The 17th one...

Posted by Anantha | Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Federer wins this Grandslam after a gap of little more than two years. When every great sports person goes through a lean patch of their career, it is common for media to despise him. It gets worse if that person is nearing 30. But, greatest players are those who never let such criticism get into their heads, just the way they never let success get into their heads in their prime time. Me being a devotee of Federer, waited patiently for him to lift up another Grandslam during all this time. In these matters I was as convinced as Federer or his clan could be. As Murray said, I totally believed that Federer at 30 is still better than most of the players out there.

Like the way Tendulkar took his time to reach his 100th ton, Federer might take a little while to reach his 20th Grandslam! Lets patiently wait till that happens :)

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