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Mohan, my colleague and I reached Kanyakumari around 8 AM on 28th Nov. The plan was to roam around Kanyakumari that day and travel to Tirunalveli to attend my team mate's marriage the next day. We reached a hotel named Cape Residency, where Mohan had already booked a double bed room for our stay. The hotel is situated on the same single main road of Kanyakumari but away from hustle and bustle of the town. Kanyakumari is a small laid back town, more or less sprawled along NH-47, the only main road of the town.

After loading our stomachs with a delicious breakfast served in the hotel, we headed straight towards the Vivekananda Rock by walk. NH-47 diverges into narrow shopping streets leading to the beach. Frankly speaking the beach near the Vivekananda Rock and Tiruvalluvar statue could well be called as a rocky shore than a beach. Mohan said, Kanyakumari does not have a great beach and most of the tourists head towards Kovalam beach after paying a brief visit to Kanyakumari.

3-4 ferries commute from the shore to Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Tiruvalluvar Statue. We waited for the ferry in a long but fast moving queue. Those ferries had the capacity to transport at least 100 people at once. The life jackets meant for the passengers were safely placed on the rack of the ferry! I believe the ferry was not over crowded but it certainly reminded me of the recent boat tragedy in Kerala. Assuming that those life jackets were in good condition, I think if each of the passengers is allowed to wear while embarking the ferry and return the same while disembarking, it would take at least 20 minutes extra for each of the trip for a ferry. Which would mean the ferry guy is losing the business of another trip in those 20 minutes. So it was a trade off between 100 lives and few hundred bucks for the owner of the ferry, and the owner had chosen the latter!!

Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a magnificent monument built in the year 1970 as a tribute to the sacred place where Swami Vivekananda was enlightened while meditating on this rock. The Rock Memorial has a tall bronze idol of Vivekananda. This rock also has a Mantapam of Sri Padhaparai, the place where it is believed that Devi Parvati stood on a single leg for Tapasya to propitiate Lord Shiva. Going on a PradakshiNa around the Rock Memorial, it is really a breathtaking view of the confluence of Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. But as many people had told me, I did not see the color difference in the water of 3 oceans. The wind was strong enough to sweep off any puny human being. Then the ferry took us to 133 feet tall Tiruvalluvar statue, 200 mts away from the Vivekananda Rock. The statue is 133 feet tall signifying the 133 chapters of Tirukkural penned by Tiruvalluvar. This is supposed to be one of the tallest statues in Asia. To be frank, I would have admired the beauty of the statue more, if it was monolithic and the structure of the statue had been more proportionate. Then we gave a brief visit to Gandhi Memorial. The Kanyakumari temple was closed during the afternoon.

After resting for few hours in the hotel after a heavy lunch, we caught an auto to the Sunset point. As I mentioned in the previous post, Sunset and Sunrise are special in Kanyakumari. It was really a unique Sunset of all the ones I have seen till date, because while Sun sets in the Arabian Sea, it appears so that only a portion of the horizon is set as a platform for the Sunset, the rest of the long horizon being stretched in the direction of South and East.

The next day though we woke up early to see the Sunrise, clouds denied us the sight of Sunrise :( After checking out from the hotel we headed for the marriage of colleague in Tirunalveli. After wishing the newly wed couple and having a nice lunch, we boarded the bus back to Bangalore in the evening..

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First of all, this new blog template sakkat agide :) Looks great! Let me know where you found it :) I guess the comments link on main page is missing, though.

And abt Kanyakumarai, yeah, its a wonderful place. I still remember the deails of this place, which i visited when i was in 2nd std.... Oops thats around 20 yrs back!!!

Nice travelogue, BTW...

Okay... i was dumb to ask you the source of the template! Found the link at the bottom of the page :D


Im glad that you liked the new template. All these days I was looking for a template with a charcoal painting kinda theme. At last found this one.. But need to tune lot of alignments that have gone wrong after switching to this new template :-/

Yes.. Kanyakumari is indeed a great place to visit..

Wow! Nice design anna. I liked this design - easy on the eye and good looking.

I will go through the content and then comment again :)

@sum: Comments are visible next to the heading itself something like 10,3,etc

@Shashi mam,

Seems like every one is liking this template..
k.. ill wait for your comment on the content of the post :)

Nice article!

Although I felt I lacked the verbose explanation of your previous travelogues :)

I had been to Kanyakumari long back as part of a package trip covering whole of south India. I faintly remembered all the places you mentioned as I read through it.

By the way, did you visit the temple in the evening? I remember that there is a shining diamond in the nose ornament of the deity which used to confuse ships in the night!

@Shashi Mam,
Umm.. ya some how did not feel like giving the verbose explanation this time. My be because, personally it was not a very satisfying trip for me. I think I would have the same complaints against all the pilgrimages in India - over crowded streets, people jumping queues, people spitting and littering any where and everywhere.. etc etc Kanyakumari was no different. I just wonder what kinda image about India would the 'guests' from other countries take home seeing all this. It pains me lot.. :(

Btw, I missed the Darshan of Goddess as the temple was closed during the afternoon and in the evening we could not go..

I've been there in my childhood.. very nice place


Ya.. a nice place indeed

Nice Article

if you planning to visit kanyakumari(once again) checkout travelkanyakumari.com
It has all those info on secret little places which you might have missed.


Thanks for the comment and the URL. I will keep it in mind if I get to visit that place again..

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