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My dear friend Jagadish who has also been a guest blogger of my blog in the past, who comments on my blog by names Deva and Anonymous is bitten by philately off late. Or should I say, his craze for it has grown exponentially in the past few months [Jagadish, correct me if I am wrong]. Every time, I chat with him, he proudly passes on the URL of the stamps he has recently bought online. He also shares the collections of other passionate philatelists. One such is a dude named Karthikeyan from Chennai who has some amazing collection of some rare stamps, which he has shared here. Though I still have preserved few stamps that I had collected during my school days, I can not call myself a philatelist when compared to Jagadish and people like Karthikeyan who are more serious and are passionate about this hobby.

Every time I see a collection of stamps, what interests me is the theme of the stamp, rare shapes of it and most of all, the geographic details of the unheard of countries they belong to. I can boast of identifying many such remote islands and countries on the world map now because of this quest of mine. One such island is privately owned island called Sanda Island with a total area of 0.58 square miles (!!), situated at the south of Scotland. Below are the stamps of that island owned by Karthikeyan.

Surprised to see the pics of Gandhiji and paaduke [wooden slippers] on it..!? Though I could not find any information on why Sanda Island is having stamps of our dear Baapu and paaduke, but what blew my mind is that Sanda Island's population is 1!! I mean a single bloody person is living on that island. This sole resident being the European tycoon named Michi Meier who bought this island very recently on 30th March 2010. It seems that the previous owner of the island Dick Gannon, 59, was owning this island for past 20 years! It is also reported that Michi Meier wants to use this island as his bolthole and may not encourage tourism unlike the previous owner Dick Gannon. Read the complete story here. Now you might wonder why some one would release stamps for this one manned island? Find the answer in Wiki here.

Philately is really interesting hobby isn't it..?

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Really really interesting! Do keep sharing such interesting stuff....


yeah.. sure

comment testing ..comment testing 1..2..3 hello hello..

yeah what i wanted to say was those stamps are 3D. paaduke and baapu keep alternating when u flip those stamps.. :D


Aahhhh.. I could not make that out. k.. Thx Anonymous for that piece of info.. :)

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