Rock On!!: the ‘Magik’ of friendship

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Few years back when Sid had slapped Aakash for a nasty joke of the latter, I had cringed on my seat. But in the end when Aakash says, “aaj.. abhi….. just turn around” and Sid hugs Aakash in that hospital, I had felt those were the most memorable moments in the Indian cinema I have ever experienced. Who can forget DCH?

And now it was a deja vu. The difference here is Joe gives a proper mukka to Aaditya and when they reunite for the sake of re-creating 'Magik' on stage, they both hug each other. And the warmth in the friendship is rejuvenated. Silence is the best orator in such moments. And this time I said Waaaawwww!! The subtleties of friendship indeed were captured at the best again.

Before I go ga-ga over this movie, lemme tell you that from the day I came to know Farhan Akhtar is making his acting debut in Rock On, I was dying to watch this movie. I am a great fan of Farhan and I believe he is one of the best directors in the contemporary Bollywood. I also was curious about the plot and his role in the movie. And when I listened to the music of the movie, I just got restless to see the movie on big screen.

I watched the movie yesterday and I had already read innumerable reviews of the movie [many were plot spoilers] and I was actually left with no element in the movie unknown. Then I stopped reading reviews as the curiosity had killed the cat already. Now having watched the movie I felt no review had actually captured the essence of the movie [neither am I making an effort to do that… Im just writing a nice experience I lived for 2+ hrs]. Some reviews said Rock On is just another version of DCH in the backdrop of a rock band. I disagree My Lord! This time it is just not about ego clashes amongst friends, it is also about following your dream, it is also about compromising in life at the stake of our dreams, it is also about the price people pay to re-live the dream, it is also an attempt to say it is never too late to re-live your dreams.

I had read it somewhere that friendship is fighting for each other and fighting with each other! It is so true. I have hated almost all those movies in which the second hero comes in the way of a bullet shot by villain to save his jigari dost, the hero and that was all the epitome of friendship depicted in Bollywood. Bollywood have churned up zillions of movies based on friends fighting for each other, but there would be few movies based on friends fighting with each other. Even if there are many of these kinds, I bet any succeeding in narrating it effectively [DCH and Rock On are bench marks in this].

If you feel that was enough of ga-ga over the movie, lemme start with the actual review :) I assume that you readers have either watched the movie already or would know everything about the plot of the movie from the other sources. So I am not even going to mention about the plot here. I will just say thumbs up to Abhishek Kapoor for giving us the gem of a movie. Hats off too to the guy, who has done the casting for the movie.

Farhan Akhtar is superb and lives the role. Arjun Rampal’s not so expressive face actually works on his favour to portray the role of Joe. I liked his looks especially, the bandana, the long hair and his moustache. Purab Kohli as Killer Drummer is apt. Luke Kenny is just fine as Rob. Prachi Desai is so so so sweet as wife of Farhan. I would love to watch more of Shahana Goswami in future. Every one fits the role so perfectly.

Saving the best for the last, about the music of the movie.. I liked all the songs. Rock on – the title track, Socha hain and Tum ho to being my favorite. Zehreeley zehreeley is my super favorite :) [any idea who is this Suraj Jaggan who has sung this…?]. Undoubtedly Rock On is another remarkable entry in the CV of Shankar Ehsaan Loy. Farhan Akhtar seems exposed in many songs, but that goes well with the heavy rock music. At first I could not believe that Javed Akhtar has penned the lyrics. I couldn’t digest Javed Akhtar writing a song like Meri laundry ka ek bill, ek aadhi paDhi novel.. etc etc. Its not so easy for a great lyricist to come up with such free flowing and ordinary yet lovable lyrics.

Wait wait wait its not over yet. As the movie was not the only best thing that happened for the crowd in Fun Cinemas yesterday!! Guess what… Yesss 4 guys of Magik did appear on the dais after the movie. All 4, Farhan, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny had come down for the promotion of the movie. The atmosphere was just electric. We were all shouting at the top of our voices. Farhan sang few lines for us. They distributed [read frisbie’d] few audio CDs to the crowd. I cudnt catch any, neither cud I get autograph :(

Guys, all in all it’s the best movie I have seen in recent times. Go watch it if you have not caught up, watch it again if you have seen it only once !!

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Hey bro,

Nice way to put across your message! You agree or don't agree, the theme is same between DCH and Rock On.

About following their dreams, there was no element that showed that they were really difficult in following their dreams. Tell me which was hard for them to follow. They did not choose to follow and that is what i could understand from what my Grey cells told me.

Anyways, I loved the movie.



Just a justification/my interpretation on, there was no element that showed that they were really difficult in following their dreams...

It is never easy for any one to follow his/her dreams. Every one succumbs to one or the other hurdles thrown by life @ us. In the case of Magik too it was never easy for them to form a band and come to spotlight. Though the talented guys succeed in bagging an album contract, that is where the real struggle to follow their dreams begin. First of all a compromise in the name of a ghaTiya remix in their album, then getting insulted by that so called music director, then their own egos come in the way of their dream-route....

Bro, each of the above is a difficult hurdle to jump across.. ego clashes being the biggest of all..

Hi anantha,
Thank you for the tip. I think there's a Jain temple there too.

In fact I have clicked a picture down the road from there. See this:

Also, here's one of Kaadu Malleshwara temple:


Man, I have been trying to catch this one for weeks now. Maybe next week.
Looks like a good one on friendship and bonding. F-Akthar rocks.

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