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Its more than a month since I posted any thing in my blog. Not that the life was uneventful, I just did not slip into the groove of writing some thing, that’s it.

The month of October was quite happening. I was on the gap between projects, lemme get it straight, yes I was on bench nearly for 20 days :)

In those on-the-bench-days I was reporting to my office in Koramangala. I had all the free time in the world, I frequently visited Landmark in Forum. I used to sit and skim through some of my favorite and latest releases. I read few pages of ‘Go kiss the world’. I remember, I started admiring Subroto Bagchi from the days his columns use to appear in TOI [I think his column used to feature fortnightly on the business page]. I think I should buy this book. Picked up ‘Three mistakes pf my life ‘, but some how it did not inspire me to finish it. I loved Chetan Bhagath in ‘Five point some one’, loved him less in ‘One night..’ now I have become very skeptical about loving him in ‘3 mistakes..’. BTW, currently Im reading ‘PS: I love you’ by Cecelia Ahen. Again my instincts told me to pick this book. But after reading it for 300 pages, Im finding it boring. The theme of the book is fresh and inspiring, but the events that happen with the characters in novel look very repetitive. Lemme see if I can complete it or not. There is book festival starting in Palace grounds, Im planning to go there this weekend.

In the 1st week of Oct during Dasara, there was a music concert by Shaan, sponsored by a private builder in Palace Grounds. I had been to the concert with a huge gang of buddies. It turned out to be amazing fun. There was also this Mandira Bedi and Samir Soni’s play ‘Any thing but love’ being staged as part of Times festival, but I came to know about it on the same day and did not get passes for it.

Of late, did not get to watch any good movies. I watched Ru-ba-ru for the sake of Shahana Goswami [she is my recent celeb crush ;)]. The idea of the movie was fresh, but ultimately seemed like a failed attempt.

Felt bad to hear Kumble hanging up his boots. He is one of the most committed cricketer I have seen. And a great gentleman too. Dada also retiring after this last Test in Nagpur. I loved Dada for his aggressive histrionics as a captain and as a player too. Who can forget the gentle strokes on off side and his straight sixes over the head of the bowler. The BCCI buffoons seem to be targeting another favorite player of mine, Dravid. Its disheartening to see Dravid failing continuously in this Test series. BTW, check this splendid article by Dravid about VVS on latter’s 100 Tests feat. Both these great players seem to share a nice camaraderie, which is evident from the article. If these great guys are bidding adieu to cricket in the next 1-2 years (forced exit or wishful exit), there will certainly be a void created in what is considered to be the strongest batting line up in world cricket.

Now having been allotted to a project in the last month, I have landed into a whole new milieu, a whole new project with whole new faces. Now the most interesting part is I have been traveling by train to my office!!!! No Im not posted in Mumbai, Im very much in our own namma Bengalooru. Till I start to avail the company provided transport, I am going on my own. I traveled by BMTC for first few days, but every time I got stuck in traffic jams or did not get a seat to rest my ass or every time a manner-less co-passenger stamped my foot, my blood used to boil. And some one suggested the idea of train from/to KR Puram from/to Majestic. I have the luxury of choosing this option, as my current office is close to KR Puram. I have been saving nearly one and a half hour of travel time since then. Even you guys can try out train if your office is in Whitefield / KR Puram or any where near these places. Im not saying this option is better than company provided transport, this has its own woes, but still a lot better than traveling by BMTC.

Ummm.. what else..? that’s all I could think of @ this hour in the night… bye… chau..

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Indian Cricket are def losing a lot of class players for sure .. i just hope VVS N DRAVID stick for a while :)
well bangalore is blessed(cursed) with traffic !! trains are the only way out i guess !!


First of all thanks for dropping in..

yeah dude, i cant imagine our team without the fab four. U must have watched today's match v/s Eng, though it was a huge victory for Ind, I seriously doubt the potential of this team on a long run or on a fast paced foreign grounds.

And about the trains in traffic in Bangalore, hope things will get better once Metro trains start running...

it really amused me to learn about ur new mode of transport :) u must be enjoying the experience huh.. who knows u mite evn bump into a rani mukherjee one fine day, a la saathiya ? :) have u not wished for it anytime ? :)


@Ananth Anna
Nice to see a post after quite some time :) Isn't it funny that when we have all the time in the world, we stop writing posts and then, when we get tight schedules, we start posting? :) Same happened with me too.

Nice to hear about train travel thing. I had hit upon this idea sometime back but somehow(more due to my laziness) I did not try it out. After hearing your experiences, I feel I should give it a try

Kumble and Dada... no words to describe how I will miss watching them :(

[to Jagadish]:

he he.. No, I never thought of bumping into 'my' Rani on train.. But this thought is really amazing huh..!

Ill keep CTRL + F'ing here after :)

[to Shashi]:
isn't it funny that when we have all the time in the world, we stop writing posts and then, when we get tight schedules, we start posting?
You are right to some extent. But for me, getting into the groove of writing matters a lot... call it a writer's block or what ever..

About the new mode of transport, I have been seeing a considerable increase in the number of s/w engineers on train..
people indeed are tired of road travel I feel... :)

Wow!! U're travling by train??? thats cool!
At least u dont have to spend all ur time in Bangalore's peak hr traffic!

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