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There were numerous terrorist attacks in various towns and cities of India in the past, but the recent attacks on Mumbai is the one that made by blood boil, to the most. No! Not because of the magnitude of it. Because of sheer ease with which the terrorists infiltrated into our country with loaded ammo. Because of the ruthlessness they displayed in killing hundreds of helpless civilians on the streets of Mumbai. Because of holding the best and efficient lot of the security @ bay for 60 hrs. And all this is done by just 10-12 well trained, brain washed bastards in their 20s!

The death toll has reached to 200 almost. The magnificent 100 yrs old heritage hotel is damaged now. Many of the brave soldiers and police have lost their lives in fighting against the terrorists. There is condolence expressed from every nook and corner of the country. At this juncture, being a responsible citizen of the country, I have few points to raise.. I need answers…

To political leaders:
  • Is this brutal incident which killed 200 helpless people and damaged a heritage hotel of India enough to open your eyes?
  • There is enough evidence that the attack was backed by LeT. Stop playing diplomatic game with Pak at least now. I am not saying to declare a war against Pak. But this is the best opportunity to be more aggressive and combat home groomed terrorism in Pak.
  • High time to tighten the loopholes in the border security via the air / land / sea routes.
  • Publish the detailed usage of the funds released for border security.
  • Stop blame game.
  • And please be sorry for the whole nation, for the families of the brave hearts who died in the encounter and also for the families which lost their kiths and kins in the terrorist attack.

To media:

I was glued either to the TV or news websites during the entire Operation Cyclone. I consider you did quite a fair job of the coverage. But in the hush to be the first one to cover the news, mobbing the hostages who were just let out of the captive and covering the footage of the critical positions of the NSG commandos in and around Taj and Nariman house was quite unpardonable mistakes you did.

  • I just wonder none of you bothered to think the same info could be used by terrorists to kill more NSG commandos. Dint it come to your mind that you are actually putting the lives of our commandos @ stake?
  • There were also instances of reading out the news before processing the facts and figures. AFAIR, at least thrice the Taj hotel was announced clear of terrorists but firing kept happening and grenades kept blasting quite later too. And all the hostages were finally rescued hours much later.

To NSG, Military, STF, and Police force:

I salute you for your courage and thank you for saving so many lives. I deeply respect your sincerity and commitment but have some questions to ask you too!

  • Why was the info revealed by captured terrorist in UP blasts during interrogation neglected? I believe the captured terrorist during Feb 2008 UP blast revealed the vital facts about terror attacks on Mumbai. Is this a thing to be taken lightly?
  • I never thought infiltrating into a nation with heavily loaded ammo via sea route was so easy. Please explain how could this happen.
  • I admire the perseverance you showed for 60 hours continuously. I agree you had to play it defensively caring for the lives of the hostages. But isn’t there a better option than to wait and counter attack the terrorists holed up in buildings? Just to mention, Russian soldiers injected some anaesthetic gas into the AC duct when Chechan soldiers had held 800+ people inside a theater.Does India have any such chemical warfare techniques first of all?

To Supreme court of India:
  • We Indians want the captured terrorist to be executed without mercy. We don’t want to see another Afzhal guru episode here

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Very valid points..... I wonder if at all these questions will ever be answered...... I watched one recorded operation on IBN where a group of journalists had sitmulated this infiltration act via the sea some 2 yrs ago. They have smuggled boxes, similar to the RDX ones, purposely left clues and trails everywhere but no one has ever found out that! And thats the state of our security! Even though there was intelligence about this in hand, it was not made use of.... what a pathetic state it is....
This chemical warfare stuff is such an apt idea... why doesn't it strike to our people??? Or what is stopping them from doing it???

Hi Sum,

I think it is high time for we people to pool in and work for some substantial change.

I am tired of expressing my anguish in blogs and words. I am thinking of doing some tangible thing.The best way is to join some already established NGO / forum to fight against terrorism, to awaken people and to stop treating terrorism as inevitable evil...

We all love cribbing and we hate to do something in action.

It is not with you or me it is with everyone. There are very few Indians with a feeling that India is mine. For many Indians it is just another place to live.

If we want to do something better we have to act now in some good way else we will all fail as a nation.


I will inform you once I indulge in a substantial thing. There is already such a thing started recently by our own blogger community..

My take on the Mumbai Terrorist Attack and my resolution:

Na koi marta hai, na koi maarta hai..
Hum to bus nimmit maatra katputli ke khel mein vo ek hatyare hain, hum ek shikaar.
Ye may nahi kehta, Gita main likha hai.
isliye, bura nai manNa ;)

Deva, why r u boiling ur blood when u know nothing is going to happen? Thank god we were spared. thats how life is in India , thats how its going to be.

..Unless some educated people jump into politics, which will not happen. so, dont think too much.



We know nothing happened previously. Im hoping for some thing better would happen in future. Yes it has to happen @ grass-root levels... if and only if each one of us contribute for it.

We cant sit quiet because this often happens in India, we cant thank God and be happy because it dint happen to us... Who knows it might happen to us in the future.. How would we feel if any of our close kin dies in dis kinda insane mishap.

Wouldnt our blood boil then at least...?

ok lets forget grass root and unix root tell me what according to u is the proposal? :)
lets take it offline.;)

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