamy and few other biggies' asset declaration]
Got right stats from NDTV now. Kumaraswamy's worth has gone up from Rs. 3.76 cr in 2004 to Rs. 49.72 crores in 2008, Congress's Dinesh Gundurao's assets worth Rs.20 crs, BJP's Hemchandra Sagar's assets worth Rs.71 crores. R V Deshpande leads with whopping Rs.145 crores.

> "How does it matter to me? I mean no political party has established and proved its relevance to youth of middle class and higher middle class in urban areas."
Hemanth gave some valid examples for this like, a party or a person inflicting reservation in esteem educational institutions and the approval and construction of new fly overs / under passes in Bangalore to avoid traffic congestion.

> "Did we feel the absence of a Govt in past few months? "

> When every one of my cabbies converged to a point that almost all politicians are corrupt, and we have to choose best out of the worst. Then i retorted saying, "Dont forget guys, its our money, they are looting and riding on"

> I posed another strong question from my side to them. "Tell me one thing, do you guys vote for a party or a person? let me just rephrase, do you still vote for the most corrupted contestant in ur constituency just because he is from a party you support?"

While some of my cabbies took a moment to answer that, few other came with an answer 'I still vote for him!'. Now I had got a strong point to defend my decision of not voting. I said, "when you are ready to vote for the most corrupt contestant, isn't my decision of not voting at all better than your decision?"

The discussion touched every aspect of our filthy politics ranging from educational qualification of contestants, their criminal background, their asset declarations, my disorientation to any political party, the family run political parties, parties built by humble farmers, parties that brouhaha over Hindutva. As expected the discussion went on endlessly without substantial conclusion. But I felt good expressing my views and discussing how important is it to exercise our power to vote.

(to be contd...)

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