Gangs of Wasseypur

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Dir: Anurag Kashyap
Cast: Manoj Bajpai, Piyush Pishra, Richa Chadda

Movie viewing is a personal experience. A person likes or dislikes a movie based on his/her own reasons. The more the valid reasons are, so genuine will be the like/dislike. Having said that, I do not personally like these kinds of subjects for a movie or a story - to be precise - for my own reasons, which I have tried to elaborate below. Also want to accentuate, that Gangs of Wasseypur is certainly a well made movie, I have a personal liking for Anurag Kashyap, have always liked the distinct quirks in his earlier movies.

The movie is the story of Sardar Khan [Manoj Bajpai] who runs coal, scrap, ‘machchi’, fruit mafia and what not in Dhanbad/Wasseypur with his chacha Farhan [Piyush Mishra] and et al. Besides running  all these mafia, Sardar Khan has a clear motive of killing Ramadhir Singh [Tigmanshu Dhulia], an ex mafia don who is busy making his career in politics now, to avenge for his father’s murder. What seems to be a revenge drama set in the socio-political backdrop of Dhanbad is equally the story of chacha Farhan [who narrates the story to audience throughout the movie], and Nagma – Sardar’s wife, Durga – Sardar’s keep, Ramadhir Singh and coal, sand, scrap mafia and rivalry between different local ethnic groups. I think it’s the brilliance of scriptwriters to make this movie a story of all these people and places and also a handful of other characters which I have not mentioned here. The focus of narration shifts among these characters without audience feeling the jerk. Anurag seems to be very sure of this premise and is in complete command over the story.

Ok, now let me state why I do not like these types of stories. Often, the stories of gang wars stride in the labyrinth of revenge, jealousy, greed for power and plenty of double crosses. Then there are merciless murders, people getting swatted like worms, bodies lying lifeless in the pool of blood, remorseless murderers, toothless police men, lustful romances, myriad of sidekicks and plenty of maderch**, behench**, chut*** and many such cuss words. Actually that’s not entirely the problem I have with these stories, if these elements add to the starkness of the film, I am okay with it. My problem is, why these characters wait so long to kill each other when anybody can get rid of anybody at any place at any moment! Did you get my point..? When the story is aplenty with so many opportunities for the characters to kill each other, when the end of the story can never be just to any single character in it... Why not have a bang-bang climax much before..?! Most of all, with such movies, Ill not be left with anything to carry back home when leaving the theater. It’s for this reason; I do not think I am waiting for Gangs of Wasseypur II in which Sardar Khan’s second son Faizal Khan completes the revenge against Ramadheer Singh. No point waiting for the sequel, as there are no secrets to be busted, no questions are left unanswered and not enough interest generated...

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Saw your blog after a long time. Good to see you back in action again!
As for GoW, the performances aside, I found it a little shallow too.

Hey Kini..
Wassup... how are you?!!
Hmm... ya, I think, it's one of the side effects when you have a story spread across generations with so many characters in it.

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