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  • Auroville Marathon (Pondicherry) [12th Feb, 2012] - This was my first ever marathon. Took 5 Hrs 23 Mins to finish it. Read the details here. I am going there in next month again for this year’s event.  
  • TCS Open 10k (Bangalore) [27th May, 2012] – Got a ‘Finisher Tee’ from Nike for finishing within top 1500.
  • Airtel Hyderabad Marathon [26th August, 2012] - Clocked 4Hrs 31Mins. Almost an hour less than the time I took for finishing Auroville. Link to post is here.
  • Bangalore Ultra 50Kms [10th Nov 2012] - Took 5Hrs and 45Mins to complete my first ever Ultra Marathon. Read the post here.

Apart from these, I have done 5-6 Half Marathons and 2 practice marathons. The Endomondo stats say, I have run over 1200Kms in the last year!! During this, I have seen a considerable improvement in my timing. Earlier I rarely used to clock 5:20 mins/km, now I often hit close to 5 mins/km. Of course, the challenge would be to sustain that pace for longer period in longer runs.

Ok.. That has been the achievement in running in the year that was so much dedicated to it. Running has become part of life now. A friend of mine (a non-runner) once asked me, 'Till when do you want to continue doing this?' I said, “As long as I enjoy it” Yes, the improvement in timing, the travel to few unknown cities, keeping fit and earning few acquaintances has been part of running. If running was just about that, I might not have thought about continuing it. What makes it joyful is the drop of sweat on the forehead when I am pushing hard on an uphill... The sweet pain in legs during the stretch after a run. These are just priceless.  

The resolutions pertaining to running for this year would be to bring the FM timing within 4 hrs 15 mins. And to visit at least two states in India which I have never visited before. 

Belated New Year wishes to you all :)

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