Rabba luck barsa!!

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This is the first time I am mentioning Himesh's name in my blog! Let me confess, I have liked his music in movies like Tere Naam, Humraaz, Run, Namastey London, Kyon Ki.., Aksar, Aashiq Banaya Aapne etc etc until he went overboard with his nasal singing and forayed into acting. Albeit the whole world hates him, but there is some thing about his music and singing that is extremely inflicting and deeply penetrative. Or should I say,  once you hear his music, you can't get rid off it however hard you try. You try harder and harder to forget that one song and those catchy repetitive words, but the song is going to loop infinitely in your mind for days together. The tune displaces your favourite and often hummable song without your knowledge and the song spills out from your mouth involuntarily! Then you suddenly become conscious about if any one around heard you humming Himesh's latest tune. A recent article in Sunday supplement of Deccan Herald rated Himesh's tunes as one of the top guilty pleasures of Indians!!

Remember the title track of the disastrous movie 'Shakalaka Boom Boom'? Yes, I confess again, that irritating tune had run in infinite loop in my mind for days together. Now is the turn of the tune, 'Rabba luck barsa..' from his yet to be released movie 'Kajra Re'. Watch the video and  start singing 'rabba luck barsa... rabba luck luck luck.. rabba luck barsa' :)

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ya man. you are on a song. that line suits the occasion well ;)



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