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Sum tagged me..
Below is a list of things that irritate me... that tests my boiling point:
  1. Untidiness and untidy people
  2. Lazy bums
  3. Loud TV volume of my neighbor
  4. Public festivals
  5. The Pop-up ads in websites. They irritate me more when they keep the Close Window button on top left corner. They irritate me to the most when there would be no Close Button for the window and I am just told to wait by a count down timer, stating Ill be redirected to the site in N seconds. What makes those guys think that I visit their news website and get impressed by their forced-upon-ad and will end up buying an Audi!
  6. Poor interpersonal skills
  7. Poor listening skills
  8. Egoistic people
  9. Half baked pots boasting themselves as next Einsteins
  10. Bullies
  11. Plastic smiles
  12. Guys who try to impress any and every girl/female they come across
  13. Reality TV shows and all the daily soaps
  14. Auto drivers
  15. BMTC bus conductors
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves"
Carl Gustav Jung
This was mentioned as the GTalk status msg by my friend Suksy. I could not agree more with this saying, as all the above things listed and lot many which I've not listed here, have helped/have been helping me in understanding myself better.

I love people:
  1. Who trust me..
  2. Who have helped in my bad times..
  3. Who are intelligent..
  4. Who understand me
"If you judge people, you have no time to love them"
Mother Teresa
This is another gem of a quote that I admire the most. I have experienced this thing literally happening with all the withering relationships I’ve had in the case of some of my friends, acquaintances and some special people. I make my decisions by mind and not by heart. I am a ‘mind guy’ and not a ‘heart guy’. I wish I could change this virtue of mine… :(
Though these are the things that surface my mind at this point of time, but to see only four entries in the second list against the 15 in the first is surely disheartening. That says I have more things around to hate than to love... :((

I tag Shashi, Saravanan, Suksy n Anonymous aka Deva :)

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Good one! The quotes are nice.

"I have more things around to hate than to love" -- Well, it's just that u're noticing the bad things and giving more importance to them, than the good ones..... Anyway, as u said, its a way of understanding yourself too :)

looks like u have run out of topics dude ;)

Umm.. there is a catch here. The tag asks about Things we hate and People we love. IMHO, if it had been Things we love instead of people we love, I would have listed more! that makes me think, "Is it easier to love things than to love people?".. Is it normal to feel so..?! :)

I have just decelerated a bit, I believe there is still enough fuel left in the tank.. :)

btw, it is not just for time pass re deva. Make a list of your own and find out, how would it look like..

hey why did u reply twice to that anonymous person?!
personally speaking i like ur blog. u dont write on each n everything under the sun.. u r logical in thinking..straight forward..blunt..but i feel u could add a little more humor..
btw, i'd read one of ur posts about some astrologer predicting 2 babies in ur family.. not twins , but one elder member got bed ridden and had to be looked after like a baby..howz he now? did he recover..just wanted to know..i was touched reading that post.

I am as curious as is miss.sampurna to know why u replied twice to anonymous..hope u will reply without killing the suspense..

..and yes, add a little humor to it. ;)


I replied twice to that Anonymous because comment once posted is not editable, so had to add the second comment :)

Thanks a lot for the complements. About adding humour, Sure.. I'll try it when and where it is required in future posts. For some funny/silly posts of the past, read some under 'Take Lite' tag.

No.. my dad is still recuperating :(

Kaun ho tum? himmat hain to saamne aa saale.. ;)

oh ok..nanna free suggestion take lite maadi..
"Life's Never So Bad That It Can't Get Worse..."but therez no reason it cant get better ;nevertheless life could be so hard sometimz ..but life goes on as it never ends (BSB song)..hope things get better.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for tagging me. I was quite busy when this happened - I didn't even write for some days then.

It is a previlege to be tagged by you. Can you tell me what am I supposed to do after getting tagged? Or is it too late now ?

Shashi mam,

Privilege ani moNu sangu nakka maraya ;)

Nothing like der is a deadline or sm thing, you just have to list out the things that irritate you and people you love (not the names, the qualities which draws you towards them) and post it in your blog..

Basically some timepass thats all.. :)

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