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Posted by Anantha | Posted in , | Posted on Friday, July 30, 2010

Being a fitness conscious person, I have been jogging for quite a few years now, though not regularly on a daily basis. But, distance running is a bug that has bitten me off late. Believe me, distance running is one of the best stress busters! What actually started as a stress buster for me has now become a passion. Sankey being my favorite spot in my neighborhood, I started distance running around Sankey few weeks ago. I usually run there in the late evenings after returning from my office. I cycle to Sankey and run till the Sankey gate closes at 8PM. Quite a few times, I have even ran from my home near Malleshwaram Rly station to Sankey and then after I have finished few rounds around Sankey too. Distance running you see.. ;)

The last Sunday evening I achieved my first ever 10K mark [6 rounds around Sankey] in 52:57 mins. That's certainly not a bad clocking for a starter of distance running. Hoping to better the record both in terms of time and distance some time soon. btw, thanks to RunKeeper for a detailed activity planner.

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Oh wow!! Thats great! Great way to burn calories as well as beat the stress.... By this, i'm sure both physical and mental health will be great!

be careful while running on roads. ;)

@Sum, yes.. very true
@Anonymous, Thx for the concern :)

finding it very inconvenient to read- the dark text on black background in your blog...


Thx for notifying me abt this. Sm crazy thing is happening with my blog template...

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