15 kisses that changed the history of world Tennis

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Pic courtesy: Go Roger!
Check here for Federer career statistics

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Nice collection!

But I saw that 2006 US open is repeated twice. Maybe one is 2005 US open. I think he won that too - A very rare genius he is! We didn't even notice and he has won five US open in a row! Amazing.

I am lost for words for this year's Wimbledon final. I am just happy for Federer.


Thank you very much for pointing out the mistake. The first of the two pics with same name was of US Open 2005. Now it is corrected..

Yes, I was sitting through out the final of Wimbledon and ate all my finger nails :)) Now having achieved the feat of 15 grand slams, I am more curious about his approach for the coming grand slams. Would he play them relaxed..? or would he be hungrier?

Btw, I was surprised when Sampras said Federer would finish his career with 18-19 grand slams! I think he will win at least 5 more, what do u say?

Very nicely done.

The Wimbledon men's singles match was a classic - this year. Even though Andy Roddick nearly walked on water... Federer came through... as the champion.


Yes, it indeed was an amazing match..

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