Life's never so bad that...

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A dear friend of mine called me up from UK last night to say that he is returning to India this weekend, as Doctors treating his mother have told that she is having breast cancer. It was evident from his tone that he was broken by that. I tried to fill in some hope and courage in that conversation.
After hanging up the phone, pondering over, I thought that was another whiplash this time for another friend's family from the BOSS above. I say this as another family because; all my buddies have received at least one each in the recent past. A friend's father is suffering from recurring slip-discs, another one's father is living on anti-depressants after some feud with his siblings over some realty, another friend's father is a cancer survivor, a colleague's mother underwent knee cap replacement surgery recently.... And as you know my father is not well from past 2 years. Sorry to say, I am not able to find a single happy and healthy family around.
They say Life is not just about chasing happiness and being happy.. Happiness and sorrow are two sides of the same coin blah blah.. This is all best said and heard in some Satsang. But for a person dealing with all this every day, it is nothing but misery and only misery.
So at this point of time, I can't agree more on the saying, "Life's Never So Bad That It Can't Get Worse..."

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i agree with the last line




I am so sorry for what has been happening among your friends circle and you. I hope things get better soon.

And yes, I agree with the last line. But, just as a consolation along with a hint of optimism, I would like to say: Things can only get better from here.


Ummm... Thx re Deva..

I am sure things will get better. There is always a silver lining on the cloud.

As in Bhagavadgita, "Whatever happened, happened for the good only. What is happening, is happening for good only and whatever will happen, will happen for good only." Cherish every moment, Enjoy life.


It is easier said than done bro.
but thx anyway for those words..

The memories of our beloved caring us, sacrificing their pleasure just for our betterment, doing all that they could do under the sun...just and just for our sake.....
I just kept crying yar, when my mother was admitted....because, I have one and only mother...nobody else, O God!

Life is always unpredictable..... Sometimes it strikes us so hard that nothing remains in our control... The only hope should be that things will get better... may not be the same, but at least better than the worst....

@Narendra and @Sum:
I have started hating this whole process of ageing and getting prone to incurable diseases till one dies.. I know, it's quite a crazy thought for some thing that is not in our hands.. but still... :-/

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