Wanted - No! this was never wanted and will never be!!

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If you have read any of the movie reviews in my blog previously, there is one thing in common with all of them - all the movie reviews are my movie reco's to you guys. I've never wasted my time and energy in writing a review for a movie which is bad/worse according to me. But this is going to be an exception! I am writing this, because I felt there is no better way to vent my anger out!!

Was forced to watch this movie last evening. As every one knows, Prabhudeva forays into directing Hindi movie this time with a remake of smash hit movie Pokiri(Telugu) originally directed by Puri Jagannath.

  • When Murugadoss remade Ghajini in Hindi, though the plot of the movie was very ordinary, hero seeking revenge for his GF's death, but the 'gimmick' of anterograde amnesia + the greatly talented Aamir Khan carrying the weight of the whole movie on his newly built bod turned the movie into a run away success. But what is Wanted offering us..?
  • Let me say, I have not watched both Telugu and Tamil Pokiri's, even after many of my friends insisted. So I do not know how good/bad they were (after all, a hit movie need not be a good movie and vice versa) and I can not even comment whether it was a bad 'transliteration' that made Wanted look so bad.
  • Wanted's plot would have been apt in the 1970s era. It is so overused, lackluster thing now.
  • Salman yet again proves he is a bad actor. The very few expressions on Salman's face have never failed to confuse me. I always think, what does this expression mean..? Is he worried about some thing? Or is he just making faces? Or is he thinking how to emote this one? Or is he trying to smile while dealing with some problem in his stomach?
  • There is always so much of Salman Khan the star, his attitude, his so called style in all his characters that whether it is Radhe or Prem or Suraj or Aman or what ever, he looks the same.
  • There are so many scenes in the movie that look so 'south', I can not digest them in a Hindi movie.
  • I agree Prabhudeva is a good dancer, but he is that bad a choreographer.
  • There is a repetitive dream sequence in the first half of the movie - whenever Salman sees Ayesha, he becomes Salim and Ayesha becomes Anarkali and 'Jab pyaar kiya tho darna kya' runs in the background. In all these sequences, Salman gives a priceless expression of not-knowing-what-to-do. I probably had the same expression on my face in all those scenes and many other so called comedy scenes.
  • Why are there so many songs in the movie? Why Sajid-Wajid again..??
  • I congratulate Prakash Raj on winning the Best Actor award, but I humbly ask him, why did he do this role of Ghani Bhai? I've seen Prakash Rai doing this weird villain role in so many Tamil and Telugu films; I can not stand him doing the same thing again.

The Hindi movie scripts are much more intelligent and complex these days catering to the equally demanding audience, Prabhudeva should get updated before he even thinks of his next Hindi movie.

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hahhaahaa.. tamil pokiri was good. my room mate who saw wanted was also having the same opinion as yours. i dont know what made u even pick such movies to watch. ;)

ohh was it so irritating? i havent seen that..... but pokiri was okk sort of..
ha..i bet u must not have seen kambakkt ishq(akshay kumar & kat.kaif). i wondered how anyone could waste time making sucha movie..

@Anonymous 1:
I was 'paid' to watch this movie... seems like, my friend wanted to torture me by paying for the tickets :-/

@Anonymous 2:
Yes, it was irritating to the core. not sure Ill watch Pokiri any time after seeing the gr8 Salaman Khan in that role :)
Yeah I had read the reviews of Kambaqt Ishq... I dint dare to watch it..

If u're soooo irritated with the movie, i can imagine how BAD it must be!

ukw, most of the people in the theater were screaming and cheering whenever Salman appeared on screen. They were enjoying it thoroughly. I felt I was the odd man there watching that movie.. :-/

U're tagged too :)
Go ahead, and vent out your annoyances :)

//There are so many scenes in the movie that look so 'south', I can not digest them in a Hindi movie.//

hahaha...that was funny

i never ever will digest the fact when people say salman is a superstar....but the reality is he's not even an actor..its only his physique that keeps him in the market otherwise he's a long lost history...not even some1 who's made to go in history


when I say many scenes were 'so south', I was referring to the style and the sensibility of film makers from south that do not directly fit into the frame of Bollywood..

Yes, I totally agree about your comment on Salman...


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