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The other day I was watching a lesser known small budget movie called Hulla [Cast: Sushant Singh, Rajath Kapoor et al] in Zoom channel. Most of the movie is about how the central character played by Sushant Singh is bothered and irritated by the noises in his apartment and his surroundings - the whistle blowing watchman, the loud music of the neighbor and even the lesser loud noises in his apartment. I did not watch it fully cos I found the movie quite sloppy in the direction and the acting departments (Rajath Kapoor was good, other cast members were really pathetic). It is quite possible that this movie wanted to convey some thing more than just the noises affecting a person psychologically and making his life miserable, but I am not very sure of this as I did not watch the movie fully. But in a way I could relate myself to the central character! I do not usually over react as he does throughout the movie but I do get irritated to the core by the noises around.

I wake up around 6 every day. I like calm and peaceful mornings, but my neighbor strongly feels the louder she plays Venkateshwara Suprabhaata, Lord Venkateshwara appears in front of her so sooner. I have requested her few times gently, but she turns down the volume just for 2-3 days after my request, after which the speaker gets tested for its full power.

The moment I get into train/bus, the unpaid ubiquitous DJs play their favorite music in full volume on their China Mobiles. Why can't they just burst their own ear drums with that poor quality mp3, wearing a pair of head phones, why are they all bent upon torturing people like me? It irritates me even if my favorite music is being played aloud and/or when I am not just in a mood to listen to the music. To rub salt into the wound, most of them like the Hindi songs of the period when there was a void in the music industry after the death of Kishore and Mohd Rafi, making the likes of Shabbir Kumar and Mohd Aziz famous overnight. And this time to add some lemon to the wound already rubbed with salt, there will be many times War of the DJs too, 2-3 guys playing music simultaneously! I am not exaggerating; do not take a Volvo and travel by ordinary blue bus to Whitefield from Majestic some day to listen to these DJs. While I wait on the platforms or I travel in train, I get to hear another genre of ‘noise’. It's tapanguchi jingchak Tamil songs. Yes, you guessed it right the same overused pattern of beats to which you find Vijay/Vikram/Dhanush/Bharath/Vishal dance with 100 co-dancers on the filthy streets in every other Tamil movie. I have requested, ordered, threatened these ardent music lovers to use head phones or to turn down the volume, but 99% of the time they just have not cared for my request, order or threat.

Though hardly you get these DJs in Volvos, but seems like silence will be granted to me only in my grave! Here the buses have the FM and the bus driver himself dons the role of my torturer. Why is the whole world bent upon bombarding some noises on my ear drums, why is it so much against me wanting some silence or me sitting with my favorite book open while I am traveling?

Why are 'our people' like this? Why do they play music loud? Why do they talk so loud in public places? Why do they want to let the whole world know that they are praying to Lord? Why can't they keep the volume of the ringing tone low? If at all they keep it high, why do they always keep the phone on their desk and go away? Why do they talk so loudly on the phone? (Now I even know my neighboring cubicle guy's wife is 26 years old and the couple have applied for a house loan at an interest of 12% from a private bank. And I even know what tablets are to be given to the aunty's (who sits diagonally opposite to me) 8 year old daughter who frequently falls sick). Why do they set up public festivals and orchestras on road? Why do they honk even after knowing there is a red signal in front?Why can’t they be just quiet? Why are they so uncivilized? Is the silence so unbearable for all of them? Why don't they realize that they are disturbing others?
And the last of all, am I the only one who has so many complaints about these things..?

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First of all, it has been long since I visited your blog, courtesy Google Reader! New template looks awesome!

I felt like commenting on this post coz I am one person who feels exactly the same way that you do about unwanted noise. And even I am helpless coz inspite of my innumerable requests and orders and threats, this continues. This is all the more worse coz my house is on a street with TWO schools!!!

As the saying goes in Kannada, "santheyallondu maneya maaDi shabdakke anjidaranthayya!", We have to suffer. Bangalore has become a santhe these days. I remember those days in Bangalore when I used to visit during my school holidays and it was really peaceful till 8AM in the morning and post 8PM at night. These days, it is not peaceful even at 6AM or at 11PM.

Just go along the flow. Or better still, you fix your earphones, may be with a song blaring or without anything, just concentrate on something else and you would be peaceful even in the crowd. This is something that I have tried and have been successful at! :)

Keep up the good work! Keep thinking!!!

Well, Well!!
You're not at all alone! I'm completely with u in this matter.... or rather i am a step ahead, in that i sometimes cannot tolerate the noises in my own home!

The loud Cartoon network that my 4 yr old neice plays (at least she obeys when i ask her to turn down the volume), the sudden bursts of noises when ppl are 'channel surfing' continuously, those pathetic so-called background music in those mega/giga/terra-serials on TV.... those loud voices of ppl talking, which i feel apparently gets louder esp when i'm having a headache or want to take a quick nap or want to sit peacefully with a book....

Hmm...... i guess i should try to find silence within myself only and i'm sure it cannot be got from outside now!

Thx for the revisit and the comment maga..
Yes, more the people in a city, (more*more) bustle..

Ohh yes, I do get annoyed by all the things you have mentioned in your comment, except the sleep part. I am a mini Kumbhakarna, I do not get disturbed even if a bomb explodes next to me :)

@Sum and @Suksy,
Yes, I quite agree that people like us have to adapt to these things and learn to tackle them from within than expecting the whole world to be silent.. :-/

I have two solutions for your one problem.


2. wait till Dec 21, 2012.

hehehe ;)

I have two solutions for your one problem.


2. wait till Dec 21, 2012.

hehehe ;)

arrrgh !!!

somehow the url is not pasting properly.. ;)

it is

hey .. about ur new profile pic , seems like you opened your mouth at the nth moment ;)

you look like a kenyan :)


First of all, thx a lot for flooding my blog with so many comments :)
But I still could not find the image you suggested for me.

Abt the new profile pic, this is the 'best' I could find in my archive. What to do I say, I don't have a photogenic face like you.. :-P

haha.. the image is like silence. you wont find it.

about the pic .. i felt the gtalk one is better than this one.

and about my face, yeah i have a very photogenic face thats why i prefer being anonymous and replying under hideous names such as deva , bhoota etc !! :D

ha ha.. but you can not deny the fact that many girls have fallen for you seeing your photogenic face in many social networking sites :)

I think we are deviating from the blog topic. ;)

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