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Watched Adaptation last night. May be I will go gaga over Charlie Kaufman’s script in my coming posts, but could not resist posting about Meryl Streep. I have seen handful of movies of this elegant lady. In each of these movies, there were moments when I have said to myself ‘Waw… this is it. This role could have never been played by any other actress on earth’. I just wonder how her expressions and gestures can be so unique and precise. Just a sigh, a smirk, a heave, a shrug, a huff, an empty smile, a happy smile, a sad smile, not-so-happy-smile, i-am-not-falling-for-your-jokes-smile, I-am-a-married-woman-knowing-my-limits-smile, wait-I-am-thinking-smile, an uninhibited laughter, a nervous laughter, I-am-on-high-laughter, the wave of a hand, just by looking away, by slightly shifting her body weight on one of her legs, just by leaning against the wall, by repositioning her slightly slid spectacles, just by touching the rim of her hat to make sure it is in place…. such minute nuances and she conveys a lot. No wonder this female has got maximum number of nominations to Academy Awards and Golden Globe, at the same time, I feel sad she has won only 2 Academy awards and just 7 Golden Globe. She should have won it every time she got nominated!

For all the actresses of our Indian cinema who yearn for a role in parallel cinema, or the role of a psycho killer or a prostitute to showcase their acting prowess, they should learn it from Meryl Streep to play any ordinary character extraordinarily.

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i second this blog. good one.


You too a fan of Meryl Streep? I dint know. Reco me some of your favorite movies of hers. I have not seen many of her old movies...

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