An old A R Rahman song

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Good that I checked my mobile just before starting my car. Basu had messaged to carry my small portable speakers [as I do not have a music system in my car yet]. I went back and got my speakers hoping that it has enough charge to last for few hours during our drive. My friend Basu and me had planned a day's trip to Kolar. More than the destination, both of us actually wanted a nice drive on an open road.

Basu had got his iPod. He connected my speakers to the iPod and asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen, he was all set to be the DJ during the drive. Off late, I have gotten bored of my own selection of music. It's my own predictable set of choices that has bored me! Knowing Basu since little more than a decade, I had total faith in his taste for music, I told him to play anything he liked. He was "mixing" it well with few recent Kannada numbers, some ARR Tamil hits and few Hindi hits. Then he played this Tamil number 'Kannukku Mai Azhagu'. I had never heard it before. He told me it's an ARR number. He told me to guess the singer. Since the song sounded pretty old, my mind started matching the voice with some of ARR's favourite female singers. It wasn't Sadhana Sargam, It wasn't certainly Chitra, It wasn't Kavitha Krishnamoorthy. I am not even sure if Kavitha Krishnamoorthy has sung any Tamil song for ARR. Then Basu said, it is P Susheela. Waaww, that's really a rare combo.

Googling a bit about the song, I got to know the song is from the movie Pudhiya Mugham (1993). The song has a male solo version too by Unni Menon. ARR has used the same tune in the Hindi movie Vishwa Vidhaata (1997). There the song, 'nazaron ke milne se' is sung by Kavitha Krishnamoorthy.

The tune is very very soothing. Those were the days after Roja, when ARR used to use minimalistic musical instruments, used to use all well established singers of music industry. Though the song sounds pretty much like a lullaby, it is a romantic song with very beautiful lyrics. Check out the translation here.

I know I sound pretty old in saying this, I doubt such an amazing tune and lyrics fit into the scheme of things in today's music in movies :-/

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nice song anna... loved the soothing tune and the lyrics

Hey Shashi!,
I'm glad you liked the song.
Hey, how are you? Hows your studies going? I don't see any updates in your blog, you must have been very busy off late...

if you had not heard this particular tune man then i doubt you have hardly listened to AR Rahman. :) there are so many prestine songs he has tuned to in Tamil. may madham, duet, Karuththamma,Alaipayuthey to name a few. these movies have soulful music. nowadays his music is totally different. its more of western kind. but the old ones have some real good violin, tabla, flute tunes.

:-/ I will listen to your recos soon...

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