Celebrating New Year eve atop Kumara Parvatha

Posted by Anantha | Posted in , | Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To leave for Kukke Subramanya tonight. Trek Kumara Parvatha and celebrate new year eve atop the hill under the dark open sky. Also planning to visit the temple the next day.

Ethapay, Pujar, Byre and yours affectionately...

What to expect:
> The pain of carrying sleeping bags, tents, food and water bottles to the top
> hot Sun of Dakshina Kannada
> picturesque western ghats
> severe cold during the night
> clouds
> leeches
> camp fire
> loads of fun and guffaws

All in all another great adventurous outing

What not to expect:

On the new year eve, we have to settle down for bread slices, jam and biscuits :(
But on Jan 1st night, I am gonna try prasadam in Kukke temple. I am told the food is tasty there..

Would be missing:
Bhai, he had to back out from the trip because of some crazy project schedule planned by some crazy sadist chap [Bhai calls him PM]

Mode of transport:

C ya guys.. in the next year! Wish you all a very happy new year..

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Happy trekking and Wish you a Happy New Year :)

Trekking indeed was great. I am composing a loooooooong post which just doesn't seem to end. Hope i dont lose the interest of blogging abt it...

Evlove draft.. evolve... :-/

Hello Anna,
Wish you a very happy new year!

Where are your adventures from KumaraParvatha? Eagerly looking forward to it.

BTW, I wrote about 60 pages in my diary about one day of Sakleshpur trek. It always seems to take long and never ending!

[to Shashi]

OMG.. 60 pages for 1 day trek!!!
im losing patience already in the 5th page of my 2 day trek.. :)

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