I do not have a blot on my left index finger..!! - part 2

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Let me just clarify my views on voting and politics. First of all I love my country, I have concerns about keeping my city and my coutry clean, I have not only concerns for the distressed but also have stretched a helping hand many a times, not that I have never voted, I have voted thrice before, but its just that I have lost faith in existing system of politics.

I was reading today's TOI and want to quote few lines stating the reasons for low voting percentage in BBMP areas.

Did the repeated calls of residents' associations, NGOs and media go out and vote unheard?
What went wrong? Is it the wrong day-weekend chosen for polling? After two holidays - Basava Jayanthi, Shankar Jayanthi, it was SAT and then again SUN. A four day weekend that anybody would look forward to, not withistanding that this is the summer vacation.

or Was it also that in efforts to tighten the poll process, did the Election Commission go overboard and dampen the spirits of voters? Was it the low-profile campaigning, ban on posters and banners which denied voters information about their candidates?

or is it because of faulty voters' list? or was it becuase of lack of faith of urban middle class in political process?

There was another column by Suresh Heblikar which more or less summarised it under the heading 'Why the poor vote and rich don't',

The poor need houses, books, schools, rice, and subsidized seed. The parties know this and they promise all these things in their manifestos.

The rich are genuinely not interested in the democratic process. The rich do not need to approach politicians to get things done. That is because politicians who come to seek donations from them satisfy all their wants.

The middle-class urbanite does not need the government either. He can afford to buy all his day-to-day needs from private suppliers.

Similarly, the young do not feel the need to participate in the democratic process. Today’s youth no longer stand in queues before ration shops. All they are looking for is a hassle-free day and a fun filled night life. The only way to reverse this trend is to make the parties understand the needs of the young, urban and the rich.

What ever could be the reason or let the reason be a sum of all the things mentioned above. But one thing is for sure that after discussing this with my cabbies and some of colleagues [with varied opinions], I have been feeling the guilt of not voting :-/ I will still stick to my political views expressed in my previous post, but except the one that I will regret for not voting this time.

These are some of the artciles that made me repent over my decision of not voting. How is 18% for majority!? and Baby Steps: A Perspective on Voting

Guys, if your constituencies fall under 2nd and 3rd phase of elections, I request you to go out and vote. Choose the right candidate [choose best out of the worst at least]. Vote wisely.

PS: Guys, if you are oriented towards a political party or a fan follower of any of the names I have taken in my previous post, Please dont wage a war of comments on my post! Im not interested in discussing which shit stinks the least. But if you have got any suggestions on voting / voters powers, democracy etc please share them across.

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Yes Ananth, the discussion was hot maybe MONDAY morning frustration also influenced it.
Firstly, appreciate your efforts to take up this topic seriously and ponder over it so much.
As I said, its as much duty and responsibility of our leaders to govern the State sincerly, honestly, the same onus rests on every citizen to perform three basic duties-
a) Follow the rules
b) Pay Tax and
c) Vote

When either stops doing their duty, the country will suffer. Right now, leaders of our nation have stopped and we can see how disastrous the situation is getting. Even if we also dont perform our duty then God save our India.

We can take inspiration from our soldiers- who dont ask what the country did to them when they are waiting to take bullet for country's sake.

Good article Ananth, hope your message reaches all of them who still have time to vote.

Deva, I want to vote for the person who abolished loud speakers for election this time. It was such a relief. :)

[To Hemanth]:
Thx a lot for the nice msg

[to anonymous aka Jagadish :)]
I agree wid it, but on the other side, it kinda cut off info about candidates reaching the 'aam jantha'

Hi Ananth anna,

Nice article!

Suresh Heblikar's article pretty much sums up what the politics of our country has degraded to.

I have also posted an entry in my blog (thoughts 1 and 4 in that post) on why I feel voting is very important in a democracy. Please go through it when you have time.

"Did we feel the absence of a Govt in past few months? "
Yes, we certainly did not feel it. That was beacuse the government was absent only for six months. But having a strong democratic government is very essential for the long term progress of our nation. Consider the situation of countries like Pakistan, etc which suffered without democracy - or the pre-independence India where people did not have freedom. We should not be going back to those times again rite?

[to Shenoy mam]:
Ya I had read ur take on this issue.

"But having a strong democratic government is very essential for the long term progress of our nation."

All of the responsible citizens of a democratic country like India might feel the same. But this is the ideal case we are hoping for, sad to say it doesnt happen so. Considering we have been getting hung parliament both in center and state assemblies, its all a game of 'musical chair' for the politicians.

The coalition tries to play safe by not meddling the balance of the number of MPs in their support. They end up saving their chair for 5 yrs and hardly doing any thing towards the progress of our nation :(


I feel the rules are so damn outdated. It does not suit our present needs. It should be changed. So that we all feel there is something for all of us to share and own up.

One thing, Ambedkar had wisely thought and said reservations should be there for only 50 years, by then he expected everyone to be same. In fact, I feel most of them have achieved status-quo but still we have reservations. This is Indian politics for you. Can't help it. We have to live with it till we decide to change it.

Jai Hind!

[to Saravanan]:
yeah... desilting can not be done sitting on the shores of the lake right?

But who dares to get in to the muddy lake :-/

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